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Einfach toll!! Great!!

Ich bin wirklich begeistert. Jetzt macht das Schreiben/Zeichnen auf dem iPad erst richtig Spaß.

I´m really impressed!! With "PaperLike" makes writing on an iPad much more fun.

PS: Leider habe ich bei der ersten Folie nicht die Anleitung angesehen ;-(
Mit Video. Anleitung und der zweiten Folie hat es dann perekt funktioniert!

So happy with my purchase!

I was skeptical of a screen protector interfering with the Apple Pencil capability, but after using this for a few days I don't notice a difference. Really helpful video to learn how to apply the protector and great matte look that makes the iPad look sleek. I love the anti-glare feature and while the texture took some getting used to I am loving this screen protector and very happy with my purchase! Definitely recommending it to all my friends that also use their iPads to take notes and study!

So pleased with the results

I’m glad I tried PaperLike instead of another type of matte protector. From start to finish PaperLike’s customer service was helpful and fast answering my concerns about customs invoicing and assisting when my postal office made mistakes. I can tell they really care about each individual order!

I put a few hours research into deciding which matte screen protector to order for iPad Pro. So I became familiar with some types of feedback on PaperLike. A recurring note is the PaperLike dulls the screen/colours. However, I find this effect to be extremely minimal. Perhaps if you use your iPad mostly for watching videos or for highly sensitive photo editing requiring crystal clarity Retina display, this effect would be more noticeable. But my primary use for iPad is illustration software. So I find the finish and reduced glare very pleasant. The colour banding or diffused colour pixelation mentioned by some is only visible if I hold the iPad extremely close- but nobody should be holding their screen 4” from their eyes to be so aware of that effect.
The texture is beautiful. My Apple Pencil doesn’t slip or skid mid-stroke anymore. The surface has enough tooth that it feels just like paper, not like slick glass. It also has the extra benefit of freeing the movement of my hand when it rests on or touches the surface. My hand used to stick to the bare glass surface. But I was pleasantly surprised my hand moves freely now with PaperLike applied.
I was watching to see if PaperLike’s thickness would interfere with pressure sensitivity, because I have a very light stroke already, but I was happy to find I don’t need to increase pressure to get the same results as before. It’s also a reassurance that if/when my Apple Pencil nib wears down, I won’t accidentally scratch the glass screen surface. I’d much rather replace a screen protector than the hardware.

I’m really happy with the improvements PaperLike makes to my illustration experience. I highly recommend trying it!

Amazing Texture

Makes the Apple Pencil moving across the screen feel like a ballpoint on paper.

Love it

Huge fan, love that the screen protector also blocks glare from the light


Perfect for my needs! Attached: “MusiCAR”, from my “Car/tunes” series


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

easy to apply, good quality

it's not too hard to apply, and the texture is good for drawing. I'm happy to get it.

PaperLike Purchase

The film was easy to put on. At 1st I noticed the texture when watching videos, but after a few hours I didn't notice it any more. When using the I-Pen I find that it makes writing a lot better because it has something to grip while gliding across the screen. I will purchase another set when these wear out.


It's a great cover, thanks!


The application kit is smaller than others I have tried, making it more difficult to install. Once it’s on though (and to your liking), it’s an excellent product.


paper Like appears to bed what I expected. I am very satisfied.

Amazing product !

The pose is very simple, explanations very clear, and the feeling "paper" is very nice to draw and do lettering. Thank you !
It's exactly what I needed as visual facilitator, I love it ! I highly recommend.

Great quality but changes the sreen color

Die Folienhaptik finde ich super, auch die Qualität! Das Erklärvideo ist großartig und ich habe ohne Probleme die Folie anbringen können. :) Ich finde es nur schade, dass die Folie das Bild so krisselig macht.

Apple Pencil scratches the screen easily?

It was supposed to arrive in 4 weeks but it arrived in 3 which was awesome. it had a dent on the upper left but it didn't affect the experience.

I love how clear it is compared to other matte screen protectors as well as how nice the surface is.

My only cons here is the apple pencil scratches the screen very easily?

Excellent tactic feedback when writing!

Writing experience never has been better on my iPad. I have had various matte finish screen protectors from popular brands and I feel this is the true companion for your Apple Pencil.

As advertised

I won't talk about applying the film, which is easy once you follow the instructions. The PaperLike film itself really makes it 90-95% like the experience of writing on paper. This has upped my note-taking game so no regrets for me. Sure, it adds a bit of noise to the display but I prefer that than having the glare. Was able to enjoy some movies properly on the train. Plus, knowing that it's not a permanent thing kind of makes any downside - however insignificant compared to the fact that the writing is rendered way more pleasant - more tolerable for me. All in all, great purchase!

It’s paper like

I really like the PaperLike screen protector although it isn’t exactly like writing on paper it is a huge improvement over my old glass protector. I can now hear my pen gliding over the iPad and feel that I have a lot more control over it. This helps me to write more precisely and effectively.

I really like it.

Thank you PaperLike! :)


Gives a very good paper experience on ipad screen.

Enjoying writing with the product

Great product. Arrived promptly. I wish on the video though they had shown a sticker on the sheet (the same as it arrives with) or that I’d watched the video the whole way through! I ended up with some bubbles when I applied the cover. But great protector for the screen and nice feel for writing on. Thanks


I just applied my paper only minutes after it came in the mail!!! I could not be happier!! It transformed using my Apple Pencil and my iPad Pro!!! I’ll never go back!! Thank you!!

When writing or drawing slowly (most of the time) does not feel like paper

When writing or drawing slowly (most of the time) does not feel like paper. But id does reduce picture quality.


The package arrived little later than I expected (7 days instead of 4) but the communication with the customer support was excellent. I went through the video how to apply it - very helpful - I made it at the first attempt with just 2 very small bubbles that are not a problem at all. And still I have second piece for the future.

The writing experience is excellent, cleaning once in 14 days is enough.

Fully recommend!

Shockingly Good!

In 15 years of online shopping; I've never left a product review. BUT - this simply DESERVES it. At last, a product that actually delivers on it's description. The matt finish is great. Makes reading books etc more pleasurable (looks like paper) and is much easier on the eye. As for writing with the Apple pencil? Well, simply put, it now really feels like a pencil. Not a pen, a pencil. That perfectly light "scratch" to the pencil drag that provides realistic haptic feedback. Finally, I'm truly paperless. 10/10.

great product. great video

this is my second purchase. the first time i struggled. but this time i followed the new video with the side stickers and got it on perfectly with no, yes no bubbles. love it!