Apple Pencil Grips: Designed for Artists & Notetakers

Without a doubt, the Apple Pencil is the perfect iPad accessory. It transforms your iPad from a touchscreen device into a productivity tool that can replace your desktop or laptop for most everyday tasks.

Even so, if you’re an Apple Pencil power user, you’ve probably experienced hand cramps and fatigue from extended use.

Overuse can be a major setback if you’re using your Apple Pencil and iPad in a creative or professional setting, and it’s definitely something that the Paperlike team has experienced firsthand.

That’s why we created the Paperlike Pencil Grips, an ergonomically designed set of pencil grips for the Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generation.

Here’s a closer look at how we did it.


A man sits at a table and draws using an iPad and Apple Pencil.
The Apple Pencil is great for drawing and writing, but holding a firm grip can lead to cramping and fatigue.

Coming to Grips with Pencil Grips

Paperlike has always been about creating products that change the way people use their technology.

Our iPad screen protector made it easier for digital creatives and productivity enthusiasts to draw, write, plan, and organize on the iPad.

When we decided to create something new, we knew that we wanted to create something that our audience would love and that would — most importantly — dramatically change the way our users connect with their technology.

But, when you think about it, there aren’t that many ways to change the look and feel of your Apple Pencil.

Most of the accessories on the market are cosmetic. Great-looking wraps, skins, and pencil tips or nibs for your stylus are widely available on Amazon. Unfortunately, none of those accessories truly improve your experience when you’re trying to do your best work.

In the same way, innovations around magnetic charging with the Apple Pencil 2 have largely removed the need for accessories like protective cases, pencil holders, or add-ons for your iPad cases. The Apple Pencil adheres to the side of the iPad, so it’s always accessible.

We knew that we wanted to create something that would change the way you use your Apple Pencil so that you could work longer, harder, and better when pursuing projects that you were passionate about.

And we made sure to keep that front and center as our design process got underway.

A woman wearing an Apple Watch and Apple AirPods sits at a wooden
    table looking contemplatively at an iPad. She holds an Apple Pencil 2 in her
The basic Apple setup — iPad, Apple Pencil 2, and AirPods — already gets you 75% of the way to digital creative freedom. We wanted to make your digital drawing and notetaking experience even better.

As we began researching our next idea, we started to notice something: A huge number of Apple Pencil accessories already exist. A quick Google/Amazon search will reveal grip holders, cap holders, silicone sleeves, plastic cases, and more.

The idea of pencil grips for the Apple Pencil really caught our attention, and we knew that we could create something better.

“When we kicked off the design process, we had a look at what existed in the market,” says Jan Sapper, Paperlike’s founder and CEO. “We thought we could learn what existing grips do well, and found that many users weren't happy with the ergonomics of most available grips.”

Most of the grips we looked at were just soft silicone material or plastic cases that lacked any kind of ergonomic benefit or design!

That was when we realized that we needed to create something from the ground up, and it was an area where we felt that we could improve the iPad experience for everyone (including ourselves!).

We wanted a high-quality pencil grip that would make sense for us and for the people we serve.

Partnering with award-winning product designer David Burkhardt, we worked hard to create a new set of pencil grips that we think you’ll really love.

A product image displaying the Paperlike Pencil Grips for the Apple
Introducing: the Paperlike Pencil Grips

Ergonomically Designed. Beautifully Crafted.

When we set out to create our new pencil grips, we had no idea how much work would go into engineering such a unique product. By the time we were satisfied, our team had explored four different design directions and over 50 different prototypes.

While we designed our grips based on some of our favorite pens, we quickly found ourselves caught between two main ideas: precision and comfort.

On the one hand, we wanted to create a product that felt comfortable to use and that could alleviate the cramping and stress that Apple Pencil users experience when working for extended periods.

On the other hand, we also knew that a bulky grip would make it more challenging for power users like digital artists and notetakers to keep their lines neat when working on their iPad.

Jan explains: “Our theory is that, as the fingers are spread farther apart from one another, they impede nimbleness in the wrist. That means that thinner pens will provide more precise movement, and thicker ones will deliver more comfort and stability."

With that in mind, we focused on creating an ergonomic grip that felt comfortable to use but still carried the precision necessary to get the job done.

Instead, we decided to create a pair of grips that could be swapped based on your individual needs and preferences.

And that’s what we set out to build.

The result is the first set of Apple Pencil grips with a total focus on ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics.

Our grips are designed to look great and feel great without compromising performance.

As Jan puts it, “Both of our grips have the best ergonomic design, so they're super pleasant to hold and, at the same time, can perform differently depending on your use case.”

So, whether you’re a student planning a long notetaking session, a business pro building a strategy, or a professional artist looking for the right balance between comfort and quality when drawing in Procreate, these grips were made for you.

Let’s take a closer look at each grip.

A marketing image displaying both the Maximum Comfort Grip and
    Maximum Precision Grip from Paperlike. Each grip is fitted to an Apple Pencil,
    demonstrating the size difference.
The Paperlike Pencil Grips, sold as a 2-pack. 1 Maximum Comfort Grip and 1 Maximum Precision Grip come in each package.

Maximum Comfort Grip

The first of our two grips, the Maximum Comfort Grip is designed to limit fatigue and reduce cramping while extending your drawing and writing sessions.

The silicone body is thicker along the width of the product, allowing for a firm grip that provides simultaneous stability and relief.

Maximum Precision Grip

For users who need to make every single detail count, the Maximum Precision Grip is engineered to improve comfort and technical precision so that you can maintain focus and accuracy while you work.

While the Maximum Comfort Grip is optimized for comfort, the Precision Grip will reinforce your hand position while writing and drawing.

A close-up of the Paperlike Pencil Grip fitting just about the nib
    of the Apple Pencil.
The Paperlike Pencil Grips still allow you to use the Double Tap feature and magnetically charge your Apple Pencil 2.


Does the Paperlike Pencil Grip limit iPad functionality?

Neither of the Paperlike Pencil Grips will interfere with the native functionality of your Apple product.

This includes the Double Tap feature and magnetic charging on the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and charging while using the Lightning connector on the Apple Pencil (1st generation).

They also won’t inhibit your ability to use your Apple Pencil with any supported iPad (iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc.).

However, because the Apple Pencil (1st generation) is completely round, your Paperlike Pencil Grip will prevent it from rolling away. If that’s a feature you enjoyed, we apologize in advance.

Does the Paperlike Pencil Grip work with Apple Pencil 1 & 2?

Yes! Our pencil grips are designed to work with all current models of the Apple Pencil. No adapters or additional accessories are required.

To use the grip with your Apple Pencil (regardless of model) simply slide your Apple Pencil through the center of the silicone sleeve and adjust the position of the grip based on your preference.

Which Paperlike Pencil Grip should I get?

You won’t need to make a choice when ordering! Our Paperlike Pencil Grips ship in a pack of two, so you’ll receive one Maximum Comfort Grip and one Maximum Precision Grip in each package.

However, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which pencil grip best suits your unique needs and preferences. Because you’ll get both grips in our package, you can swap them out depending on the situation and what you need to accomplish.

An image of Paperlike products, including the Paperlike Pencil Grips
    and the Paperlike screen protector alongside an Apple iPad.
Take your writing and drawing experience to the next level with Paperlike products.

Get a Grip Today!

When we launched our first product, the Paperlike iPad screen protector, it changed the way that users interact with their iPads by substituting the native glass surface of the Apple iPad with a surface better suited for writing and drawing.

That passion for change is what drove us to create a product that, we believe, will drastically improve how you draw and write with your Apple Pencil.

Pick up your new set of pencil grips today and take your iPad productivity to the next level with Paperlike.