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Great again!! :)

Fulfilling my iPad Pro

So nice to get the feeling of paper. I can only recommend the Paperlike.
The instructions provided is easy.

Great Film for iPad at all

It comes twice. I never think I have to use the second one until the GoPro fall down to the screen!! My lucky that I have the second film from Paperlike. This save my time too much.
Also the Paperlike 2 is better than existing one. It brighter and very good for watching the video. It still paper feeling as the same version 1.
I give them 5 stars

Totally worth it

Really glad that I made this purchase . Really kind services and everything !
It’s really close to paper feel and I do enjoy drawing on my iPad now !
Go get it

Great Product, Not-So-Great shipping

After many reviews, I purchased my own screen protector. What really drew me in was the matte finish, less fingerprints, and more friction. Wow it has a lot of friction. I’m a student, and I used my iPad previously with the pencil without a screen protector and it was fine as long as I cleaned the screen every day or every other day. However, now I won’t have to. I can’t get enough of the sound. I do need to get used to the feel though, as I have been writing on glass previously. I also managed to apply it with minimal dust particles (five or six) and I removed them all pretty easily. The downside is that they did not ship me helper stickers to open the screen protector with. I had to use tape. Also, shipping was two weeks longer than they advertised, which was a bummer. Other than that, great product! Can’t wait to continue using it!


It feels good and was surprisingly easy to apply. Makes handwriting and drawing feel a bit more natural.

Really great stuff!

I bought this screen protector hoping it would be good... but it is much, much, better!!!!
It does what it says on the tin... it feels close to paper. Thank you for a great product and service.


very happy and service at the top congratulations to the paperlike team I really recommend

Nice Product, Excellent Customer Service

For the product, it is nice. It makes writing much more neater and easier. Only one improvement can be made: make the screen much clearer instead of blurred.

For the shipping time, it is within the range that they mentioned on the website.

For the customer service, excellent. There is adequate after service. They solve every problem that I faced after receiving the products instead of leaving me alone cause I have already paid the money.

It’s worth it! Worth to buy!

iPad Screen Protector

The best one yet!

Product came as advertised, on time without any damage. Fits perfectly! Love it

I love

I love the feel and the non glare. The instructions and service I got from the staff is excellent. Mine was bent by the mailman and Paperlike said No problem and sent me a replacement. I have finally installed it and love it. I have used the previous version and I liked that too but the version 2 is better.

nothing clever just the review

To be honest I really struggled with this decision to buy a matte screen protector, am new to technology even newer to electronic note taking but watched a lot of reviews online and read up on it as well, am on disability so every penny counts, but when I finally made the decision to buy one I wanted to buy the best so bought Paperlike and when it finally got here went to a dust free environment to put it on, watched your video and followed the directions and it was a lot easier than expected. And to be honest it wasn’t love at first try, had been using my iPad Pro since I got it in October for school(Yeshiva) and got so used to writing on the glass that when I tried the Paperlike the texture, the roughness it was surprising and at first I didn’t like it, but after a second try and I knew what to expect I find it exactly as advertised in helping me write with more control, clearer not skipping across the page and now on the fourth day I don’t notice what at first bothered me and enjoy it and my notes are much neater and clearer, thanks

Very good paperlike feel

I received it a bit late due to holiday season but I was really happy when I received it. The application video is very clear and useful and the process itself is very simple. At first, I wasn’t really satisfied because obviously the screen looks a bit different. There is a slight grain sensation which I didn’t like. But some hours later I couldn’t feel that, instead there are no longer bothering brights on the screen. As for the paperlike sensation, for me is even better than paper. Drawing on my ipad has become so smooth and confortable. Watching series is also perfect and writing documents too. The only thing is that the protector seems slightly scratched from the very beggining of usage. However you can only see it with the screen off and looking carefully at it. To sum up I will say that in the end the experience has been very satisfactory. I am pretty happy with the product for the moment. I haven’t had any other protector before so I cannot compare them. Depending on the durability (they offer 2 protectors for 34€) I would possitively value the price. If it does, even if it might seem expensive, it is worth the purchase. (I got the v2)

Tausendmal besser!

Wow, das ist wirklich ein enormer Unterschied zur glitschigen harten Ipad Oberfläche! Ich bin begeistert! Habe mir das Ipad als mobile Möglichtkeit zum Illustrieren gekauft, da ich sonst auf einem Wacom zeichne, war aber völlig unglücklich mit der Haptik. Mit Paperlike ist die Haptik so was von tausendmal besser !

Makes such a difference

The feel when writing with paperlike is amazing. I was really disjointedness with the glassy feel when I bought my iPad and considered returning it until I got this. Made such a difference to my note taking experience.

One thing I would say is make sure you follow the installation instructions and watch the video before install. I messed up my 1st one (my own fault).


Great! Highly recommended!

Good Product

I ma pretty happy with my Paperlike, although I am sure that there will be a “version 3”. There is room for improvement. Keep it up!

Absolutamente satisfecho

Quiero destacar en primer lugar la seriedad y el celo profesional del equipo Paperlike, cuyo servicio y atención solo puedo calificar de excelente. Hubo un problema con mi pedido, pero antes incluso de emitir una queja, ya me habían enviado no uno, sino dos de repuesto.

Con respecto al producto, tras un par de días de uso ya no me haría sin él. Sin duda es el mejor complemento para el Apple pencil. Aparte del efecto protector, el tacto al escribir y dibujar es prácticamente el mismo que nota la man9 al hacerlo sobre papel real.

Estoy absolutamente satisfecho con la compra y por supuesto que lo recomiendo sin temor a equivocarme.

Muchas gracias de nuevo al equipo Paperlike.

OMG!!!! It's amazing

This is the best screen protector I have ever used. Trust me! You will not know how good it is until you really get one and writes on it!

Nice feel!

I received my Paperlike yesterday and I am really happy about having it!
The feel is absolutely the same with the classic paper and it helps me having more stable hand in ad hoc writing.

Best Screen Protector

I love it so much! I won't feel slippery when writing notes on the iPad anymore. And my writing looks much better compared to using the normal screen protector.


i love this product so much !!! it finally arrived after a month, but it is definitely worth the wait. i was so excited when it arrived. i applied it right away, thanks to your helpful tutorial🥺 i highly recommend it especially if you’re an artist or you take notes on your ipad. it gives that little extra grip like u get on paper to cover that slipperiness of the screen. i love this product!! i also appreciate your service so much super friendly, helpful and professional. providing that journal helped a lot too hehe thank you !!!

Very good but shipment

It's indeed amazing. Changed my whole experience with the iPad. Reason for 4 stars and not 5: I ordered on the 16th of December to Switzerland and received it on 7th of January. So almost 3 and a half weeks to ship from Germany to Switzerland. Even Aliexpress is faster and on the information page it says max 1 week to Europe. That's my only complain.

Feels good, but the light reflection is really annoying

Feels really nice, still not to the point of writing with the ease of on paper but it is much better than the iPad surface. I am very satisfied with it nevertheless. The light reflection is annoying, as the diffraction of the light from the screen. I write a lot, so it is worth it, you get used to the bad image quality, but the reflections from the ambient light are really bothering me when working, almost in no light conditions the screen is perfectly visible without reflection being there. Again, worth it if you take a lot of notes, but light reflection should definitely be worked on...