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Love it

I've been using Paperlike for over a month and I have no complains. Just praise.
I love the matte texture and anti-glare of Paperlike. Makes my iPad look even slicker than it does without it.
I enjoy the added grip it provides to the apple pencil. It's just enough resistance that it doesn't feel like writing on glass.

It is “paperlike”

I’ve tried so many different screen protectors to fine perfect one ever since i got my i pads. always failed. But this is it! I’m glad I found paperlike. It works just perfectly. Thank you!!

Perfect for writing notes

Feels like I'm writing on paper! Also arrived much sooner than I expected which is always a great bonus.

Grateful for developing the PaperLike

Dear Jan, I am very grateful that you have developed the PaperLike. I am writing my books and articles with a Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen and always experience the flowing of my thoughts when handwriting. I could not produce the same experience with the Apple pen because the surface of the iPad Pro did not give enough resistance to be in control. But now with the PaperLike I really approach the Montblanc feeling. Even the sound of the Apple pen on the surface is the same as writing on paper. And the big advantage is: I can now write anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Again: My sincere appreciation for developing this product. I wish you and your team all the success with your company!


It feels 10000% better to draw on my iPad with this protector, I absolutely love it.

Like Paper

After watching several review movies on YouTube I had to try it for myself. I bought the Paperlike for my iPad Pro 11 inch. Applying the Paperlike is really easy just follow the instructions. And the usage yes it is as great as people say. Writing, drawing even editing movies or photos feels more accurate due to little paperlike resistance you experience when using your pencil.

My iPad is my go-to notebook for work, so I use it heavily for writing. In my spare time I use it for doodling in ProCreate, video-editing in LumaFusion and photo editing in Affinity Photo. As such I consider my self at least as a above average user of the iPad.

All in all I’m really happy that I tried the product for my self, it gives that little extra protection for your screen whitest feeling like you are writing on paper.


Just as good as promised

Really easy to apply to the iPad. Reduces fatty fingermarks. A nice surface for writing and drawing.

Great product

I love this screen protector! I use my IPad to take notes on a daily basis, and this screen protector works exactly as advertised...it’s like writing on paper. I couldn’t be happier. Quick delivery to Calgary, easy installation with excellent instructions.
Would highly recommend everyone get this for their iPad!

Nice protector, great service, 1 big downside

I really like the screen protector and the looks of it creating a matte screen in stead of the high gloss screen of the iPad. Moreover the service provided by Paperlike is just phenomenal. If anything goes wrong with the application of the screen protector you can just apply for a replacement, free of charge.

There is however one downside. The screen protector seems to 'scratch' a bit with the Apple Pencil. It looks like writing on an old notepad where you've written with a ballpoint pressing through to the next paper. This is quite visible to me when i look at my screen on a 45 degree angle. I don't know what causes this 'scratching' but it is there.

Hi Sybe, Thanks for your feedback. The scratching really shouldn't happen. Have you changed the tip of your Apple Pencil recently?
Very good quality

I’ve had other screen protectors in the past which either made the screen look cheap, or we’re impo to put on. This screen protector was really easy to place, it doesn’t feel like plastic, won’t shatter like glass protectors. The paper feel is definitely different but in a good way. I would definitely buy again and hope they come out with a variety for iPhones.

Very pleased

Great tactile feedback while writing notes and drawing diagrams. Very pleased with the results, fitting isn’t difficult but you need to do it a clean environment.

Paper Like Review

Very satisfied with paperLike. Nearly fees like writing on paper. Anti reflective screen protector is very good and strongly needed.


Thanks for the prompt delivery - product is exactly as advertised.


I purchased the paperlike after seeing someone in a lecture with a matte screen protector and I had initially looked at those but found nothing. The first thing that popped up when I searched this time was paperlike. The price was very good and free shipping even better, as shipping often costs more than the purchase and it also arrived earlier than I was expecting. I installed it and wow it's exactly the feel I wanted. I cannot wait to use my iPad in lectures and have a more enjoyable notetaking experience. I am very thankful for the revolutionary application guides for it was quite a snug fit on my iPad. Thank you so much for this product.

Really good product!

The best screen protector for the iPad in the market.

I have not received the product yet

I have not received the product yet

HI Graziele, Thanks for leaving a review! Have you contacted our support team yet? Perhaps your package got lost in transit and we would be more than happy to send you a replacement ASAP. Kind regards, your PaperLike Team
Nice silk like surface, good for writing

PaperLike gives you iPad display a silk like surface which gives you a good feeling to write on. I use it since two weeks and like it.

it's very good

Like it

Like it very much! And I'm going to buy the third one!

Name of company says it all, IT-IS-LIKE-PAPER

Sure it isn’t paper, but the resistance....the feel.....its great.
-Fingerprint magnet NO MORE (sure some smudges get on, but not as much as with no protector.
-Feel of the pencil on this is amazing, gives you the needed travel (no slips)
-Feel of me touching it isn’t bad either!

-I need a robot in the box to put this damn screen protector on (yes I applied right on 2nd try)

A great product, and with all the marketing, its a great hit. I liked writing on my Ipad, but it just felt like it slips a lot. With this, it felt right...
Oh and also, THIS PROTECTOR HAS THE SENSOR CUT OUT. No worry that FaceID is blocked by a electronic store screen protector that costs near double PaperLike.

Great job to the team, and much love from Illinois. Was waiting excitedly to find it at my door.

Terrific addition to the iPad

The PaperLike screen protector makes the iPad *much* more usable with the Apple Pencil, as it feels significantly more like writing on paper than a slippery glass surface.

Very happy with this product!

Bought this for better feel when using the pencil. It has absolutely met my expectations. The installation video and methodology used to ensure a precise placement are both great.

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Like it but don't love it.

It does give a paperlike feel. However it somewhat compromised on display quality. Nonetheless, it's a liveable compromise. Thanks paperlike.