The Paperlike Interactive Digital Journal

Why we have created a digital journal?

For years now I've kept a daily journal on paper even though I had the iPad. I hadn't found a way to efficiently keep the journal on any notes app, until I heard of interactive PDF files. With interactive PDF files you can navigate within the document by just tapping on the right spot. I then asked my graphic-designer sister to make an interactive digital journal that fit my journalling needs. A week later she came back to me with this awesome journal, which I'll make available to all Paperlike customers for free.

Why keep a (digital) journal at all?

Since I've kept a journal I've found many benefits ranging from being able to find out what happened when easier and sleeping better by writing down whatever is keeping me from a good night sleep. Once a year I do a journal-review, meaning I fly over all the year's pages and get an impression of what good or bad things happened often, so I could take action to do more or less of that. The extra advantages of keeping it digitally are availability and text-recognition. Before switching to journalling digitally, I often missed days simply because I didn't have access to my paper-journal due to traveling or early appointments. Now I can write it from anywhere on my iPad, iPhone or MacBook, because you can sync the notes app between devices. Also, I love to find notes from the past when I look for a word that I remember having used in a journal entry. It's amazing how these apps can recognize my handwriting!

How to upload the Journal to Notability

  1. Open the download link on your browser
  2. When you see the PDF on the browser, click on the "Send" Icon
  3. Click on Notability
  4. Open Notability
  5. Finish the import

Alternatively have a look at how to upload our journal to your favorite notes app in Tom Solid's how-to-video on the bottom of this page.

Always get the newest version of the Journal

We update the journal twice a year. If you want us to notify you, when there's a new version, join over 20.000 subscribers and sign up to our newsletter. We send roughly one email a month about creating and productivity on the iPad. It's free, of course!

You want some inspiration using the PaperLike Journal?

Here I've collected some ideas and inspiration sources for your daily journalling practice. If you've journalled before or this is your first ever journal I hope you find useful tips here. If you have any feedback please fill out the contact form below, I'd love to hear from you!

Tracked Habits Ideas

  • Meditated today? (Amount of minutes or simply yes/no)
  • Went to bed time? (My goal is to sleep before 11pm)
  • Did sports? (I write what I did, and leave empty when inactive)
  • Stop smoking / Stay smoking free (Write amount of cigarettes or a huge 0!)
  • How many cups of coffee or glasses of water did you drink?
  • No complaining - Did you manage not to complain today?
  • Did you say thank you to someone?
  • Did you invest time in personal growth projects?

Customizing the Legend

Modify the Mood-Legend to give your personal interpretation of the emojis. There might be specific feelings you want to track more, so you can cross out our proposed mood and write your own interpretation of it.

Use the space next to the Mood Legend to add your own daily cues. For example, I follow the bullet journalling method, have a look at the screenshot below:

Books as daily Journalling inspiration

Reading a book with daily meditations before writing your daily journal is a great way to meditate on subjects that you'd not think about in your day-to-day. I for example read "The Daily Stoic" from the Kindle App, which gives me a daily subject to meditate on. There are many more such books with short daily meditations. Here a couple:

  • The Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday
  • The Word according to Mister Rogers - Fred Rogers
  • 365 Tao: Daily Meditations - Ming-Dao Deng

 How I use the Journal

I hope you enjoy the daily practice of Journalling, and I'm confident that by the end of the one year of journalling, you'll see how immensely valuable it is. I do a yearly review after finishing the journal, so I can find habits that I need to improve, or enjoyable things that I hadn't thought I appreciated that much.

If you haven't started journalling daily, this is your chance to get this great habit going. Get your interactive digital Journal here.

I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Jan Sapper

Tom Solid's How to video