Paperlike’s Drawing Glove: An Essential Tool for Modern Creatives

Paperlike’s Drawing Glove: An Essential Tool for Modern Creatives

Picture this: You're diving into a digital art masterpiece, your creativity flowing freely, when suddenly... you hit a snag.

Your screen has unwanted smudges. Your hand hurts from hours of drawing.

Or worse: You gently touched your iPad screen with your finger/knuckle and added extra marks to your illustration that you didn’t even notice until right now.

The nightmare is real.

So, we built something to help. Say hello to Paperlike’s Drawing Glove.

It's not just any accessory. It's your partner in productivity, your safeguard against smudges, your accomplice in all things art!

Here’s a sneak peek at the magic behind your new favorite tool.

A hand wearing Paperlike’s Drawing Glove and holding an Apple Pencil hovers above an iPad propped up on a white surface.
Image: Paperlike

Glove at first draw

  • Overview: Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is your trusted ally for seamless stylus control and elevated artistic expression.
  • Perfect for: Creators and doers seeking comfort and peak productivity while navigating a digital canvas.
  • Key features:
    • Prevents smudges and streaks
    • Cleans your screen while you work
    • Eliminates accidental marks on your artwork
    • Boosts comfort with breathable material
    • Enables gestures and multi-touch controls

    • Made from: 
      • Upper layer: Polyester
      • Bottom layer: Polyester/spandex


    • Sizes: Small, medium, large
    A hand wearing Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is splayed out to showcase the features of the glove.
    Image: Paperlike

    Behind the seams

    At Paperlike, our journey has always been about crafting products that enhance the digital creative experience. 

    It’s kind of our thing.

    As part of that mission, we collaborate with a lot of digital artists. And, as you might have noticed, drawing gloves are a pretty popular accessory in the digital art community.

    It makes sense when you think about it. Digital screens and pressure-sensitive styluses represent a revolution in modern art, but screens come with their own problems.

    Digital art is a deeply interactive process, and palm rejection software isn’t perfect (despite a decade of improvements). Accidental zooms and strokes while drawing, smudges from skin oils, and similar mishaps can become obstacles to your creative flow.

    Thousands of artists use drawing gloves to eliminate these problems, but we felt like there was something missing.

    Amazon is flooded with standard neoprene, nylon, or soft lycra gloves. Functional, sure, but nothing to write home about.

    So, we decided to shake things up a bit.

    We wanted to create a tablet glove that was a cut above the rest—something more professional, comfortable, and functional. The kind of artist glove you'd be proud to wear while creating your next masterpiece.

    But this wasn't our first rodeo. 

    Our journey began with a simple yet frustrating problem: writing and drawing on the iPad just didn't feel right. Our CEO felt it firsthand when he couldn't find a screen protector that offered a paper-like writing experience. 

    So we dove deep into research, experimented with cutting-edge technology (cue Nanodots®), and voila! Paperlike’s iPad Screen Protector was born. And boy, did it revolutionize the way people use their iPads for writing and drawing.

    But we didn't stop there. 

    Our Pencil Grips came next, born out of a desire for precision and comfort during those marathon Apple Pencil sessions. And let's not forget about our Cleaning Kit because, let's face it, smudges are the mortal enemy of every touchscreen user. We even created a Folio Case that feels just like a premium notebook. 

    The point is: we wanted to bring that same quality and style to create the best drawing glove. 

    And that's how the idea for our Drawing Glove was born. It's the result of our passion for innovation and our dedication to providing you with the best tools that take your creativity to the next level.

    An image of Paperlike’s Drawing Glove showing the open fingertips of the two-finger design.
    Image: Paperlike

    Drawing conclusions about Paperlike’s Drawing Glove

    Welcome to the drawing board, where we turn sketches into masterpieces and ideas into reality. Let's peel back the curtain and take a peek behind the scenes of our latest creation.

    When we set out to up the drawing glove game, we knew we were in for a challenge. 

    After all, we wanted to create something that not only looked the part but felt like a second skin.

    Armed with our iPads and hundreds of fabric samples worth of determination, we dove headfirst into the world of glove-making. Our mission? To craft a glove that was in a league of its own.

    Quality was our top priority. We weren't about to slap together some flimsy art glove that fell apart faster than you could say "doodle." Nope, we wanted something that could stand the test of time. 

    Breathability was another must-have. Sweaty palms? Not exactly conducive to creativity. So, we scoured the globe for fabrics that let your hands breathe, even on the hottest of days.

    And, of course, we couldn't forget about comfort. 

    As our fearless leader Jan puts it, "When designing our Drawing Glove, we prioritized creating a glove that feels seamless, even when worn for extended periods. The ultimate goal was to ensure comfort throughout the day."

    Our solution is a two-material blend of polyester and a polyester/spandex mix, split into separate layers.

    While the upper layer is all about shaping and airflow—keeping your hands cool and comfy even during the longest of digital drawing sessions—it's the polyester contact layer that takes on the brunt of the pressure for added durability.

    And functionality? We weren't about to skimp on that either. We knew we needed to create the traditional two-finger glove, but we wanted to make sure wearers could still use all five fingertips for gestures and have the best drawing experience.

    We tested several shapes and cuts through 10-15 iterations before we finally settled on an open-finger design that feels good to wear and allows you to tap, swipe, and sketch with ease. After all, the goal is to enhance your experience, not hinder it.

    Once we had cracked the code of our design, we were faced with the next challenge: finding a manufacturer who could bring our vision to life. 

    Alas, it was no walk in the park.

    To our (great) surprise, finding the right manufacturer proved to be quite the ordeal. We ended up switching manufacturers several times before we found a good fit. And when we did, it was like finding the missing puzzle piece.

    With our manufacturing partner in place, we were able to bring our vision to life, creating our ideal glove.

    So, whether you're sketching your next masterpiece or jotting down your million-dollar idea, our Drawing Glove has got you covered. Literally.

    An iPad with Paperlike’s Screen Protector is propped up on a white surface, and a hand wearing Paperlike’s Drawing Glove and holding an Apple Pencil draws on it.
    Image: Paperlike

    Drawn to perfection

    Paperlike’s Drawing Glove was designed with digital artists and notetakers in mind. 

    Crafted with a minimalist design and a snug, breathable fit, this glove is your ticket to maximum comfort during those marathon drawing or notetaking sessions. It’s like giving your hand a warm hug that even Olaf would approve of (note: this glove is not recommended for building snowmen.) 

    Wave goodbye to sweaty palms and annoying friction—our glove ensures a silky-smooth glide across your tablet screen, letting your creativity flow freely without any hiccups.

    Ever had your masterpiece ruined by an accidental palm touch?

    Not anymore. With our Drawing Glove, your hand and stylus will glide effortlessly over your tablet surface, ensuring perfect palm rejection. This feature not only enhances precision but also minimizes distractions, letting you fully immerse yourself in your creative flow.

    Plus, our Drawing Glove is engineered to keep all your fingertips free, so you can navigate your device through taps and gestures with the agility of a digital ninja. 

    Paperlike’s Drawing Glove also serves a practical purpose. By acting as a barrier between your skin and the screen, it prevents the accumulation of skin oils (gross), keeping your display clean and smudge-free.

    Designed for all, our glove come in three sizes and work for right or left hands, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Plus, it's machine washable, making maintenance a breeze.

    Compatible with all modern displays, our Drawing Glove is your key to unlocking seamless creativity on any device. So go ahead, slip on our glove, grab your iPad, open up an app like Procreate, and let your imagination run wild.

    A hand held up wearing Paperlike’s Drawing Glove with the text, “FAQ” next to it and a pink swirl blurred in the background.
    Image: Paperlike


    What size Drawing Glove should I get?

    Paperlike’s Drawing Glove comes in three sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits, no matter your hand size.

    Please note: The Drawing Glove is interchangeable and will fit both the left and right hand.

    To find your size, measure the width of your palm from your pinkie to your forefinger as depicted below, and follow the size recommendations. 

    An image of a hand held upright wearing Paperlike’s Drawing Glove with a purple arrow running across the width of the hand. To the left is a sizing chart and instructions on how to measure your hand.

    Do I have to use one of Paperlike’s Screen Protectors for the Drawing Glove to work properly?

    Nope! While our Screen Protector enhances tactile feedback on your iPad, it's not mandatory for the Drawing Glove to function smoothly. That said, pairing them up does offer extra perks.

    Our Screen Protector, powered by Nanodots® tech, mimics the feel of writing on paper. Over time, it might lose effectiveness due to skin oils and grime, but a quick clean solves that.

    As for the Drawing Glove, it adds two bonuses to your workflow:

    • Shields your screen from oil and grime buildup.
    • Cleans your screen as you work.

    Even if you have a glass screen, another protector, or a different graphic tablet, our Drawing Glove offers similar benefits. But for the ultimate artist or notetaker experience, we recommend pairing it with Paperlike’s Screen Protector.

    How do I care for Paperlike’s Drawing Glove?

    Easy peasy! Our Drawing Glove is machine washable. Toss it in with your regular laundry and let the washer/dryer do all the work.

    Will Paperlike’s Drawing Glove work with my tablet/stylus?

    You bet! Our Drawing Glove is designed to play nice with all the latest drawing tablets and computer displays out there. Thanks to its nifty polyester contact layer, you can kiss palm detection and fouling issues goodbye on any capacitive touchscreen. This means you can freely sketch away with your favorite stylus without any pesky interruptions.

    One thing to note: If your tablet or display relies on old-school touch detection methods like pressure sensing, having your hand on the screen while wearing the Drawing Glove might still trigger a touch. However, such basic touch tech is pretty rare in the best drawing tablets, especially with the more sophisticated setups needed for drawing and writing tasks. So, chances are, you're good to go!

    A hand fitted with Paperlike’s Drawing Glove holds an Apple Pencil.
    Image: Paperlike

    Glove it or leave it

    Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking precision or a beginner enthusiast eager to explore new digital horizons, our Drawing Glove is meticulously crafted to enhance every stroke, every note, and every idea.

    With its minimalist design, breathable fabric, and unobtrusive fit, the Drawing Glove becomes an essential tool in your arsenal, empowering you to create without limitations.

    Slip on your Drawing Glove today!

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