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Welcome to our FREE Digital Goodies Hub! We're working with talented people around the globe to create cool stuff that helps you do your best work. Discover our ever-expanding library of digital planners, journals, wallpapers, paint brushes, and other uplifting assets we love – and hope you will too!

Discover the power of digital planning.

Free Digital Planner

Stay organized and plan for success with the Paperlike Free Digital Planner. Our annual planner helps you to manage time efficiently, turning your goals and dreams into a dynamic roadmap. Get a big-picture view with monthly and weekly planners, and dive into daily tasks to make your dreams a reality.

Start digital planning today!

Clear your mind, organize your thoughts.

Free Digital Journal

Unlock the rewards of regular journaling. The Free Digital Journal helps you document your thoughts and ideas anywhere, anytime. Includes an interactive calendar and easy integration with your favorite notetaking apps, Notability and Goodnotes.

Made by artists we love.


Explore our free Procreate brush sets made by Paperlike creators and type enthusiasts. You’ll find controlled chaos, rustic vintage, wonky playfulness, and everything in between!

An extra dose of inspiration.


Freshen up your iPad or mobile device with wallpaper designs made to spark creativity. Created by digital artists we love.