30+ Procreate Tutorials for Digital Artists


Procreate is one of the leading iPad drawing apps for artists at every level.  It offers a simple and intuitive interface with a wide selection of tools and a high degree of customization.

The level of versatility that Procreate provides means that there are a lot of ways to use it.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Procreate tutorials to help you learn more, regardless of your skill level. We've featured free tutorials for illustration, lettering, animation, and much, much more.

The tutorials we’ve selected have been chosen to help you learn transferable creative skills that go beyond just following a preset series of steps. By following along, you’ll learn about things like light, perspective drawing, and creating your own characters.

Be sure to keep this page bookmarked so you can come back to it as you level up.

Ready to learn? Grab your iPad Pro, and let's jump in!


Getting started in Procreate

If you're still getting started in Procreate, it can be handy to read the handbook. But let's be honest: There's a lot packed in there.  If you want to get a leg up on this app, take a look at the 21 Procreate tips that you need to know.

Since Procreate is such a powerful tool, you can also find a huge selection of brushes and digital downloads available. Paperlike has even collaborated with artists from around the globe to create free, exclusive brush sets for you to use.

Now, with the basics out of the way, here are some of the best Procreate tutorials that we could find.

Beginner tutorials

Feeling overwhelmed? Start here.

These tutorials are perfect for artists just getting started with Procreate. You'll learn fundamental drawing techniques and tips that are great for illustrators, lettering artists, and hobbyists.

#alt#Image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil and drawing an orange ball on an iPad.

How to Add Shading in Procreate Using Clipping Masks by Luma Llama

Learning objective: How to shade a 3D object using clipping masks.
Great for: Illustrators.

Want to give your work a realistic look? This tutorial is essential for learning the fundamental concept of shading. From this, you'll learn how to choose colors and add light and shadows to give your work dimension. Perfect for beginners, this is an easy way to approach shading a 3D object that can be used in all types of drawings.

Ian Ruhfass, also known as Luma Llama, is a digital artist who shares Procreate tutorials on his YouTube channel. He's also created a variety of Procreate brushes and courses that he offers on his website.

#alt#Image of a brick wall with a neon green sign that says “Neon.”

How to Create a Neon Effect in Procreate by Ghost Paper

Learning objective: How to create a neon effect for type or lettering.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists.

Creating a neon effect might sound hard, but this tutorial makes it very easy. It shows you how to use the Bloom effect to give your lines a glow that looks like a neon sign. The best part of this tutorial is that you can take this effect and apply it to the wide library of fonts available in the app, a custom lettering piece, or an illustration.

Leo, also known as Ghost Paper, shares painting techniques and product reviews for digital artists. His videos are designed to help others become better illustrators and artists.

#alt#Image of an iPad with a cartoon drawing on it and the words “Choose the Right Colors” next to it.

How to Choose the Right Colors by Brad Colbow

Learning objective: How to choose a color palette.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists, designers.

Adding coloring to your work can be a difficult part of the creative process. Maybe you're not always sure which color to choose or how to create a cohesive color palette.

This video explains one way of creating the perfect color palette in Procreate every time. Using color basics, you'll be able to improve your color combinations for your illustrations, lettering, and more.

Brad Colbow is an illustrator who shares his creative process and progress on YouTube and social media. He also reviews tech for creative professionals and has posted reviews for the Apple Pencil, tablets, and similar products.

#alt#Image of a cartoon skull with the words “Outlining with Procreate” next to it.

Outlining with Procreate by Lets Draw with BeeJayDel

Learning objective: Three ways to outline your illustrations in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators, designers.

Adding an outline to your drawings can give them a completely different aesthetic, depending on how you do it. In this tutorial, you'll learn three different techniques for linework that can make your art stand out.

This tutorial is based on the idea of taking a design and making it adaptable to different backgrounds and applications. You'll also see the power of trial and error from a seasoned artist and how taking your time is worth it in the end.

BeeJayDel focuses on digital art and the fundamentals of drawing. Check out his tutorials to learn how to use Procreate for drawing as a digital artist.

#alt#Image of a split screen with a photo of a woman holding a bunny on the left and a cartoon image of the same thing on the right.

How to Cartoon Yourself in Procreate by Genevieve's Design Studio

Learning objective: How to draw a stylized cartoon from a photo.
Great for: Illustrators.

Certain styles can be hard to achieve as an illustrator, especially if you've never tried them before. This tutorial outlines an easy-to-follow framework for creating a cartoon-style illustration from a photo of yourself.

You'll also see exactly which brushes to use in the program for this type of work. With the tips and tricks that are shared throughout, you'll have a good idea of how to apply the techniques to your own photograph.

Geneviève of Genevieve's Design Studio is a children's book illustrator and content creator. She releases her art tutorials twice a week with easy, step-by-step instructions to help all levels of artists.

#alt#Image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil over an iPad screen that says “others” in flourishing letters.

Procreate Lettering For Beginners - Flourishing by Will Paterson

Learning objective: How to add flourishes to your lettering.
Great for: Lettering artists, designers.

Lettering is the art of illustrating letters by hand. If you want to take your work a step further, a great way to do that is with flourishes. These are drawn extensions from the lines of your letters to add a more decorative feel to your work.

It might seem like a difficult idea to master, but this tutorial makes it easy to understand. You'll see a few different ways to add flourishes to a piece of lettering, with a focus on balancing out your lettering composition.

Will Paterson is a designer specializing in brand identity, lettering, and logo design. His expansive catalog of tutorials covers a variety of topics in a digestible way for artists of all skill levels.

#alt#Image of a red, cartoon lizard with the word “Bloom” to the right of it.

Procreate Quick Tutorial: Using Bloom for Lighting Effects by Dave Reed

Learning objective: How to add a more dynamic lighting effect to your drawings using the Bloom setting in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators.

The way lighting is conveyed in your work can completely change its visual impact. With just a few strokes, you can create a dramatic, glowing lighting effect.

Once you choose the direction of your light, you'll see how simple it is to add a Bloom effect to make your work look like it's glowing. It doesn't take long to take your drawing from basic to stunning with this technique.

Dave Reed is a digital illustrator and designer with a large catalog of Skillshare classes and YouTube tutorials. Check out his Procreate group on Facebook to learn from other artists and ask questions.

#alt#Image of a bright pink flower on a light pink background.

Procreate Tutorial: Easy Flower Illustration by The Creative Bix

Learning objective: How to draw a flower in Procreate using clipping masks and blend modes.
Great for: Illustrators.

Flowers can be a beautiful and simple addition to illustrations. Whether you're creating a landscape, outdoor scene, or really anything, knowing how to draw flowers is a great place to start with your art.

In this tutorial, not only will you learn how to draw a flower, but you'll also see how to use blend modes and add texture. Texture helps to elevate your drawing and keep it from looking flat.

Abigail Bixler of The Creative Bix is a digital artist, illustrator, and product creator. She creates tutorials on social media that are easy to follow and will teach you something new in a matter of minutes.

#alt#Image of a floral watercolor painting on an iPad.

Easy Watercolor Illustration by Print Me Some Color

Learning objective: How to create a simple watercolor illustration in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators.

The beauty of digital painting is that you can create traditional effects without the mess. This watercolor tutorial will make you forget that you're using your iPad. With just a few paint brushes in Procreate, you can create a simple illustration.

You can even use the same color palette as inspiration if you'd like. Learn techniques that make your color effects work best for your art with watercolor brushes that maintain their look.

Ashwini of Print Me Some Color shares her mastery of digital art through her online blog and YouTube channel. You'll always learn something new from her resources.

#alt#Image of an embossed letter on an iPad with the words “Embossed Effect in Procreate” next to it.

How to Create An Embossed Effect in Procreate (2021) by Lettering Daily

Learning objective: How to create an embossed effect on your lettering.
Great for: Lettering artists.

Even if you haven't seen a professional printing press, this effect is pretty great. This embossed effect is something that you can create in minutes in Procreate! With this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Blend Modes, Gaussian Blur, and more to make an embossed look.

It's a perfect tutorial to try out on your favorite font or a piece of lettering. The step-by-step process makes it easy to follow and a great way to make people question if it's digital art.

Max of Lettering Daily uses his platforms to teach others how to improve their lettering and calligraphy. You'll be a master of digital lettering with his wealth of knowledge and free resources available on his website.

#alt#Image of an iPad on a wooden background with the words “12 Digital Drawing Exercises” and a cartoon girl on it.

12 Digital Drawing Exercises | Get Better at Digital Drawing by Art With Flo

Learning objective: Learn 12 different drawing exercises that will help you master the basics.
Great for: Illustrators.

When you're a beginner, it's important to build a good foundation. While this video tutorial won't teach you how to draw a specific type of image, it will prepare you to draw anything.

With 12 different exercises, you'll learn essential tips for how to draw from reference, combine swatches, and more. Even if you're not a beginner, these exercises can be a great warm-up or refresher for all artists.

Flo of Art With Flo will teach you how to draw mostly anything you can imagine in a variety of styles. You can also get free resources from her website, like brushes to use in Procreate.

#alt#Image of an iPad with the words “How to Use Symmetry in Procreate” on it and an Apple Pencil next to it.

How To Do Symmetry in Procreate by Loveleigh Loops

Learning objective: Learn all the different types of symmetry in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists.

There are a lot of ways to create and have fun in Procreate. Using the Symmetry tool is one of the best ways to fill in your canvas with just a few simple strokes. This tutorial is great for creating patterns or interesting explorations with your lettering.

There are a few different types of symmetry in Procreate, and this tutorial will take you through how to use and customize them. One of the best parts of using Procreate is that you can tailor the experience to the way you like to create, so feel free to take the Procreate tips in this video and use them.

Sisters Jillian and Jordan of Loveleigh Loops are lettering artists and calligraphers teaching others how to create both traditional and digital art. They share their love of letters through tutorials, free downloads, and live classes.

Intermediate tutorials

Know your way around the Procreate app already?

These tutorials are perfect for anyone who wants to dive deeper into Procreate's features. You'll learn how to animate, add dimension to lettering, and more.

#alt#Image of a variety of cartoon drawings, such as a dragon, duck, and pizza, on a pink background with the words “5 Ways to Make an Animated GIF in Procreate.”

5 Ways to Make an Animated GIF in Procreate by Bardot Brush

Learning objective: How to animate using Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists, animators.

Animation sounds intimidating, but this Procreate tutorial makes it easier than you think. You’ll learn five different options for animating your work using the Animation Assist feature. With this tool, you can create your own GIFs and bring your work to life in new ways.

Each technique has its own level of difficulty, giving you something to work towards as you grow more confident in the app. By the end, you'll be able to export a looping GIF that you can use on social media!

Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush is an illustrator who creates digital art tutorials and premium brushes for Procreate. You can check out her online shop, artist community, and templates on her website.

#alt#Image of an animated boy sitting in the dark with a bright light in his hand and the stars and moon above.

How to Paint Light Like a Pro by Lucas Peinador

Learning objective: This is a lighting tutorial that introduces how to transform lighting in three ways.
Great for: Illustrators, painters.

Thanks to Procreate, you can pick up digital painting without needing to load up on supplies. This tutorial will take you through how to create three different lighting scenarios using the same drawing. Being able to properly light your subject can dramatically change the mood and feel that your art communicates to viewers, so this is a great concept to master.

This tutorial will take your drawing from a daytime scene to a night scene with a few key tips and changes. You’ll also learn more advanced features in the app that will make you feel like a pro.

Lucas Peinador is a concept artist and illustrator who shares his passion for art with others. Follow his tutorials for tips and techniques for creating in Procreate and Photoshop.

#alt#Image of an iPad with the word “Hope” on it in a cut paper effect.

Procreate Cut Paper Effect by iPad Lettering with Karin Newport

Learning objective: Create a paper cut effect for your lettering in Procreate.
Great for: Lettering artists, illustrators

Sometimes using Procreate feels like magic. This is how you’ll feel following this Cut Paper Effect tutorial. You can take any line of text or lettering and recreate this effect for your own work.

With the incorporation of shadows under each layer, the effect looks better and better. The best part is that you can even add additional illustrations inside of your lettering to create a more advanced and dynamic look.

iPad Lettering with Karin Newport offers a treasure trove of helpful tutorials for digital lettering artists. You’ll learn fundamentals that you can take from the iPad to traditional mediums, as well.

#alt#Image of an iPad with a line drawing on it and the words “Drawing with Perspective in Procreate.”

How to Draw in Perspective Using Drawing Guides by Bardot Brush

Learning objective: Learn how to draw a scene and objects in one-point & two-point perspectives.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists.

As you progress as an artist, you’ll find that learning more advanced concepts will enable you to create even more art!

This is what learning to draw in perspective is all about. Watching this illustration tutorial will help you create a scene in a one-point or two-point perspective. With the help of a handy free download, you’ll have a solid framework for drawing your own scene. From there, anything in 3D is yours to draw!

Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush is an illustrator who creates digital art tutorials and premium brushes for Procreate. You can check out her online shop, artist community, and templates on her website.

#alt#Image of three iPads on a gray background with words in fun lettering designs on each and the words “3D Letting in Procreate” up above them.

3 Ways to Create 3D Lettering in Procreate by Ian Barnard

Learning objective: Learn how to create 3D lettering using a variety of Procreate tools, including Motion Blur, Perspective Guides, Alpha Lock, and more.
Great for: Lettering artists.

Once you get past learning how to build your letters and can get consistency in your shapes and styles, a great place to go next is adding dimension. This is especially great because it can take your work from looking flat to popping off the screen.

This tutorial shows you three ways to create 3D lettering using helpful tools and features in Procreate, like Perspective Guides, Alpha Lock, and more. From basic extrusion to a cast shadow, you'll want to have these techniques on hand.

Ian Barnard is a lettering artist and digital product designer who teaches his audience about lettering, calligraphy, and typography. You can grab free Procreate brushes from his website.

#alt#Image of a cartoon hand using an Apple Pencil to draw isometric letters on an iPad.

Draw Isometric Letters in Procreate: A Step-by-Step Process! by Shoutbam Creative Studio

Learning objective: Learn how to draw isometric letters and use the Drawing Guides in Procreate.
Great for: Lettering artists.

There are a lot of ways to add dimension to your lettering, but I doubt you've seen it like this. At first glance, you might be scratching your head on how to even achieve an isometric effect, but you’ll find that it’s not as hard as you might think.

It’s always fun to push yourself and your work. To make this intermediate tutorial easier, try it with a block-style letter first. This will make it easier to draw out the angles and add color and shading before trying other styles.

Shoutbam Creative Studio is a Paperlike Ambassador with a wealth of knowledge on lettering and adding stunning details to your work. If you want to take your lettering to the next level, their products and tutorials will definitely get you there.

#alt#Image of a hand drawing a cartoon man on an iPad with the words “Character Drawing Process with iPad Pro next to it.

Character Drawing by Pierre Kleinhouse

Learning objective: Learn how to create a character using three brushes in Procreate, clipping masks, and the symmetry tool.
Great for: Illustrators, character designers.

Being able to draw fun characters is something that most artists enjoy. But knowing where to start can be a struggle at first. With the use of the Symmetry tool, Clipping Masks, and a limited color palette, you’ll find yourself creating a character in no time!

There are other ways to add to your character as well — which the tutorial will outline — like adding shadows, highlights, and texture. You’ll also get insight into the artist’s thinking throughout this Procreate illustration tutorial, which is helpful.

Pierre Kleinhouse makes tutorials on character drawing and illustration. He has a great catalog of tutorials that will take your character ideas and bring them to life.

#alt#Image of an iPad with a cartoon drawing of multiple lemons.

How to Create a Seamless Repeat Pattern in Procreate by Every Tuesday

Learning objective: Learn how to create a seamless repeat pattern in Procreate with this tutorial.
Great for: Surface designers, illustrators.

Using Procreate to create patterns is popular because you can use them in a number of ways. However, there are a few essential steps you'll need to follow to have a successful and seamless pattern. The continuity and spacing within the pattern are the keys to creating your own, and this tutorial will show you how.

It’s a bit of trial and error as you try things out for yourself and see what empty spots can be filled with additional illustrations and elements. The tutorial will help you make those choices and achieve the best pattern possible.

Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday is a Paperlike Ambassador and releases tutorials every week. You’ll learn a variety of topics from her, including lettering and illustration, for beginner and advanced artists.

#alt#Image of an iPad with the words “Be Kind” on it on a light pink background with the words “Intertwine Text + Art Procreate Tutorial” next to it.

How to Intertwine Text and Clipart with Layer Masks in Procreate by Holly Pixels

Learning objective: How to import and combine text and images.
Great for: Lettering artists.

Incorporating more than one element into a composition is a way to add instant flair to a piece. This tutorial will teach you how to use Layer Masks and other techniques for your own projects. There are plenty of fonts to choose from within the app, or you can use a piece of lettering if you'd like.

One of the key takeaways from the tutorial is that you'll also learn how to use the Files App on the iPad to bring an image of your choice into Procreate to execute the final project.

Holly Pixels helps you explore different ways to be creative on the iPad. From drawing and animating in Procreate to finding the best accessories for the Apple Pencil, there's something for everyone.

#alt#Image of a cartoon hand drawing letters on an iPad and the words “Procreate 1 Point Perspective Lettering” next to it.

1 point Perspective Lettering in Procreate (2021 Step-by-Step Tutorial) by Shoutbam Creative Studio

Learning objective: Learn how to create a textured lettering piece in one-point perspective.
Great for: Lettering artists.

Procreate has such a simple interface that you might not realize just how much it can do. With this lettering tutorial, you'll explore the depths of creating lettering in one-point perspective.

Creating such an extreme amount of depth will take time, but with the help of expertly placed guidelines, it's more manageable. With each step, you'll get more detailed by adding gradients, textures, and even patterns to your final lettering piece.

Shoutbam Creative Studio is a Paperlike Ambassador with a wealth of knowledge on lettering and adding stunning details to your work. If you want to take your lettering to the next level, their products and tutorials will definitely get you there.

#alt#Image of multi-colored sneakers on a blue and pink ombre background with the words “3D Painting in Procreate 5.2” next to them.

3D Painting in Procreate - How to Draw on 3D Sneakers by TatyWorks

Learning objective: Learn how to paint on a 3D sneaker model in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators.

Forget drawing in 3D - Procreate's 3D modeling features allow you to take your imagination to another dimension. If you're used to creating in Procreate in a traditional way, then using a 3D model for the first time may be a little challenging.

Thankfully, this tutorial will not only give you a 3D model to use for free, but it'll also show you how the layers work for 3D models. They're slightly different than when you're creating in 2D. Once you figure out your way around the model, you'll be able to completely make it your own with colors and illustrations.

TatyWorks teaches drawing in Procreate for beginner and pro users. With her step-by-step tutorials, you can unlock your creativity and learn something new.

Advanced tutorials

Ready to skip ahead? These tutorials are perfect for artists who feel comfortable in their abilities but want a challenge.

You'll learn effective workflows for coloring and portrait illustration, as well as how to work with 3D models.

#alt#Image of an iPad with a floral drawing and a ribbon that says “Happy New Year!” on it.

Drawing Complex Ribbons in Procreate by Every Tuesday

Learning objective: Learn how to draw a ribbon with illustrations and lettering.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists.

The complexity of this ribbon tutorial comes from its multiple layers, folds, and interwoven illustrations throughout. You have the option to use the free monoline brush download that comes with the tutorial to help you create the linework for the ribbons.

There's even a fun pastel color palette available, as well. You can create any style of illustration for your surrounding drawings and add any kind of lettering to make your ribbon illustration your own.

Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday is a Paperlike Ambassador and releases tutorials every week. You’ll learn a variety of topics from her, including lettering and illustration for beginner and advanced artists.

#alt#Image of an iPad on a purple background with the word “Rolling” on it.

How to Draw a 3D Bevel Word in Procreate by Aurelie Maron

Learning objective: Learn how to create a bevel effect on a complex piece of lettering.
Great for: Illustrators, lettering artists.

We've seen a few 3D lettering tutorials in this list so far, but what makes this one more advanced is the style and level of detail that go into it.

If you don't have a piece of lettering that you want to try this on just yet, you can start with the free downloadable file to follow the tutorial step-by-step. The results are beautiful and require you to take a look at the overall piece to see how things are communicating visually.

Aurelie Maron is a Paperlike Ambassador who is a lettering artist, teacher, and digital product creator. Check out her courses to learn about creating detailed lettering in a variety of styles using the Procreate app.

#alt#Image of a light pink background with a blue and white pot and the words “3D and Procreate 5.2” on it.

Procreate iPad Drawing App Update Painting in 3D Tutorial by Stayf Draws

Learning objective: Learn how to paint in a 3D model in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators.

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at 3D models in Procreate, starting with how to find the models that Procreate provides to users for free. Not only will you learn how to color the model, but you'll also see how to edit brushes specifically for 3D models.

You can use the Materials brush category, or you can go to the Brush Studio and edit the metallic and roughness features of your brush. This can help you achieve more realistic results depending on the model you choose to use.

Once you're done, you'll see how the Lighting Studio works so you can add or remove points of light from your model to give it a look based on over 10 lighting presets.

Stefan of Stayf Draws is a Dutch artist with over 20 years of experience. His tutorials are designed to help you improve your drawing skills, and he has a number of brush packs that he's created for you to use in his online store.

#alt#Image of a split screen with a grayscale drawing on the left side and a color drawing on the right.

Painting from Grayscale to Color by Ariabba

Learning objective: Learn how to apply color to your drawing from grayscale.
Great for: Illustrators, designers.

Starting with a base of values of your artwork in grayscale can actually make it easier for you to color your work. However, if you're not used to working this way, it can feel a little strange. This tutorial is well explained and goes through the thought process behind choosing where to place light and shadow in a piece.

This will require a bit of playing with blend modes and brushes, but in the end, you'll be able to lay down your colors without affecting the grayscale value base underneath. You'll also get a look at how to quickly test your color palette before bringing those colors to your final piece.

Ariabba is an illustrator and animator who shares her work process on her YouTube channel. She hopes that doing so will inspire others who might want to become artists one day.

#alt#Image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil over an iPad with a drawing of a bird on it.

Watercolor Bird Illustration by Calvin at Drifter Studio

Learning objective: Learn how to achieve a realistic watercolor painting effect to color illustrations using a reference.
Great for: Illustrators, painters.

There are over 200 brushes that come with Procreate, and a lot of them are designed to mimic traditional art materials. For this tutorial, you can use the Watercolor brush under the Painting category and get a convincing paint effect. You can start with a photo sketch as a base for applying color to your painting and then slowly work your way through blending them.

This tutorial covers how to use a blending technique for watercolor brushes without overworking it and losing the texture. You'll also get to see how to add a bit of light linework to give your work more character.

Calvin of Drifter Studio is a creator who makes drawing videos in Procreate featuring landscapes and characters. His work shows a special emphasis on watercolor brushes for Procreate to help you achieve that look in your own work.

#alt#Image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil over an iPad with a cartoon drawing of a person on it.

Full Digital Drawing Process // Procreate Tutorial by Pypah's Art

Learning objective: Learn how to create a stylized digital portrait from beginning to end.
Great for: Illustrators, painters.

A huge part of having success as an artist is establishing a good workflow. Your workflow is your process, and without one, it can take a lot longer to get through pieces. Thankfully, this tutorial will show you an entire drawing workflow, from a very loose sketch to a finished piece.

It can help to watch someone else work and explain their process, especially when it includes some additional tips and tricks that you can use to save yourself time. This is what this tutorial is great for, and you can take as much from this process as you'd like to apply to your next portrait.

Filipa of Pypah's Art is a freelance illustrator and animator who shares her drawing process in a way that's relaxing and easy to follow. While she does work in Procreate, she also works in a lot of traditional mediums, from acrylics to pen and ink.

#alt#Image of multiple drawings in a step-by-step process of how to draw eyes.

How I Draw Eyes - Tutorial (Procreate) by Lorna Kelleher Art

Learning objective: Learn a process for drawing a slightly stylized eye in Procreate.
Great for: Illustrators, character designers.

In all honesty, as an artist, drawing eyes can be hard to master. This tutorial breaks down how to approach drawing an eye using default Procreate brushes. It begins with a basic loose sketch, and with each step, the drawing gets duplicated so you can see the clear progression between steps.

This will help you understand not only how to achieve this type of eye drawing for yourself, but also see where you can insert your own unique style.

Lorna Kelleher Art creates digital art in Procreate with a main focus on stylized portraits. Her videos show you how you can take photo references and transform them.

#alt#Image of a mint background and brightly colored letters that spell out “Awake(ish).”

Mixed Serif Lettering by Dawn Nicole

Learning objective: How to mix serif letters in a single lettering composition.
Great for: Lettering artists.

One of my favorite ways to make lettering stand out is by mixing styles. Serifs are a great way to do that because within them, there are a lot of different types you can play with. This detailed tutorial is closer to a mini-course, and it takes an in-depth look at how to mix serif styles in your lettering.

You'll start with an overview of what types of serifs there are and then learn ten essential tips for creating this kind of lettering composition. After that, you'll be ready to apply those tips through a step-by-step guide on how to build your letters and add dimension, shadows, and more.

Dawn Nicole is a Paperlike Ambassador and a self-taught lettering artist. She shares what she knows through tutorials featuring lettering, vibrant colors, and playful illustrations.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, these tutorials have helped you feel ready to tackle creating art in Procreate.

There are a lot of different techniques, tools, and tips within each guide, so feel free to try the more advanced videos as your skills progress.

Whether you're a lettering artist, illustrator, or hobbyist, there is something for everyone to learn new skills.

And as always, before you dive in, don't forget your Paperlike for iPad. After all, it's the ultimate creative companion to drawing and notetaking on the iPad, so you can put all of your focus on your creativity.