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Fantastic screen protector, wouldn’t use anything else!

Paperlike Screen Protector

Paperlike provides friction to the screen, now I write and draw more comfortably on the iPad!

A wonderful product, that will make you feel like you`re still on traditional medium

To be honest, at first I was afraid that it might be only really good marketing, and that somehow I won`t enjoy drawing on iPad as much as I hoped. So so so glad that I was completely wrong :D. Paperlike`s texture is amazing, it creats such a wonderful synergy between your pencil`s grip and the screen. It creats such a harmonious experience that makes drawing more enjoyable. I couldn`t resist and I had to buy another pack <3! The price is really ok for the quantity and quality, also durability.

Great product

Really great for art. Love the feel and texture of it. Absolutely worth the price! <3

Ipad pro screen protector

My wife is so happy and i am thinking of buying for myself (as I have an older ipad pro version, i cannot use the extra one i bought for my wife)


very good

Very nice

I love it so much. With this my hand doesn't stick to the screen and its much nicer to use the iPad pencil.

Brilliant customer service

I want to say a massive thank you to the paper like team for their incredible customer service! I had some problems with my order but the team went above and beyond to make it better. I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be recommending them to all of my friends.

Love it!

Feels very paperlike indeed. Also enjoyed the packaging. Thumbs up!!!

Best gift of 2021!

My daughter asked me to get her a PaperLike screen protector for her new iPad Pro we got her for her birthday. Picturing her iPad scratched from her pen, and the usual wear and tear, I figured I’d be a responsible parent. Then she told me how great it is to draw on her iPad. Life-changing, in fact. She’s able to get the right pressure and strokes with her creations. When a teenager tells you they’re grateful, take this as a HUGE compliment! Thanks PaperLike!

Great Screen Protector

I used to write on iPad for notetaking. After two months, there are several scratches on the screen, but the screen protector offers great touch when writing, and I enjoy it a lot. I will recommend it to people who never used Paperlike screen protector.

So easy to install and make writing so much easier on the ipad

the installation video was so good - and easy to follow. the packaging was minimal and sleek. the paperlike itself made the writing experience so much better I was so impressed.

Great - Best for drawing

Amazing for drawing, gives a true paper feel!! Extremely worth the money!

My Paperlike IPad Screen Protector.

I am very satisfied with my Paperlike IPad Screen Protector. I find it very useful and it really protects the screen. I am very glad I have it.

Title is fine

Have just started to learn how to actually use it but like the way it fits on my ipad.

Screen Protector for iPad

the best screen protector and much more

I purchased Paperlike in search of a quality screen protector with matte finish that would diminish the picture quality of my iPad screen. Not only does Paperlike do all these things, it is also extremely resistant to fingerprints and adds a sweet texture, which provides the perfect tactile surface for the Apple Pencil. Well done.

Screen Protector for iPad

Great product. Love the feel of the paperlike. Makes it easier to use the iPad pencil


Great screen protector

Quality of the Surface

The application of the Paperlike surface on my iPad Air (4th Gen.) was a huge improvement to the iPad's glass surface, but it isn't the same as paper. That being said, I will not use my iPad without the Paperlike.

It’s the best

I’ve tried other writing screen protectors. The Paperlike has an excellent installation process, and the surface is unbeatable. I write a lot on my iPad, both for teaching and for keeping notes, and it has improved my writing experience _a lot_.

I love it

The perfect sensation when I write and draw !

Probably the best screen protector you can get if you use an Apple Pencil

Bought one for wife and she loves using it for her artwork. Go for it. You don’t buy them every year.

Best for drawing on iPad

It isn‘t what I expected. It‘s so much more. 😎 Great

Smooth, paper feeling with a fine balance of display quality.

Paperlike has a great user experience. It feels almost the same as writing on paper. It is also a more pleasurable experience to browse the web with it. It gives the display a nice contrast without reducing the color quality of my iPad Pro 12.9