Welcome to the paper-feel!

For the new instruction guide for the Paperlike 2 with Nanodots, please visit use paperlike com.

How to apply the Paperlike and some tips.

iPad without home-button (3rd Gen 2018 iPad Pro models):

iPad with home button:

We're working on a blogpost about the best environments to apply the Paperlike on the iPad. Our initial tip: Do it in the bathroom after a hot shower, the vapor takes down all the dust particles!

I hope the application went well! If not, please have a look at the troubleshooting page here: Troubleshooting Page

What to do next?

Now that you've applied your Paperlike you can start enjoying your iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil in a completely new and natural way!

Write a daily digital Journal

I personally write in my journal every day and it's a joy to review a year digitally. No more notebooks everywhere, which are impossible to search. Have a look at the free Interactive 365-Day Digital Journal that we created. It has made digital journalling even more enjoyable.

Try going paperless in case you haven't already!

Tom Solid of the paperless movement has written an ebook in which he shows how to successfully go paperless using the iPad and Apple Pencil. With the discount code "Paperlike" you'll get 15% discount on the ebook. We've even got a favourite chapter - #4 - You'll see why. 😄  It's a great resource no matter if you're an experienced paperless user like me or this is a completely new subject for you.

The best apps to enjoy the paper-feel:

The iPad's value is not just the awesome hardware you get in your hands, but what you can do with it! With the Paperlike you've added a natural roughness to the screen that will feel awesome when using the Apple Pencil. So here my favourite Apps that according to our customers become like a completely new app when adding the intuitive paper-feel. My tip is just get all of them no matter what they cost, and try them out.

Handwritten Notes:

GoodNotes is great for taking notes and being able to search these afterwards. I've used it for years and one time I was searching for an unrelated note I found a much older note that was relevant to the project I was just about to start. 

Notability is perfect for when you go to class and want to take notes of what's being taught. With the audio-capture-feature and most recently handwriting recognition you'll be able to play back what was said and the special part is that when you tap on a part of the note, the recording will skip to the moment in which the note was written. Perfect for those times you don't know what that unrelated word in the note meant.

Drawing and sketching:

Procreate is by far the most complete digital drawing app. You can expand its capabilities by for example adding brushes and so much more. It's so extensive that I'd definitely recommend having a look at at least one tutorial depending on what your field is. Here a tutorial for hand lettering and some awesome brushes for lettering that we love.

Concepts is a design and sketching app for anyone who does product design, architecture and illustration. It‘s specialty is blending raster with vector graphics. Every element of your sketch is adjustable as it‘s vector-based in an infinite canvas with unlimited layers. You can also drag vector objects into your sketch, and export and share high-resolution drawings on-site. So all in all, if your thing is design or architecture this is the app to go for!

ShadowDraw is what you need if you are a beginner in drawing like me (Jan). With this app, you'll learn from experienced artists and you will be able to follow their each step while they draw. I for sure had many unexpected "AHA!" moments, and enjoy practicing new drawings.

Annotating Documents

LiquidText has an awesome concept for annotating PDF files. When opening a file you'll be able to do handwritten notes next to the text, and link comments to the document. Exporting these notes, and reviewing them afterwards also works like a charm. Great for a research-setting.

PDF Expert is a more traditional take to the editing of PDF-Files. It works as you'd expect it to, and is perfect for a work-setting.

Further Hardware Upgrades

TabStrap it's a handmade holder & stand for iPad, which you can use to carry, as a stand or drawing base. Made of merino wool and leather, it is an awesome upgrade for the iPad.

KHOMO iPad enclosure is perfect for carrying the iPad and Apple Pencil.

Did I miss any awesome app you can't live without when using your iPad Pro? or do you have any feedback on this page? Then don't hesitate to write us directly @ hello@paperlike.com. We read every message we get and we'll get back to in no time. 😄

Jan Sapper - Paperlike creator