Paperlike’s Cleaning Kit Refillable

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The all-in-one cleaning solution for tech users on the go. Our newest iteration of the Cleaning Kit is refillable, offering up to 500 cleaning sessions over its life cycle.

Paperlike’s Cleaning Kit is engineered for maximum portability. Featuring an all inclusive compact design — including a hardshell container, microfiber-wrapped spray bottle and pellets for refilling — this accessory is the perfect companion at home, in the office, or on the road.

Eliminate dust, dirt, and grime from your daily routine. Keep your screen pristine with Paperlike.

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  • Quickly removes dust, grime, and skin oils.
  • Safe for all electronic devices.
  • Features all-in-one portable container.
  • Spray bottle includes microfiber-wrapped exterior.
  • Refillable; enjoy up to 500 cleaning sessions.
  • Solution dries quickly; leaves no lasting residue.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Alcohol-free cleaning solution.

  • 1x Spray bottle with microfiber exterior.
  • 1x Hardshell case.
  • 5x Refill pellets.
  • 1x Art sticker.

Is the Cleaning Kit refillable?

Yes. Each Cleaning Kit comes with five (5) refill pellets, allowing up to 500 cleanings over the lifespan of the product. If you clean your screen once a week, that’s nearly a decade of cleanings in a single kit!To refill: Fill your spray bottle with tap water, add a single refill pellet, and wait 10 minutes for the solution to dissolve before closing the container.

Can I buy refill pellets separately?

We don’t offer refill packs at this time. Please keep your refill pellets in a safe location.

Can I use refill pellets with the old Cleaning Kit?

The previous version of our Cleaning Kit wasn’t designed to be disassembled. While it may be possible to refill the old Cleaning Kit, we recommend using the refill pellets as intended with the new product.

Are there any harmful chemicals?

Our Cleaning Kit solution contains the following ingredients:

  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate.
  • Fumaric acid.
  • Magnesium sulfate.
  • Poly (ethylene glycol).
  • Sodium dodecyl sulfate.

The solution is alcohol-free and safe for use with any electronic screen.  However, it’s not safe for consumption by humans or animals.  Do not ingest or expose to eyes.

Is the Cleaning Kit pre-filled?

Yes! The Cleaning Kit arrives prefilled with cleaning liquid and is ready for immediate use.

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How to use Paperlike’s Cleaning Kit

Watch our step by step instructions (1 minute)

Paperlike Cleaning Kit for screen protector and touchscreens.

The perfect companion for any screen (or screen protector)

Our Cleaning Kit uses an oil-dissolving solution designed to quickly eliminate dust, dirt, and grime, making it the perfect tool for touchscreens and other heavy-use electronics.

If you’re using our Screen Protector, the Cleaning Kit also helps to restore the texture and haptic feedback provided by our Nanodots® technology. For notetakers, artists, and creatives who want the best drawing experience, a clean screen is a must.

Paperlike Cleaning Kit refillable

Clean screens for years.

Every kit comes with five refill pellets, providing an estimated 500 cleaning sessions for your iPad over the lifespan of the product. 

When you’re out of cleaning liquid, take out the refillable bottle, add tap water and a refill pellet, then wait 10 minutes for the solution to dissolve.

Reassemble the spray bottle, and you’re ready to clean.

Paperlike Cleaning Lasts for ten years

All-in-one spray bottle

The all-new spray head has been redesigned to deliver a smoother and more consistent mist.

Simply apply the solution and use the microfiber exterior to swipe and clean with a residue-free finish. You can also clean the microfiber by soaking it in water and allowing it to air-dry.

Paperlike Cleaning Kit Travel Friendly

Travel friendly

Our improved design is sleeker and thinner than the original. It comes in a hardshell case that keeps the spout protected and the microfiber exterior clean and secure for mobile work.

When it’s time to travel, place the spray bottle inside the hardshell casing and toss it into your bag or pocket.

Life on-the-go just got cleaner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sara Nevado (Madrid, MD, ES)

Quite good

Shelly O’Neill (Greytown, WGN, NZ)
Great all-in-one cleaner.

I love this cleaning kit. Brilliant design. Great alternative to disposable wipes or the micro fibre cloth I can never find when I need it.



Natalie (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Simple and effective

The cleaning kit works well on my paperlike screen protector. Certainly no smudges and easy to use.

'Simple and effective' is the best way to describe Paperlike's Cleaning Kit.

Esmée M (Croydon, ENG, GB)
Excellent cleaning device

A handy excellent cleaning device%2C easy to use%2C fits in your pocket or bag easily. Cleans device surface well.

The Cleaning Kit makes for the best on-go tool.