Paperlike’s Pencil Grips 2 Pack

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Enjoy improved precision and better control while writing and drawing with your Apple Pencil.

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips enhance productivity by providing a broad, cushioned surface while holding your stylus.  The slender, ergonomic shaping is designed to reduce hand fatigue and cramping during long productivity sessions.

Straighter lines.  Smoother strokes.  Stylish shaping.

Get a grip on a must-have accessory for modern creators and doers.

What’s included:

2x Paperlike’s Pencil Grips for Apple Pencil;

  • 1x Charcoal.
  • 1x Paperlike Blue.

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Pencil Grip features

  • Compatible with the Apple Pencil (all generations).
  • Improves stroke precision.
  • Reduces grip fatigue.
  • Maximizes comfort.
  • Works with Double Tap gesture.
  • Compatible with magnetic charging.

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips are designed to work with all Apple Pencil models.

After you've removed the Pencil Grips from their packaging, simply slide the color you want to use over the tip side of the Apple Pencil.

The bump on the Grip should face the tip side of the Apple Pencil. Push the grip from the end until it is in position. That's it!


Paperlike’s Pencil Grips won’t interfere with the native functionalities of your Apple Pencil. This includes magnetic charging on the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and charging while using the Lightning connector on the Apple Pencil (1st generation).

If you experience difficulties with charging, make sure the flat side of the Pencil Grip is on the flat side of the Apple Pencil.

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips fully support the Double Tap gesture.

Please ensure that the flat side of the grip rests on the flat side of the Apple Pencil.


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How our NEW Pencil Grips are designed

Founder, Jan Sapper explains

Paperlike's Pencil Grip on an Apple Pencil

Make every line matter

Countless artists rely on razor-sharp linework. Study notes need to be legible and clear, so you can revisit them weeks later.

Messy lines can lead to frustration, confusion, and burnout.

Our Pencil Grips offer precise shaping and a broader grip surface so that you’ll have better control and results when using your Apple Pencil.

The result?  Straighter lines and smoother strokes.  Every time.

Paperlike's Pencil Grip on an Apple Pencil Drawing on an Apple iPad

Made for the long haul

Long hours putting stylus to screen can often lead to intense cramping, fatigue, and discomfort.

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips feature an ergonomic design that fits the grip of your fingers while holding your Apple Pencil.  The soft, flexible silicone body provides an extra cushion while you direct your stylus.

It’s the perfect companion for extended notetaking and drawing sessions.

Paperlike's Pencil Grip on an Apple Pencil

Made for Apple Pencil
circle highlighting a word

Our Pencil Grips are designed for perfect compatibility with all Apple Pencils.

This product fits snugly to the body of the stylus and won’t hinder any product functionality, including the Double Tap gesture, magnetic attachment, or charging capabilities.

Improve usability and performance without sacrificing functionality.

Do your best work with Paperlike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Filipe Duarte (Porto, 13, PT)

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips

David Teichman (Owings Mills, MD, US)
Great grip even for people with hand issues

Having a grip issue I have found that the Pencil Grip returns my ability to use the Apple Pencil with comfort as well as allows me to use the double tap comfortably.

Mateusz Perdek
Pencil Grips

Delivered on time. I tried a lot of different grips but the ones from Paperlike are the best in class.

Dave J (Toronto, ON, CA)
A great improvement! Great job

These grips are what I needed in the beginning. Love the choice of colours. I’m going with the light blue now. It feels great in between my fingers; like a real pen. Nice , light and smooth.My handwriting has improved with the new grip, so that’s a nice touch. I can finally charge and attach my pencil without having to remove the grip first! HUGE improvement over the first generation. I’m very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for improving my writing experience on my iPad.

Hi Dave! We're so glad to hear that Paperlike's Pencil Grips have made a great improvement in your writing experience on your iPad. Thank you :)

Mohan Nadaraja (Singapore, SG)
Screen protector and pencil grip

Both screen protector and the pencil grip perfect fit. Smooth to write and feel.