Cleaning Kit (1st Generation)

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Wash your hands as much as you like; over time, your iPad screen collects grime and hand-oils like a magnet.

This is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. As long as you clean it from time to time, that is.

A mild, soapy solution and a microfiber towel are what you need. But you never seem to have it at hand when you happen to think about cleaning your iPad. If that's you (it's definitely us), then the Paperlike Cleaning Kit is precisely what you need: a super portable accessory that fits in your bag, pocket or iPad sleeve.

The compact design includes all you need for a clean on-the-go: a microfiber-wrapped spray bottle with cleaning liquid, protected by a hardshell case. Just spritz, wipe and enjoy your spotless display.

Archive Sale: We recently developed a second generation of our Cleaning Kit with some improvements; most notably, it's now refillable. This first version cleans just as well. It's just as portable but won't last you as long, which is good enough if you don't use your iPad so much that you need to clean it every other day.

Grab this deal and finally start cleaning your iPad.

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Keep your Paperlike operating in peak condition with the Paperlike Cleaning Kit!

Our all-in-one cleaning kit is the perfect solution for any digital creative.Our specialized cleaning mixture is designed to quickly remove dirt, dust, oil, or grime from all electronic devices. This is critical for Paperlike users because dirt and dust can reduce the stroke resistance provided by our screen protector.

But our cleaning kit doesn't stop there. You can also use it to clean your iPad and all other electronic devices. Our kit is designed for maximum portability. The hard shell casing secures the all-in-one microfiber spray bottle and cleaning solution, making it easier than ever to maintain a clean screen anywhere, anytime.

It’s the perfect solution for any digital creative.

Do your best work with Paperlike.

  • Quickly removes dust, grime, and skin oils
  • Safe for all electronic devices
  • Features all-in-one portable container
  • Dries quickly and leaves no lasting residue
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains no harmful chemicals

  • 1x All-in-one microfiber spray bottle (cleaning solution inside) + hardshell casing

Can I use the Cleaning Kit on any screen?

Yes! We use an alcohol-free formula for our cleaning solution formulated to remove dust, grime, and fingerprints that’s safe for any electronic device.

How to clean surfaces

Take the inner Cleaning Kit out of the milky white hull. Point the Kit with the fluid opening towards the surface you want to clean. Press the pump-spray head to release a dose of misty cleaning fluid. Now turn the Cleaning Kit at a 90° angle and use the cloth surface to distribute the fluid evenly over the surface. Be firm but don't press too hard. Lastly, turn the Kit to use one side that is not wet to clean up excess liquid. Your screen should look brand-new; well done.

For more in depth FAQs on our Cleaning Kit, please visit our Help Centre


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sara Nevado (Madrid, MD, ES)

Quite good

Shelly O’Neill (Greytown, WGN, NZ)
Great all-in-one cleaner.

I love this cleaning kit. Brilliant design. Great alternative to disposable wipes or the micro fibre cloth I can never find when I need it.



Natalie (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Simple and effective

The cleaning kit works well on my paperlike screen protector. Certainly no smudges and easy to use.

'Simple and effective' is the best way to describe Paperlike's Cleaning Kit.

Esmée M (Croydon, ENG, GB)
Excellent cleaning device

A handy excellent cleaning device%2C easy to use%2C fits in your pocket or bag easily. Cleans device surface well.

The Cleaning Kit makes for the best on-go tool.