Best Digital Planners for 2023

Best Digital Planners for 2023

Looking for a fun and paperless way to stay organized in 2023?

A digital planner may be exactly what you need. Digital planners help you streamline your workflow to stay productive.

Just as with a paper planner, you’ll be able to manage your schedule, keep up with all your to-dos, and track your habits.

However, digital planners have a lot more to offer, including added flexibility and customization, faster navigation via hyperlinks, and increased portability.

The digital planners we’ll cover in this article are all PDF documents that can be used in notetaking apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, and Noteshelf.

Let’s dive in!


#alt#Image of the 2023 Paperlike Digital Planner cover.

01. Paperlike Digital Planner by Paperlike

Price: Free or $12 for Pro Pack.
Download:  Free planner | Pro Pack.

Of course, we have to start our list off with the new 2023 Paperlike Digital Planner.

This year, we’re offering five different versions, so you can find the perfect planner that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer dark or light mode, Sunday or Monday start, or only need weekly or daily pages, we’ve got you covered.

And you can get all five for free when you purchase any Paperlike product from December 12, 2022 through January 31, 2023.

Just like last year, we also offer one completely free digital planner that has everything you need to plan out your year.

#caption#The Paperlike Digital Planner starts off with the Year page to give you a preview of your year. Tap on any month to jump to the corresponding Month page.

#alt#Image of the Year page in the 2023 Paperlike Digital Planner.

If you’re looking for a planner with a similar setup to a paper planner, the Paperlike Digital Planner is it.

It features Year, Month, Week, and Day pages, and they’re in the correct order if you prefer to just scroll through rather than using hyperlinks to navigate. But don’t worry, if you’d like to use links, we’ve got those, too!

#caption#The Month page has tabs to navigate to each month and blue highlights over all the available hyperlinks on the page.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar in the Paperlike Digital Planner.

In fact, we’ve included tabs and clickable links on every page to take you wherever you need to go, whether that’s to a specific month, week, or day of the year.

For example, on the Month page, you can:

  • Click the name of the month to navigate to the Year page.
  • Tap any of the month tabs on the right to navigate to the corresponding Month page.
  • Click on the week numbers on the left to navigate to the corresponding Week page.
  • Tap on any date to navigate to the corresponding Day page.

Most of this is pretty obvious, but you can always refer to the instructions at the front of the planner if you can’t figure out where to find the links on each type of page.

#caption#Use split-screen to copy and paste tasks from the time slots on the Week page to the matching slots on the Day page.

#alt#Image of a split-screen view with an arrow running from the six o’clock timeslot on the Week page of the Paperlike planner to the corresponding timeslot on the Day page.

We’ve also added split-screen capability this year, and since our Week and Day pages use the same time schedule, you can easily transfer information from one page to the next.

Along with your schedule, the Day pages also have space for your to-do list, top priorities, and an area for notes, allowing you to stay on top of your day.

#caption#The Day page offers space to fill in your schedule, to-dos, and top priorities and make any other relevant notes.

#alt#Image of the daily planning pages in the Paperlike Digital Planner.

While you may not find all the bells and whistles that come with more expensive planners, the Paperlike Digital Planner’s simple, minimalist design keeps your screen uncluttered and makes it easy to keep track of all your important details.

If you’re new to digital planning, you can try out our free version to get started right away.

Download the free 2023 Paperlike Digital Planner right here.  

Coolest features

  • A simple, minimalist design that’s uncluttered and easy to use.
  • A free version for those who need to get organized and don’t need all the bells and whistles.
  • Split-screen capability for easy planning across pages.

Main limitations

  • Free version is only available with a Sunday start in light mode. However, you can purchase the entire set of 10 planner options for less than most other planners on this list.
  • Lacks any extra templates or inserts for specialty pages.

#alt#Image of the 2023 Digital Planner Bundle by AntidoteNotes.

02. 2023 Digital Planner Bundle by AntidoteNotes

Price: $30.42.
Download: 2023 Digital Planner Bundle.

Looking for a planner that’ll help you keep your finances in order as well as get your year organized? This planner by AntidoteNotes is a good choice.

You’ll get eight different planner templates to choose from, with different start dates, weekly templates, and daily templates.

#caption#The index page can take you to any of the specific pages in the specialty categories.

#alt#Image of the index page in the AntidoteNotes Digital Planner detailing the different pages inside.

Each version includes an index page for easy navigation to the plethora of specialty templates for different categories, including:

  • Health & Wellness.
  • Finance.
  • Lifestyle & Productivity.
  • Notebooks.

You’ll find logs, trackers, lists, and more in each of these sections to help you stay on top of every aspect of your life.

The five blank notebooks are completely customizable, so you can use them for whatever you’d like. You’ll also choose from eight notetaking page templates to fill these sections.

Students can turn it into a student planner by choosing the Cornell template and designating notebooks for different classes. Business professionals could use them for meeting notes or project notes to create their own business planner.

The possibilities are endless.


#caption#Plan out your monthly budget and easily track your expenses on the included financial templates.

#alt#Image of the budget planner in the AntidoteNotes planner.


While other planners may have a small finance section, we found the financial templates in this planner by AntidoteNotes to be immensely helpful.

It contains the savings, bills, and debt tracker that many other planners include, but it also offers a financial overview, a savings challenge, and a tax deductions log.

Most importantly, you’ll find a separate budget planner page for each month of the year, allowing you to track all your expenses, earnings, and savings all in one place.

#caption#With two weekly pages, it’s easy to make sure you’re aware of all important events and schedule the tasks you need to manage.

#alt#Image of the two weekly templates included in the AntidoteNotes planner.


The weekly pages in this planner are also extremely helpful. You’ll get both a time schedule to fill out important events and a planning page to add tasks and notes. Utilizing both pages can really help you organize your week to the fullest.

Similar to a paper planner, this planner is well organized, with all your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages ordered in a way that allows you to scroll through and continue planning. The specialty categories are located after your full dated planner.

Tabs and hyperlinks are also available to help you quickly jump to whichever page you need next.

This planner even comes with a matching digital journal and digital notebook, which is a nice bonus. However, you’ll have to choose between portrait or landscape mode, and the cream design with gold embellishments may be a little too feminine or distracting to some people.

The expansive list of extras this set offers may be enough to offset that small complaint, but you might be able to find everything you need in a different planner with a more neutral design.

Download the 2023 Digital Planner Bundle Portrait here or Landscape here.

Coolest features

  • Comes in a set with a Planner, Journal, & Notebook.
  • Awesome financial templates to help you budget and stay on top of your finances.
  • Well organized, so it’s easy to keep planning without having to use hyperlinks to navigate to different sections.

Main limitations

  • Portrait and Landscape versions are separate listings, so you’ll have to decide ahead of time which you prefer.
  • Cream with gold embellishments may feel too feminine for some people.

#alt#Image of the cover of the planner by Dash Planner.

03. 2023 Digital Planner Set by The Dash Planner

Price: $24.99.
Download: 2023 Dash Planner.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive planner to plan out every aspect of your life, the Dash Planner may be your best bet.

It’s chock full of templates for every category and even includes eight section dividers that you can customize to your needs.

#caption#No matter what you plan to use the customizable sections for, you’ll find a notepaper template that suits your needs.

#alt#Image of the twenty notepaper templates available in the Dash Planner.

You can choose from the twenty different page templates to fill these sections, and your options include things like lined paper, grids, checklists, sheet music, Cornell notes, and more. With so many options, you can really turn these sections into anything you want.

Another thing we liked about the Dash Planner is that you can plan your year in detail. Unlike most other planners, the Dash Planner includes seven yearly pages. Each one is designed to help you make the most out of your year.

#caption#Multiple monthly pages help you plan out your month in detail. You can easily navigate to any of the pages using the links at the top.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar with a navigation bar at the top to the available monthly pages in the Dash Planner.

You’ll also find multiple monthly pages, including a calendar, an overview, a finance page, habit trackers, and a review. Each one follows the other, so you can get all your monthly planning done quickly.

It’s also worth noting that the layouts for every page in this planner are simple and help guide your planning. You’ll know exactly what to put where, and you’ll have plenty of space to do it.

#caption#You can use the Goal Overview page to create milestones and include the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish them.

#alt#Image of the Goal Overview page in the Dash Planner.

Another great feature that’s easy to overlook is the goal and project planning sections. That’s because the index page doesn’t make them seem like much - it just has a dashboard for each.

However, when you click on either dashboard, you’ll be taken to a page where you can list up to twelve projects or goals. From there, each box is hyperlinked to an overview page.

The goal and project overview pages are slightly different, but both are geared toward helping you break things down into smaller, manageable steps.

#caption#On the index page, you’ll also find alternate weekly layouts, a sticker book, and color hex codes to customize your Dash Planner. Use the online tutorials to help you get started.

#alt#Image of the index page in the Dash Planner.

This planner is also fairly customizable, with different layouts available. Unfortunately, you’ll need to make some decisions upfront.

For example, if you want to switch to dark mode from light mode or Portrait to Landscape, you’ll have to download a completely new version. And the Landscape version doesn’t fit all screen sizes the same. While it’s fairly close on the iPad Pro, if you’re using an iPad mini, you’re better off using the Portrait version.

But you can switch out your weekly layout or just add in extra inserts from the templates available on the index page. To embellish your planner, you can also use color hex codes and the included sticker book.

As an added bonus, you’ll have access to online tutorials through the index page. Not only will you learn how to set up your planner, but you’ll also find guides on adding stickers or PNG files, changing covers, using individual pages, and more.

If you want a planner that can do absolutely everything, the Dash Planner is it. Even if you’re a beginner, the tutorials can walk you through how to get the most use out of this planner.

Download the 2023 Dash Planner from the website or from the Etsy listing.

Coolest features

  • Most comprehensive digital life planner, with sections for everything you could possibly need to plan out your year.
  • Simple and modern look that guides you through each page.
  • Easy access & navigation to everything makes it simple to get to any page.

Main limitations

  • Landscape orientation doesn’t fit the screen perfectly, but it varies by device size.
  • Difficult to switch up your layout because you have to download a whole new planner with different options.

#alt#Image of the Happy Days planner cover.

04. All-in-One 2022 & 2023 Neutral Digital Planner by Happy Days

Price: $11.99.
Download: All-in-One Neutral Digital Planner.

Want a planner that’s both affordable and features various templates and options? You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with this planner by Happy Days.

It features the classic look you’d find in a traditional paper planner, with a two-page spread. It’s not as elaborately designed (no spiral binder in the middle) as some of the other two-page variations we’ve seen, but it still offers the same benefits.


#caption#With two pages, you can keep track of everything you need to do in a day, including meals, fitness, and trackers.

#alt#Image of the daily pages in the Happy Days Planner.

What we like about this style is that you’ll have more room to work while keeping everything visible on one page.

Think of it like this - with a regular planner, you may have two daily pages to fill out every detail you need, but you’ll have to scroll back and forth between the two.

This planner combines both so you can see everything at once. The downside is that you’ll likely need to zoom in to fill it out, but that’s really not a big deal.

#caption#With everything separated into its own boxes, it’s easy to see what and where things need to go.

#alt#Image of the monthly overview page in the Happy Days planner.

The comfortable, boxy layout helps guide you through your schedule. It offers plenty of room (once you zoom in) and keeps things neat and organized.

What’s more, this all-in-one planner contains both yearly and monthly trackers for finance, fitness, health, and more.

The downside is that the functionality and navigation aren’t as easy as you’d expect. While there are tabs and hyperlinks throughout, you’ll find that you often have to tap through multiple pages to get where you need to go.

#caption#The Monthly Finance page is located on the monthly calendar, NOT in the Finance tab, as you might expect.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar with a circle around the Monthly Finance box and an X through the Finance tab at the top.

For example, there’s a tab for finances, but that only takes you to the yearly finance pages, and even then, you have to navigate back to that tab from each individual template. To get to the monthly finances, you’ll have to click on a month tab and then the Monthly Finance box.  

Overall, it’s fairly intuitive, and it’s not difficult to find what you’re looking for, but it does involve a lot of extra tapping and jumping around than what you’ll find in some other planners.

#caption#While there are some specialty templates in this planner, the list isn’t as extensive as some of the others.

#alt#Image of the Index page in the Happy Days Planner.

We do love that it features eight custom sections, but you’ll need to fill in each one with a notepaper template, and there isn’t a whole lot of choice. You can choose from lined, dotted, grid, or blank paper.

If you’re taking meeting notes or class notes, this should be more than enough, but if you want to get creative, you may have to search around for some extra templates to add in manually.

This planner does include some specialty categories, including finance, wellness, productivity, and lists, but the templates aren’t as extensive as some of the others.

In fact, a good chunk of the Index page is dedicated to the monthly and weekly pages, which are usually only accessible via the tabs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

The design of the planner is totally neutral (but there are more colorful options available), and the templates are pretty basic compared to the more sophisticated (read: expensive) planners available. Still, it has everything you need to get the job done.

Download the All-in-One Neutral Digital Planner here or check out some of the other colors available here.

Coolest features

  • Most bang for your buck. Plenty of templates and options at an affordable price.
  • Two-page spread for daily pages keeps all your daily plans visible at once.
  • Comfortable, boxy layout offers plenty of space to fill in details.

Main limitations

  • Only available in Landscape orientation, so if you prefer Portrait, this may not be the one for you.
  • Navigation isn’t simple. For example, the monthly pages only link to the monthly calendar, not to each other.
  • Only has basic specialty templates, not all the extras included with some of the other planners.

#alt#Image of the Kaya Planners planner cover.

05. Boho Digital Planner by Kaya Planners

Price: $10.
Download: Boho Digital Planner Portrait | Landscape.

Need some help building new habits this year? The Boho Digital Planner by Kaya Planners was designed to do just that.

While it has all the regular planning pages you’d expect in a digital planner, it also includes practically any habit tracker you could possibly need.

#caption#The Boho Planner by Kaya Planners offers a variety of monthly trackers that’ll help you build new habits and stay on top of your schedule.

#alt#Image of the Monthly Planners & Trackers page in the Boho Planner by Kaya Planners.

From finances and habits to mood and other health trackers, it’s easy to see exactly how far along you are and how you measure up to your goals.

You can find all these trackers on the Monthly Planners & Trackers page or the Index page in their specific categories. Specialty categories include finance, wellness, productivity, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Besides trackers, you’ll find other templates that can help you manage these areas of your life. For example, in the nutrition section, you’ve got meal planners, grocery lists, recipes, and a kitchen inventory page. The lifestyle section contains reading lists, chores planners, passwords, and more.

Even better, it also includes twelve custom sections to use however you see fit. Just add any of the eight available notepaper templates into these sections to create whatever you need.

#caption#The monthly calendar is only one of the five monthly templates you can use to plan out your month. This planner also has monthly pages for finance, planning, review, and trackers.

#alt#Image of the monthly calendar in the Boho Planner by Kaya Planners.

The monthly and weekly templates are impressive. We didn't expect much in such an affordable offering, but this planner includes five monthly and four weekly pages.

Unfortunately, the navigation between everything isn’t intuitive. And the organization of the planner leaves something to be desired.  

You’ll find that there are main pages that have hyperlinks to each of the corresponding templates, but the individual templates often don’t link to each other.

For example, the monthly calendar links to the four other monthly pages, but those pages don’t link to each other. They often will only take you back to the main calendar, or you’ll need to use one of the month tabs to get back.

#caption#The Index page is your best bet for navigating through this planner, but the tabs on the side and icons at the top are also useful.

#alt#Image of the Index page of the Boho Planner by Kaya Planner.

You also can’t really just scroll through the planner because the order doesn’t seem to make much sense for that. Even if you prefer all monthly pages together, then all weekly pages, then all daily pages — like this planner offers — the whole finance section is randomly located between the monthly and weekly sections.

Fortunately, you can use the tabs along the side or icons at the top to navigate to certain sections. And, of course, you can always use the Index page.

This planner isn’t perfect, but it certainly has the most trackers available to monitor your progress in various areas of your life. The templates are all well-designed, and the price alone makes it worth a try.

Download the Boho Digital Planner Portrait here or the Landscape here. KayaPlanners has a whole host of other offerings, divided into two separate Etsy stores, too. You can check out KayaPlanners here and KayaNotes here for different digital planners, notebooks, stickers, and more.

Coolest features

  • Less costly than most of the other planners we saw.
  • Awesome monthly and weekly planner layouts, with extra templates for each to plan in detail.
  • Habit trackers for every aspect of your life to help you build healthy habits.

Main limitations

  • Portrait and Landscape orientations are separate listings, so you’ll have to choose which one you prefer.
  • Navigation isn’t intuitive. Not everything is hyperlinked, so you’ll end up doing a lot of clicking and jumping around to get where you need to be.
  • Organization isn’t the best. The pages seem to be in a bit of a weird order, so you won’t really be able to just scroll through and plan if that’s the way you like to do it.


#alt#Image of the Luxbook planner cover.

06. The Hello Gorgeous VOL.2 Digital Planner by Luxbook

Price: $20.
Download: Hello Gorgeous Vol. 2 Digital Planner.

Hello gorgeous! Looking for a little fun and personality in your planner? Check out the Hello Gorgeous Vol. 2 planner by Luxbook.

It’s beautifully designed in black, white, and pink with marbled dividers. (Other color options are also included in the bundle.) It also includes an About Me page and other places where you can personalize and embellish your planner.

But don’t worry - you can easily delete these extra pages and collages if you prefer to stick to just the important planning pages. The planner even includes font names and HEX color codes, so you can change things to suit your preferences.

#caption#Personalize your planner by adding photos and facts on the About Me page.

#alt#Image of the About Me page in the Hello Gorgeous planner.

What we really like about this planner is that it’s undated, so you can use it indefinitely. Just keep a copy of the blank PDF around to reuse each year.

However, that does come with a downside: Filling in the dates on every single page. Whew! That’ll take some time. But it’ll save you some money in the long run.

#caption#Even though this planner is undated, the boxes on the monthly calendar are still hyperlinked to daily pages.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar with a circle around the little blue box in the upper right corner of one of the daily squares.

Fortunately, even though the numbers aren’t there, the little squares where you’d normally see them (and where you should fill them in) are still hyperlinked! That means you’ll still be able to quickly access your daily pages from the monthly calendar.

But you won’t find any hyperlinks on the weekly pages. This is likely due to the fact that the planner includes multiple weekly templates to choose from.

#caption#The Catalog page is full of different templates that you can duplicate and move to any section in the planner.

#alt#Image of the Catalog page detailing the included templates in the Hello Gorgeous planner.

The Hello Gorgeous planner is highly customizable. It includes twenty-two weekly layout options that you can choose from to create a planner best suited for you. It also includes loads of templates for every category.

Once again, setting up your planner the way you like is going to take some time. These templates are all lumped together in one section, so you’ll need to duplicate and copy and paste them into your desired location.

While these templates cover various categories, you’ll have to use the eight blank dividers to create sections for these categories on your own.

When you get to the monthly calendars, you’ll find six weekly pages already loaded behind each month, so if you’d prefer a different weekly layout, you’ll also have to delete those to replace them.

#caption#Instruction pages are located through the planner at the beginning of each section, so you’ll know exactly what to do.

#alt#Image of the Calendar instruction page in the Hello Gorgeous planner.

The good news is that there are instruction pages behind each divider, so as you enter a section, you’ll get to learn how to set it up.

You’ll also find the full, detailed instruction guide at the very end, as well as a QR code that will take you to various video walkthroughs and tutorials.

If you’re unsure how to set up your planner or want to figure out the fastest way to get everything in place, these videos will show you how. You can also follow Luxbook on Instagram for more tutorials and tips.

#caption#You can use the Home page to navigate to different dividers, including the Daily divider, where you’ll find your daily planning pages.

#alt#Image of the Home page in the Hello Gorgeous planner.

Remember how we told you that you could click on the invisible box in the upper right corner of each day on the monthly calendar to navigate to the daily pages?

Good! Because that’s really the only way you can get to them unless you feel like doing a lot of scrolling.

In fact, they’re not even right below the weekly pages as you’d expect. They’re located at the very bottom of the planner, with only the Help section below them.

The Home page and the Contents page do include a hyperlink to the Daily divider, but there’s no way to get to a certain date other than using the monthly calendar.

The initial setup of this planner can feel a little overwhelming, but having a customized planner that’s perfectly built to suit your needs may be worth it.

Download the Hello Gorgeous Vol. 2 Digital Planner here. If you need a more specialized planner, digital stickers, extra templates, and more, check out the Luxbook shop here.

Coolest features

  • Undated, which allows you to use it forever.
  • 22 weekly layout options, so you can completely customize the planner to your needs.
  • Adds more space for personalization for those that prefer to have some embellishments.

Main limitations

  • Setup isn’t consistent. The monthly pages start on Sunday, but the weekly pages start on Monday.
  • Weekly pages aren’t linked to the monthly calendar, but they’re located right after it.
  • Requires lots of time and effort upfront to set it up the way you want.

#alt#Image of the first page of The Planners Collective planner.

07. The Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective

Price: $25.38.
Download: The Custom Digital Planner.

If you like the idea of a fully customizable planner, but you’d prefer something a little more neutral in design than the Hello Gorgeous planner, the Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective might be just the one for you.

It really is the ultimate planner, with 192 possible variations! And it only takes a few minutes to set up through the interactive planner builder.

With 2023, 2024, and an undated calendar, you’ll have everything you need to plan out your life for (literal) years to come!

#caption#The Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective allows you to choose your ring color, tab color, and much more to completely customize your planner.

#alt#Image of the Dashboard page in the Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective.

This planner is designed to look like a paper planner, with a two-page spread and a ring binder in the middle.

When you’re using the interactive planner builder, you’ll get plenty of options. Some of these include:

  • Ring color.
  • Tab color.
  • Start day.
  • Weekly template.
  • Daily template.

The only downside to this is that once you’ve made your choices, you’re locked in - unless you want to go through and download a whole new planner.

#caption#The Lifestyle index page includes hyperlinks to all the included templates available for that category, and it’s easy to access by tapping on the house icon at the top of any page.

#alt#Image of the Lifestyle index page in the Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective.

The Planners Collective included everything you could possibly ask for in this planner, with sections and templates for all the obvious categories, such as Lifestyle, Wellness, Health & Fitness, Finance, and Productivity.

Plus, there are five custom tabs for any extras you may need and nine different templates you can use to fill these sections.

Most planners include an index page for easy navigation to these types of specialty sections, but you won’t find that here. Fortunately, it’s not really necessary because there are tabs and icons available on every page to take you where you need to go.

And, if for some reason you can’t seem to figure it out on your own, there are video walkthroughs to help you set up and use this planner.

#caption#Featuring a two-page spread, the Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective keeps all your daily information visible at the same time.

#alt#Image of the daily pages in the Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective.

Another thing that we really like about this Custom Digital Planner is the daily pages. Like some of the other planners that feature the two-page spread, you’ll have a lot more space to plan your daily activities and tasks.

In this planner, the left page will help you stay productive, while the right page is different based on your chosen layout.

Here at Paperlike, we prefer a more structured format, so the planner format we chose to test focuses more on both mental and physical health. However, if you’d rather have a lined page for notes with some blank space to doodle, you can choose that option instead.

#caption#This planner looks just like a traditional paper planner, and it even moves the tabs from one side to the other as if you’re actually turning the pages.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar with a red arrow pointing from the July tab on the right to the June tab on the left.

One of the things that we found interesting was that although this planner looks like a traditional paper planner, it doesn’t really follow the same format or organizational structure that you’d typically see in one.

If you prefer being able to scroll through the pages, you’re going to be a little confused!

For example, you’ll find the Month at a Glance and Monthly Review pages near the top of the planner, but then you’ve got a Notes section and templates before you actually get to the Monthly Calendar page and the Weekly and Daily pages.

That being said, with all the clickable hyperlinks, this may not be a huge issue.

What we really like about this particular planner is that the interactive planner builder makes it easy to get the exact planner setup that you prefer. You may still have to do a little copying and pasting in the custom sections, but for the most part, you’re all set to start planning once you’ve downloaded your planner.

Download The Custom Digital Planner here.

Coolest features

  • Only option that offers both dated and undated planners to maximize your usage.
  • Video walkthroughs for setup help you make the most of this planner.
  • Extremely adjustable and customizable, so you can get exactly what you need.

Main limitations

  • Possibly overwhelming due to all the customization options.
  • Tab separation is hard to see if you choose any color besides the rainbow option.
  • Order of the pages is a little weird, so it may not be the best if you prefer to be able to scroll through and work rather than using the links.

#alt#Image of the Digital Coloring Planner sitting on a desk with a phone, colored tape, colored pencils, clips, and a post-it surrounding it.

08. 2023 Digital Coloring Planner by Sarah Renae Clark

Price: $17.
Download: 2023 Digital Coloring Planner.

One of the most unique planners, the Digital Coloring Planner mixes relaxation with productivity in a way that makes sense.

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and has other benefits as well, so why not add it to your planning routine?  

Each page of this planner has something to color but still leaves plenty of space to plan out your year. Each month has its own theme, so it’s easy to tell where you are when you’re scrolling through the pages.

#caption#The Coloring Planner uses the look of a traditional paper planner with a two-page spread and spiral binder.

#alt#Image of the yearly calendar on a two-page spread with a spiral binder dividing the pages of the Coloring Planner.

It’s also designed just like a paper planner, with a two-page spread and a spiral binder in the middle. What we like about the double page is that it allows you to get the full picture for each section. But that also means that everything is smaller, so you’ll need to zoom in to write or color effectively.

You’ll find month tabs on either side of the page to quickly navigate to different sections and tabs at the top to get to the specialty pages.

Unfortunately, that’s where the navigation ends. There are no hyperlinks anywhere in this planner, so you’ll have to scroll through the monthly pages to get to the correct weekly page for planning.

#caption#You can use this extra page for anything you like, including daily planning, if you wish.

#alt#Image of a grid page and a coloring page in the Coloring Planner.

As a bonus, there are extra pages between sections to take notes and color, allowing you to fit in additional details that don’t belong elsewhere.

One of the major downsides to this Digital Coloring Planner is that it doesn’t contain any daily planning pages. If you just need something to fill in monthly and weekly plans, that may not matter so much, but if you’re more detail-oriented, it could be a dealbreaker.

As a workaround, you could use those extra pages at the end of each section to plan out your days. You’d have to copy and paste as many as you need, but that gives you the opportunity to choose where in the planner to place them.

#caption#Fill in all your contacts on this page and use the smiley face tab at the top to quickly navigate to your list.

#alt#Image of the Contacts page in the Coloring Planner.

This planner also doesn’t include much in the way of specialty templates. You’ll find a place to fill in your contacts and two customizable sections, but that’s it.

Sarah Renae Clark does include colorable stickers and frames to embellish your planner, which is a nice addition. You'll also get a free coloring book with your planner, which is full of fun designs and hand lettering to fill in and decorate.

If you’re the type that wants to get all your planning done quickly, and you don’t care about personalizing or decorating your planner, this may not be the one for you.

However, if planning feels pretty stressful, being able to color and decorate as you work might be just the thing you need.

Download the 2023 Digital Coloring Planner here and check out some great coloring and art supply tips and reviews on Sarah Renae Clark’s YouTube channel.

Coolest features

  • Every page has something to color, and the designs are themed for each month.
  • Has extra note pages and coloring pages loaded between sections for anything extra you may need.
  • Includes stickers and frames to color and use in your planner.

Main limitations

  • Lacks daily pages, so it’s best for less detailed planners.
  • Only uses tabs for navigation, no hyperlinks, and the tabs are separated into two sections.
  • Double page spread offers less space and makes everything smaller, which is especially difficult for coloring or planning without zooming in.

#alt#Image of planner cover by Thiss Planner.

09. Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner

Price: $24.90.
Download: Undated Digital Planner Portrait | Landscape.

When you’re paying for a planner, you run the risk of hating the setup once you start using it. That’s where this Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner comes in.

You can download a free sample to test it out and get a feel for it before you commit to the purchase.

#caption#This planner has templates and pages for every category. It even has extra notebooks and sections to work on projects or goals.

#alt#Image of the Home Page in the Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner.

Another undated option, this is one planner that you can use forever. And if you’re serious about getting your life on track, it also has everything you’ll need to help you get there.

It’s chock-full of templates for every category, from wellness and lifestyle to finance and productivity. And you’ll even have eight notebooks to customize with the included eight notepaper templates.

#caption#Utilize the Goal Planner to help you create realistic and manageable steps to achieve your goals.

#alt#Image of the Goal Planner in the Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner.

The best part?

You can set yourself up for success by utilizing the ten goal planners and ten project planners.

On your Goal Planner, you can break down your goal into actionable steps that’ll help you get there. It even has prompts to get you thinking about why this goal is important to you and what you’re reward will be once you achieve it.

The Project Planner page is set up similarly, with a section to break your project down into smaller tasks and set deadlines.

#caption#Plan out your month and use the tabs and hyperlinks to navigate to your weekly, daily, and specialty pages.

#alt#Image of a monthly calendar in the Undated Planner by Thiss Planner.

Navigation is pretty straightforward, for the most part. You’ll find tabs and icons to take you wherever you need to go. And you can always hit the tab with the three bars at the top of the page to take you back to the Index.

However, trying to get to your daily pages is a little tricky at first. On the monthly calendar, you can see a little box for the date in the upper left corner of each square. Usually, this is where you’d find your hyperlinks to the daily pages.

Not so, in this case!

Because the calendar is undated, it wouldn’t make sense to have to link to all 35 boxes. Instead, you’ll see a little number bar at the top of the calendar, which is where you’ll find navigation to those daily pages.

Weekly pages are similar, with a box of numbers on the bottom right of the page.

#caption#Use this daily page to map out your plans and tasks for the day, then click on the Daily Check-In button at the top to fill in your self-care routine.

#alt#Image of the Daily Planner page in the Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner.

There are also multiple monthly, weekly, and daily pages. Unlike other planners that have multiple templates, you don’t have to choose the one you prefer. All templates are set up and usable, with hyperlinks to navigate through them.

For example, there are two daily pages: the Daily Planner and the Daily Check-In. The planner page is pretty straightforward and allows you to plan your tasks and to-dos for the day. The check-in page is centered around mental and physical health.

These pages aren’t back to back, so you can’t just scroll to the next one to continue planning. You’d have to scroll through all the daily planners to get to the daily check-in pages.

Fortunately, these pages are linked to each other. You’ll see the names of each at the top of the page, with the current one in bold, so you can easily jump back and forth.

As a bonus, you’ll also get plenty of cover options and stickers to help personalize, decorate, and embellish your planner.

These extras, the reusability, and the ability to test out the planner first make this one a great choice for anyone who’s leery of spending a lot of money.

Download the Undated Digital Planner Portrait here or Landscape here.

Coolest features

  • Offers a free sample, so you can test it out before purchasing.
  • Undated, so you can use it forever.
  • Plenty of extra sections for customization and specialty planning.

Main limitations

  • Daily page links aren’t intuitive. Instead of clicking on the box with the date, you’ll find the daily links on a number bar at the top of the monthly pages and on the mini calendar at the bottom of the weekly pages.
  • Portrait and landscape orientations are separate offerings, so you’ll have to choose which you prefer.

#alt#Image of the first page in the PaperNRoses planner.

10. 2023 Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses

Price: $29.97.
Download: 2023 Dream Life Planner.

If you want a personal and a business planner that can not only help you keep track of your schedule but also help you build your dream life, PaperNRoses has got you covered.

Filled with specialty templates that cover every aspect of your life, you’ll be able to set goals, finish up projects, schedule your social media content, work on your physical and mental health, and so much more.

#caption#The Dream Life Planner’s index page can take you anywhere you need to go. Plus, you can click on the coils in the center to navigate back to this page from anywhere in the planner.

#alt#Image of the index page in the Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses.

The Dream Life Planner has the most extensive set of tabs and hyperlinking for easy navigation throughout. Tabs cover the top, sides, and bottom of the double pages, and any page that doesn’t have a tab can be accessed through the Index page.

One of our favorite things about this planner is the fact that you can click on the coils in the center of every page to quickly jump back to the Index page. We haven’t seen this in any other planner, and it’s extremely convenient for navigation.

#caption#PaperNRoses includes mindset templates, such as gratitude and affirmations, to keep you inspired and in a healthy mindset.

#alt#Image of the gratitude template in the Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses.

While some planners have a small spot on the daily pages for affirmations, the Dream Life Planner offers an entire two-page spread for these. It also includes templates for other mindset categories, such as gratitude and reflection.

It even includes a 1 Line a Day page that allows you to write down a memory or something special that happened each day. We’ve seen separate journals just for this in the past, and it’s a really cool thing to look back on in the future.

#caption#The weekly page can help you block out your schedule for each day, and it also includes spaces for extra planning and reflection.

#alt#Image of the weekly schedule template in the Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses.

You have two options when it comes to your weekly planning: an hourly or vertical template. Unfortunately, you don’t get both in one planner. You’ll have to choose which version you’d like during the download process.

This isn’t a huge deal since you probably don’t really need both, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to look at your week in a different way. However, both templates include the extras around the sides, such as the habit tracker, budget, gratitude, reflections, and more, so it’s really just about whether you prefer writing in the times for your tasks or events or having a timeslot for them.

#caption#The Daily Dashboard is spread across two pages, with space for your schedule, as well as a bunch of extras.

#alt#Image of the daily pages in the Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses.

Like some of our other favorite planners, the Dream Life Planner has a two-page spread for your daily schedule. It includes the usual timeslots and space for your top three daily tasks, as well as personal and work to-dos.

The structured layout also includes sections for meals, movement, gratitude, random notes, and more. It even has a hydration tracker and a mood tracker at the bottom. This is one of the most comprehensive daily pages we’ve seen, and we love it!

The Dream Life Planner is one of the most inspirational and comprehensive planners, so it’s great for anyone who is goal-oriented and intent on building the life they’ve always wanted.

Download the 2023 Dream Life Planner here and check out the PaperNRoses YouTube channel for tutorials and tips.

Coolest features

  • Focused on building your dream life with templates and action plans for every aspect of your life.
  • Awesome mindset templates to keep you inspired and mentally healthy.
  • Hyperlink on the coils for easy access to the Index page.

Main limitations

  • Requires a bit of time and effort upfront to set up the specialty sections.
  • Only one weekly template available in each variation, so you’ll have to choose which you prefer upfront.

#alt#A woman standing behind a desk in an office writes on an iPad using an Apple Pencil.


What tools do I need in order to use a digital planner?

Digital planners aren’t that different from paper planners, but there are a few extra tools you’ll need to help you get the most out of them.

Most importantly, you’ll need a digital tablet, a stylus, and a notetaking app to interact with your digital planner.

Here at Paperlike, we love using an iPad and Apple Pencil. We’d also recommend pencil grips (for comfort and precision) and a Paperlike (for a natural writing experience).

There are plenty of options for notetaking apps, but our top favorites include GoodNotes, Notability, and Noteshelf. You’ll find that many digital planners are designed with the GoodNotes app in mind, but any notetaking app that allows you to import PDFs for editing will work.

Most notetaking apps are designed to work on iOS devices, but you should be able to find at least a couple, such as Evernote and OneNote, that work on Android devices.

Digital planner vs. paper planner: Which one is better?

Both paper and digital planners serve the same purpose, but each has upsides and downsides.

Paper planners offer a distraction-free zone to focus on mapping out your time. Because they’re not on a screen, you won’t be tempted to check your messages or notifications in the middle of a planning session.

However, paper planners can’t be reused, so you’ll need to replace them yearly. They can also be big and bulky, so carrying them around is a bit of a pain.

Digital planners solve some of these issues. Many are undated, so you can duplicate them to reuse them each year. Since they’re digital, you’ll only need access to your notetaking app to use them, meaning you won’t have to carry them around with you.

Digital planners also offer more flexibility and customization, as you can use different templates and layouts to set it up in a way that works best for you. Since digital planners come in a .PDF file, they’re also printable, so you can even use them as a paper planner.

But, there are downsides to digital planners, too. Most importantly, you’ll need to invest in an iPad or tablet if you don’t already own one. And as mentioned above, it may be easier to lose focus and get distracted when using a screen.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

What are digital stickers?

Digital stickers are image files that are used in the same way you’d use regular stickers in a paper planner.

GoodNotes was the first notetaking app to make stickers easy to use with their Elements Tool, which allows you to save these images to the toolbar for reuse. Other notetaking apps also support stickers, but they may handle them differently.

Many of the digital planners on our list include a sticker pack, and we even have a few freebies available that you can easily import into your notetaking app.

How do I get started using a digital planner?

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide which PDF planner to purchase.

Depending on the planner you choose, you may need to use a dashboard to select your preferred setup and layout to download your planner.

Next, you’ll need to import the PDF to your notetaking app. Each app handles this a little differently, but most have an import button that you’ll use.

Most planners include instructions on how to navigate through the download and importing process. The instructions should also show you how to access any extras included and how to use the planner once you’ve added it to your preferred app.

How does navigation work with PDF planners?

PDF planners usually offer two different types of navigation.

Tabs along the side or top of each page will take you to the available sections of the planner, including tabs for each month and specialty categories.

Hyperlinks are also commonly used throughout the planner to take you directly to specific pages.

Keep in mind that hyperlinks only work when you’re in “read-only” mode. They are usually disabled in “edit” mode so that you can write and mark up your planner without accidentally hitting a link and jumping to a different page.

Use the hyperlinks to navigate to the page you need, and then switch back to “edit” mode to start planning.

Where can I shop for digital planners?

Search the internet for digital planners, and you’ll find a few options available on dedicated websites.

If you’re looking for a good variety of digital planners to peruse and compare, Etsy is your best bet.

You’ll find hundreds of options, and many designers will have other offerings as well, such as extra sticker books, templates, journals, and more.

What about digital planning apps?

PDF planners aren’t the only available digital planners out there. You can also choose to use a specific planner app.

Some of the most popular planner apps include:

You’ll need to check compatibility with your devices, as many of them may only work on newer versions of the iPad operating system. Some may even offer cross-compatibility with your iPhone or Apple Watch and sync across devices.

If you don’t need a full-blown planner, you can also find apps that are designed as task managers, bullet journals, and more.

What else do I need for digital planning?

Digital planning takes a lot of time and effort, so we’d recommend you use the Paperlike.

Writing on a glass surface can be a pain as your stylus slips and slides. Our screen protector adds friction and stroke resistance to make it feel just like writing on paper.

Not only is this much more comfortable, but it also helps you keep your handwriting neat and precise.

To reduce hand fatigue, you might also want to check out our Pencil Grips. The Maximum Comfort grip is the perfect accessory for long writing and planning sessions.

#alt#An image of the Paperlike Planner floats on a blue background.

Pick up the Paperlike Planner today!

Now that you know all about digital planning and your options, it’s time to get started!

If you’ve never used a planner before, we’d recommend trying out the Paperlike digital planner. It’s simple and easy to use, and it’s free.

And don’t forget, you can get our whole set of five digital planners (10, if you count light and dark modes) for free with any Paperlike product purchase through the end of January 2023.

We’ll also be releasing more digital goodies soon, so sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about future releases.

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