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Your brand-new iPad screen protector is only the beginning of making your iPad the very best tool it can be. Additionally, we want to add some extra value, so we've teamed up with amazing creatives and doers, just like you, to bring you some incredible downloadable resources.

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Paperlike Digital Journal

Keeping a digital journal clears your head and sorts your thoughts. We highly recommend it. And what better way to use your iPad than to make yourself more productive?! Head over to the journal page to read more about the why and the how of digital journaling, and to download the Paperlike Interactive Digital Journal for free.

Paperlike Brush Set

If you're drawing on your iPad, you probably use Procreate (if not, we highly recommend it). We teamed up with artist, Filip Zywica, and he created 34 unique and exclusive brushes for you. If you're into dynamic environments, and need something to spice up your art, this is the brush set for you!

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