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Crafted from ultra-breathable fabrics, Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is designed to give you more comfort and control over your iPad experience.

Why? Because it eliminates unwanted skin-to-screen contact while keeping fingers free to use iPad gestures. Fewer smudges + full dexterity for iPad navigation = better work sessions. The cherry on top? A microfiber outer layer doubles as a screen cleaner.

So, while you work, your glove also works for you. We love a multitasker.

Available in three unisex sizes, machine washable, and compatible with all iPads and tablets.

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Size: Small
Paperlike Size Guide

Paperlike Size

Compatible iPads

iPad Pro (2018) 12.9"

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018) - no home button

iPad Pro (2018) 11"

iPad Pro 11-inch (2018) - no home button

iPad Mini 2019

iPad mini (2019), 5th generation

iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad 2018

iPad Pro 9.7-inch (2017)

iPad (2018), 6th generation

iPad 12.9" (with Home-Button)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017) - with home button

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015)

iPad 10.5" (Air 2019 & Pro 2017)

iPad Pro 10.5-inch (2017)

iPad Air (2019), 3rd generation

New 2019 iPad 10.2" (7th Gen)

iPad (2019), 7th generation

Not sure which iPad you have? Apple has a nice page to look it up: Identify your iPad model

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Drawing Glove features

  • High-quality polyester on the outer layer makes your Glove extremely durable.
  • Fingerless design so you can use iPad gestures. 
  • Breathable fabric so your hands don't sweat.
  • Cleans your screen while you work.
  • Made for the iPad, but works with any tablet.
  • Unisex fit: Grab one in small, medium, or large. 
  • Interchangeable: fits on either hand.

Watch Paperlike’s Drawing Glove in action.

Perfect your process with more comfort and control.

Uninterrupted workflow for artists and notetakers

Listen up, creatives: we understand the importance of staying in a deep flow state. Our fingerless Drawing Glove gives you more control over your work, eliminates friction, and keeps your digits free to make the most of iPad gestures. Thanks to an extra layer of padding that prevents unwanted contact, you can say goodbye to accidental taps and swipes - and show your iPad who’s boss.

Paperlike's Drawing Glove

Bonus screen cleaning while you work

Forget smudges across your iPad display: your Drawing Glove cleans while you create. As your hand slides across the display, the outer polyester layer gently wipes your screen and prevents skin oils from accumulating, so your screen stays pristine - always. 

Paperlike's Drawing Glove

Convenience and comfort for creative ninjas.

Our Drawing Glove is the perfect fit for busy creatives. Why? Because unlike most gloves, it's made with a blend of breathable fabrics so you can work for longer on your iPad (hello, productivity 👋). But wait, there’s more: your glove is also machine washable, which means less time cleaning and more time creating. Not just a pretty glove. 

Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is made to be versatile. The unisex design fits snugly on either hand and is available in three sizes. Check out the chart below to discover your perfect fit.

Size Hand Width (cm) Hand Width (inches)
S 6 - 7.5 2.25 - 3
M 7.5 - 8.5 3 - 3.5
L 8.5 + 3.5 +

To find your size, use the following method:

  • Put a ruler/measuring tape on part between the thumb and the rest of your fingers. Measure this part of your hand and check the table to see which size fits you best.

    Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is made from a blend of ultra-breathable fabrics that keeps your hand comfortable, even after hours of work on your iPad. The protective contact layer is made of 100% polyester designed to last, while a padded interior layer is a mix of spandex and polyester for a snug fit. We kept things simple with a minimalist design that looks and feels great, so you can draw or write for longer without discomfort or distractions.

    While Paperlike’s Drawing Glove was made with the iPad in mind, it’s compatible with all tablets. With an outer polyester layer designed to eradicate palm detection on capacitive touchscreens, drawing or writing on your tablet has never been so smooth.

    Most drawing gloves require hand washing. Not ours. Paperlike’s Drawing Glove can be added to a standard load of laundry, saving you time and hassle. Just make sure you don’t wash over 30C/86F - and avoid washing with Velcro or similar hook-and-loop fasteners.

    Your Drawing Glove knows how to multitask. Not only does it keep your hand comfortable, but it also cleans your screen as you work. Made from a polyester microfiber that acts like a dry wipe, the outer layer removes skin oils and grime from your tablet or screen protector as your hand glides across the display.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    K (Austin, TX, US)
    Fits like a… well, like a glove!

    I had a couple of artist gloves that I cut the fingertips off of and used for years but they were always a bit too loose and the edges where I cut the tips were fraying. None of that is a problem here! Feels really good to wear this drawing glove, easy to go from the iPad and pencil to typing and back again. And having fingers bare for all the touch and gestures is great, of course. Paperlike quality is always good, so I was impressed with this glove but not surprised by that! Well done.

    iPad user (Antwerp, VLG, BE)
    Good fit

    I like to try out the new Paperlike offerings when they come out. I estimated the size and was pleasantly surprised it was a good fit. I'm don't draw much so I don't have regular need for the drawing glove but I enjoy writing with it.

    Roberta Cook (Townsville, QLD, AU)
    Thumbs up for Paperlike's Drawing Glove

    I'm very happy with the glove and have just ordered another one for my left-handed friend after I got her to try mine out. I also got the Apple Pencil grips and they are awesome - I've ordered another set of those so I can share them with my Procreate friends. Thanks for the free postage to Australia - it made the purchase so much more affordable.

    Anonymous (Stockholm, AB, SE)
    Always a pleasure

    Perfect fit, perfect match with Paperlike’s paper screen, comfortable. They never fail to deliver

    Anna-Lena Teupel (Derschen, RP, DE)

    I simply love the glove just because of the padded side. It's just so comfortable and fits perfectly. The seams seem to be strong too compared to other gloves I had owned.