Paperlike’s Folio Case: Turn Your Case Into a Notebook Cover

Paperlike’s Folio Case: Turn Your Case Into a Notebook Cover

The iPad is a versatile tablet that can be used in a variety of ways.

But, whether you’re writing notes, making art, or playing games and watching videos, you’ll want a case to protect your device.

Good cases will shield your iPad from some damage (usually scuffs and scratches) without getting in the way.  Some will even offer improved functionality or bring a little extra style to your iPad.

At Paperlike, we were thinking about all that (and more) when we created Paperlike’s Folio Case.

Our case is designed to give your tablet the look and feel of your favorite notebook — perfect for writers, notetakers, productivity enthusiasts, and every kind of digital artist!

Here’s a closer look at how we built it and why you’ll love it.


#caption#Image: Paperlike

#alt#Image of the charcoal gray Paperlike Folio Case on an iPad with a cream background.

Getting to know the Paperlike Folio Case

  • Overview: Paperlike’s Folio Case is an iPad case that makes your iPad feel like the cover of a high-quality notebook or sketchbook.
  • Perfect for: Writers, notetakers, and artists who love the functionality of the iPad but miss the feeling of their favorite notebook.
  • Key features:
    • Makes your iPad feel like your favorite notebook.
    • Protects against scratches and scuffs.
    • Slim, lightweight design.
    • Foldable cover supports two unique positions of tilt.
    • Supports auto-wake/sleep feature.
    • Magnetic attachment allows for fast detachment and accessories swapping.
    • Large, magnetic flap holds the Apple Pencil with no interference for charging.
  • Made from: 
    • Exterior: Fabric.
    • Interior: Microfiber.

#caption#Image: Paperlike

#alt#Image of an iPad propped up by the Paperlike Folio Case on a cream background.

Why we built it

At Paperlike, our aim has always been to create iPad accessories that make it easier to perform analog tasks in a digital environment.

But Paperlike products have always been created in response to a problem we’ve experienced firsthand or heard about from our community.

It’s part of our DNA, going all the way back to our first product  the Paperlike for iPad  which was created when our CEO wanted to use the iPad for office productivity and couldn’t find a screen protector that delivered an adequate writing experience.

His answer to that problem is a screen protector that uses cutting-edge technology (called Nanodots) to make writing and drawing on your iPad screen feel just like it does on paper.  It’s the result of thousands of hours of research into plastics and foils, along with a heavy investment in materials engineering.

Since then, we’ve added other products to our lineup under similar conditions.

Our Pencil Grips are great for adding precision and combating fatigue when using the Apple Pencil for extended periods, and our Cleaning Kit is designed for maximum portability via a unique, all-in-one microfiber-lined container.

Despite almost everyone on Team Paperlike having some case or cover for their iPad, we’d never thought twice about inventing one. There are so many options on the market already that you could have a different case to match every outfit in your wardrobe!

Ironically, the variety within our own team got us thinking.

Why does everyone at Team Paperlike have a different case?  

Despite our various roles, we all use and love Paperlike products.  But our case selection wasn’t similar.

Shouldn’t there be a case that could fit all of our needs and (by extension) the needs of the Paperlike community?

But, when we took a closer look, we were surprised to find that nothing fit what we were looking for.  Some cases had great functionality.  Some had unique designs.

Unfortunately, most cases we looked at just felt like boring, lifeless tech accessories. Something needed to change.

That decision led us to test hundreds of materials and dozens of product designs in an effort to create the best case available for modern digital creatives.

We call it Paperlike’s Folio Case, and we know you’ll love it.

#caption#Image: Paperlike

#alt#Image of an iPad propped up by the foldable cover of the Paperlike Folio Case.

Turning the page on the Paperlike Folio Case

When we began researching how to create the best folio case on the market, we started to think about how we could improve on what was already out there.

After all, how could we design a case that everyone would love if we weren’t quite sure what was missing?

As a first step, we decided we had to purchase the top 10 most recommended cases and test them out to gather information. 

Over several weeks, our team swapped cases every few days to better understand how they worked and what they had to offer. After testing each case, we all came together and compared what we liked and didn’t like about them.

While everyone had some different ideas about things they enjoyed or hated, there was one thing we could all agree on: None of the cases we tried gave us the same feeling of inspiration that comes from working in a paper notebook.

“We designed our screen protector to make the iPad display feel like the pages of our favorite art notebooks,” said Jan Sapper, Paperlike’s founder and CEO. “But we were still missing the surge of creativity that came from pulling our notebook from our bag and opening it in front of us.”

We were determined to bring this feeling back by designing a folio case that feels like a real notebook.

Coming up with a unique design for a folio case wasn’t as easy as we expected.

We ordered 200 samples of material, ranging from plastic to leather to fabric.

With our favorite notebooks at hand, we compared each sample one by one to see if it gave us that same feeling of comfort and inspiration.

We also needed to make sure that whatever we chose was strong and durable enough to protect the iPad.

After testing hundreds of different materials, we landed on a fabric that we love. It’s durable and damage-resistant, offering the protection you need to make sure your iPad is safe from scratches and scuffs. 

Once we had our material, our design team set to work creating a case that had the aesthetics, protective capabilities, and functionality that we wanted.

We’ve even gone the extra mile to make sure that our folio case will last as long as you need it. Every edge is sealed with a soft touch finish, a procedure for longevity, usually reserved for high-quality leather belts and wallets.

And the Paperlike Folio Case was born.

#caption#Image: Paperlike

#alt#Image of the Paperlike Folio Case on an iPad with the extra large flap open to showcase the space for the Apple Pencil.

Your favorite notebook — in digital form

Paperlike’s Folio Case was designed to make your iPad feel like your favorite paper notebook.

Grabbing it from your bag should give you that familiar surge of creativity and inspiration. Opening it is just like turning to the first page of your notebook, especially when combined with the Paperlike for iPad.

With a slim, lightweight design, it’s easier than ever to carry your iPad with you wherever you go. Plus, you won’t need to worry about getting it dirty because it’s hand washable, so you can keep it looking pristine at all times!

We put a lot of thought into how we could design our folio case to look and feel like a real notebook without compromising on key features.

The result is a case that offers strong protection for peace of mind and maximum functionality to match the versatility that the iPad has to offer.

Effective protection

While the aesthetic of your iPad case is important, we know that protecting your device from wear and tear is also important.

For the Folio, we chose a  fabric blend for the exterior and a microfiber mesh for the interior lining.

The strong  fabric that we used for our Folio Case completely covers the back of your iPad (except the camera) and is secured in place with strong magnets. The magnetic attachment system makes it quick and easy to attach or remove as needed, which is useful if you want to swap the case for an accessory like the Smart Keyboard, or if you need to secure your iPad to a stand.

When the cover is closed, your screen is protected with the cover in place, and the inside of the case is coated with microfiber to keep your display protected from dirt, fingerprints, scratches, and scuffs.

But what about drops, spills, and falls?

While we tried to offer as much protection as we could, our case won’t turn your iPad into Superman. You’ll still need to treat it with care.

If you’re planning to skydive or scuba dive with your iPad, we might recommend a case that is specialized to handle those needs. When you’re done with extreme sports, our Folio Case will be waiting for you.

Maximum functionality

During our research, many of the cases that we looked at were clunky. Some options that we tested obscured essential iPad features (like the camera) or covered buttons, blocking certain iPad functions.

When designing our Folio Case, we left room for all cameras, speakers, ports, and buttons to ensure that you can still use every part of your iPad.  The Folio Case also supports the auto-wake/sleep feature of the iPad, so you can get right to work when you open it up.

We wanted to ensure that our folio case added to your productivity and wouldn’t hamper performance. With that in mind, the Folio Case folds into two different positions, allowing you to prop your screen to the level you need to read, write, draw, or browse the web.

Lastly, we know that the Apple Pencil is a crucial tool for most Paperlike fans. (We use it every day, too!) We knew the case needed to secure the Apple Pencil and support its charging functionality.

To serve both purposes, we added an extra large flap that secures your iPad when not in use while also holding your Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) in place. It doesn’t interfere with the magnetic charging capabilities, and the extra space means that you won’t even need to remove your Pencil Grips!

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#alt#Image of the word “FAQ” on a cream background with an iPad covered with the Paperlike Folio case next to it.


How will people be able to buy Paperlike’s Folio Case?

For now, our Folio Case is available on our website, and it will be available on Amazon soon.

Which iPads are compatible with the Folio Case?

Currently, we offer two different folio sizes that will fit three iPad models:

  • 11-inch Folio Case. Fits the 11-inch iPad Pro & the 10.9-inch iPad Air. 
  • 12.9-inch Folio Case. Fits the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Other iPad sizes may be available in the future.

Can I wash the Folio Case?

Yes, but only by hand. Putting it into the washing machine or dishwasher will damage the case. Simply rinse it gently and allow it to air dry.

Does the Folio Case protect my iPad?

The strong fabric used for our Folio Case completely encases the back of your iPad and is secured in place with strong magnets to help prevent scratches and scuffs. It also protects the screen when the cover is closed.

Can I charge my Apple Pencil with the Folio Case?

Yes, the Folio Case was designed to hold your Apple Pencil in the charging position, even if you have our Precision or Comfort Grip on it!

Can I use my Smart Keyboard with Paperlike’s Folio Case?

While you can’t use both at the same time, swapping between them only takes a few seconds, thanks to the magnetic attachment design of our case.

Is the Paperlike Folio Case compatible with every iPad stylus?

Technically, any magnetic stylus should work with the Folio Case.

But keep in mind that we're big Apple fans and that the Folio Case was designed specifically with the Apple Pencil in mind.

The native charging space for the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) remains fully accessible while the Folio Case is attached, so it should work with any iPad-friendly magnetic stylus that fits in the same spot.

#caption# Image: Paperlike

#alt# Close-up image of the backside of the Paperlike Folio Case on an iPad, showcasing the cutout for the camera.

Protect your iPad in style!

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or notetaker, if you’re anything like us, you might miss the feeling of using paper and pen.

There’s just something about a physical notebook that inspires creativity. But the iPad offers a whole host of benefits that you can’t achieve with pen and paper methods.

That’s why every product we create is designed to help you attain that feeling in a digital setting. Between our screen protector that adds texture to mimic paper and our new Folio Case that looks and feels like a real notebook, we believe we can get you pretty darn close!

Pick up your new Folio Case today!

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