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Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad!

Paperlike's screen protector brings the joy and precision of high-quality paper to the iPad. With its Nanodots® surface, made in Switzerland, Paperlike helps you achieve better handwriting and excellent stroke resistance while maintaining stunning screen clarity.

Every Paperlike comes in a pack of two, and all accessories for a fast and easy application.

Over a million customers have improved their iPad experience already, have you?

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iPad Size: iPad Pro 12.9"

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Paperlike uses an exclusive micro-bead technology (called Nanodots®) to emulate the stroke resistance of real paper without sacrificing screen clarity.

Take neater notes and draw straighter lines by bringing the comfort and precision of paper to your digital workflow.

Fall in love with writing and drawing on your iPad.

Do your best work — with Paperlike.

  • 2x iPad screen protector by Paperlike with exclusive Nanodots® technology.
  • 2x wet wipes.
  • 1x dry screen wipes.
  • 2x dust absorbers.
  • 2x sticker guide sheets.

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 iPad Model
Display Size
Generation (Release year)
Paperlike Product Name
iPad Pro
11-inch3rd (2018)
4th (2020, 2021, 2022)
iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9"
12.9-inch3rd (2018)
4th (2020)
5th (2021)
6th (2022)
iPad Pro 12.9"
iPad Air10.9-inch4th (2020)
5th (2022)
iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9"
10.2-inch7th (2019)
8th (2020)
9th (2021)
iPad 10.2" (2019, 2020 & 2021)
10.9-inch - with Landscape Camera10th (2022)iPad 10.9" 10th Gen (2022)
iPad Mini8.3-inch6th (2021)iPad Mini 2021


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  • Why are there two Paperlikes in the package?

Every Paperlike ships with two separate screen protectors so that you’ll have a spare if the first application doesn’t go according to plan.

Protip:  Be sure to watch our installation video before applying! 

If you apply the model correctly, you’ll have a spare!  Give it to a friend or keep it as a backup in case you need to replace your iPad due to malfunction or damage.

  • Does Paperlike really feel like paper?

Most of our customers think so!

A few have told us that, while the screen protector doesn’t feel exactly like paper to them, it correctly emulates that responsiveness of paper while writing and drawing.

  • Is Paperlike made of glass or plastic?

Paperlike is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is 100% recyclable and won’t harm the environment.

The envelopes and shipping materials are also recyclable, including the container envelopes and the protective plastics designed to protect the screen protector during transit.

  • Can I use Paperlike on top of my glass screen protector?

While we have heard from happy customers that placing the Paperlike on top of a glass screen protector can work, we don’t recommend using the Paperlike in this way.

To maintain responsiveness during tap/touch interactions, screen protectors are typically engineered to a precise level of thickness based on the materials used.

By placing your Paperlike on top of another screen protector, you may see reduced responsiveness when touching your screen or working with your Apple Pencil.

  • Does Paperlike cause wear and tear on my Apple Pencil?

Minimally, yes.

Here’s what we mean:  The added resistance that Paperlike creates will generate a small amount of friction between your Apple Pencil tip and your screen.  This will result in minor wear over time and use.

However, this is also true for any other paper-feel screen protector on the market.

We’ve invested heavily in creating a quality product that minimizes this downside, so wear and tear should be negligible even over an extended period of time.

If you’re worried about your Apple Pencil tip, keep in mind that tips are also replaceable as a 4-pack through the Apple Store online.

How to apply the Paperlike. Easy and fast.

Watch Jan Supper, our CEO & Founder as he takes you through the application steps.

Papery feel. Proprietary tech.

Love writing and drawing in a traditional medium?

Paperlike uses small micro-beads — called Nanodots — to emulate the friction and resistance of premium paper as you drag your stylus across the surface of your iPad.

This haptic feedback helps to improve stroke accuracy while you work.

It’s a difference you can feel.

Stunning screen clarity

Traditional matte screen protectors are notorious for creating a cloudy display.

To create the latest revision of Paperlike, we partnered with leading plastics manufacturing companies to minimize refractions and blurring.

The result:  A matte screen protector that changes the way you work . . . without changing what you can see.

Less wear and tear.

All that writing and drawing and scratching the surface of your Apple Pencil has got to wear it down eventually, right?

It’s not ideal; it’s science!

Abrasion will occur naturally over time, as your stylus interacts with your screen protector.  (That’s true of any paper-feel screen protector, not just Paperlike.)

But, after five years of research into creating the most durable and stylus-friendly screen protector on the market, we’re pretty proud of our results.

On average, our customers replace their Paperlike every 734 days (yeah, we counted).

As for the pencil tip on the Apple Pencil?  It wears down, too, and you’ll want to replace it before the interior metal rod reveals itself.  That takes around 324 days of consistent use.

Say goodbye to slippage.

Naked iPad screens are great for viewing but terrible for working with a stylus.

Glass provides no resistance while you write.  Even if you try to control your strokes, you’ll end up with sloppy notes and messy lines.

Paperlike puts an end to all of that by adding resistance to your screen, helping you create neater strokes and straighter lines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6839 reviews
Alex Hennerley (Poole, ENG, GB)

Great product for artists :)

Randy Gobbel (Brisbane, CA, US)
Finally a screen protector that does what I want

The Paperlike works—now my iPad has a nice, silky smooth feel with just enough friction to make writing and sketching easy. Excellent product!

Customer (Palm Harbor, FL, US)
Better choice - 2 pieces different size

As my wife and I are owners of 11” and 12.9" iPad Pros respectively, it would be more useful if we could get one of each size in a package deal.

Hey, thank you for your feedback!

Christine England-Connor (Ferndale, WA, US)
Enjoying writing again....

Hated writing on glass. Got irritated with "soft" (plastic) screen protectors as the Apple pencil (or other stylus) would stick to the screen protector. Finally made myself buy a paperlike for my iPad pro & enjoy writing on it. It does feel like I have a #2 pencil on paper. Now if I could only get one for my 2018 9.7in iPad!!!

D.S. (Morigen, BE, CH)
best protection ever!

I just miss it for my I Phone pro max

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