iPad Screen Protector (2pieces)

Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad. Paperlike is the screen protector developed for professionals and artists who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment. Every Paperlike comes in a set of two.

iPad Size
iPad Mini 2019
iPad 10.5" (Air 2019 & Pro 2017)
iPad 12.9" (with Home-Button)
iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad 2018

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"You have to try this!"

There is actually a lot more resistance between the tip of the pencil and the display now - it really changes the way the iPad feels.

Mark Stapf Tech Reviewer

“I'm drawing on clouds of cotton candy”

The nice texture and grip, make it easier to get what I have in my head on to the screen.

Ramona MacLean Illustrator

"A must-have for graphic designers!"

I always loved the idea of Paperlike. Being able to add this tiny layer to your iPad - that makes it so much easier to write and draw on the display - is incredible!


"Feels like a massive upgrade"

If you do a lot of handwritten notes or drawing on your iPad, the new PaperLike is a must. The newest version only doubles down on what made this product great to begin with.

Chris DailyTekk

Customer Reviews

Based on 6128 reviews
John Schaik, van (Valkenburg, LI, NL)
Paperlike is a great Ipad screen protector 12.9 Ipad Pro

Writing and drawing with apple pencil is absolutely great. Good feeling. When tapping, swiping, typing with fingers there are virtually no smudge or grease stripes, which I liked almost more. Than there is the fact that there is no glare or reflection. Top too. One minor issue: you’ll loose a bit of sharpness but I didn’nt mind. So absolutely recommendable. Good instruction video for applying the paperlike as well

Jonna Cammack (Denver, CO, US)
Best functional screen protector for drawing and design

As an industrial designer I like to wait to review a product after I’ve lived with it for a bit. Some products reveal their flaws after a month or so of use. I’ve been using the paperlike for over 60 days at this point and have yet to identify a flaw. I draw on my iPad on an almost daily basis. My work ranges from industrial design drawing to graphics and illustration. Before the paperlike I was mostly happy with the performance of the Apple Pencil on the iPad but I knew from drawing on Wacom Cintiqs my experience could be much better. The iPad screen is simply to slippery to execute accurate rapid lines without the inevitable slip. The slippery surface also makes detail work more challenging. So when I came across the paperlike I was super excited. My paperlike arrived much quicker than expected. In my excitement to try it out I misplaced the paperlike and installed incorrectly. Imagine my joy when I realized there were two paperlikes’ In my package. I slowed down a bit, watched the installation video, and got the second one on perfectly. The paperlike makes the iPad screen behave similarly to a Wacom Cintiq (which is designed specifically for drawing). Before the paperlike I would do rough drawings on my iPad the bring them onto my Cintiq to finish up, add details and render. With the paperlike I can execute almost everything on my iPad (software permitting). The texture of the paperlike works beautifully with the nip on the Apple Pencil as if they were designed in tandem. This is beyond a well designed product. It is an essential addition for any designer hoping to use the iPad as a professional design tool.

Samo Kang (Mississauga, ON, CA)
High quality paper texture!

I’ve tried few other matte filters & socalled paper textured filters too, but this one is the best so far. The only drawback is that since the paper texture feels real, the apple pencil tip grinds faster than glass screen protector. It’s just the fact that nothing extreme, but good to know.

Sumeet Sinha (Davis, CA, US)
Awesome texture

Feels like writing on a paper

Brandon (the Swede) Lynn (Hendersonville, NC, US)
Very cool

I’m a traditional artist set in traditional ways including oils, airbrushes, pen and pencils. I’m new to digital art and paperlike has made the experience fabulous. My first order was even lost in the mail and you guys sent another. I will definitely be back.