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HUGE upgrade with Paperlike 2

Not only is the graininess of the version 1 matte look virtually gone, but the resistance when writing with Apple Pencil is even better... this will mark the end of the pen/paper era.

new writing experience

received my paperlike2 this weekend and am totally satisfied with this new feeling writing on the iPad (iPad Pro 9.7). It´s a lot more fun and writing became more smooth and crisp at the same time. Give it a try!

Parperlike V2

Overall good screen protector, definitely feels like writing on paper.

Exceeded my expectations!

Wow! Paperlike 2.0 was definitely worth the wait! Video tutorial on applying the protector was very thorough. I have the ipad pro and there’s no loss of quality either. Highly recommend this product. Very happy

iPad Screen Protector

Huge improvements from version 1

The paperlike version 2 is simply the best screen protector for artists and students. It has improved my accuracy with my Apple Pencil, and gives me the feeling like I’m writing on paper. The version 2 also does not affect the clarity of the iPad much at all, and it is amazing.

Hello McFly - Not worth ‘upgrading’

Honestly, doesn’t feel much different to Paperlike 1.0. Not worth the ‘upgrade’ in my opinion, and it feels like it attracts dust and bits of detritus more than the old one. Also a real phaff to put on without attracting multiple bubbles (seems like more so than the the first version). I wouldn’t be without a Paperlike screen protector. Love the ‘toothy’ feel when writing and drawing, but if you already have version 1.0, then honestly, I’m not sure I’d bother.

Thanks for your review and we're sorry the PaperLike wasn't for you! It is perfectly OK if that is the case. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you're unhappy with the PaperLike effect you get your full money back. Please write us an email to so that we can arrange a full refund for you.

Fast shipping and easy application. I really like the product!


Hi .. very positive experience .. was kept up to date and everything was well explained and product arrived as stated .. cheers


La sensación es excelente al dibujar o escribir.
Muy fácil de aplicar y el servicio muy bueno y personal.
Único punto negativo es que al dibujar quedan muchas marcas del lápiz.

Paper like feel

It’s truely is awesome. I have a few struggling with installing and scratches on the screen but overall great experience.

Fantastic product!

I love my new Paperlike. It is a joy to draw on and the application instructions were so clear and easy to follow. Thank you Jan!

Paperlike 1 is more durable!

There are improvements compared to Paperlike 1, e.g. surface felt good while writing and clarity has improved. However, the surface got scratched very easily. I’ve been using for a week, and it’s full of scratches now... It’s scratched to the point that I can see tiny speckles of green/red light all over the screen. This never happened to Paperlike 1.

Thanks for your review and we're sorry the PaperLike wasn't for you! It is perfectly OK if that is the case. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you're unhappy with the PaperLike effect you get your full money back. Please write us an email to so that we can arrange a full refund for you.
Feel like paper

If you use your iPad to draw you need this! Ever get numb hands or thumbs when writing on your iPad? You need this. Hate the slippery sensation of writing on glass? You got it... you need this!


It’s still a bit of a challenge to install though the instructions are beautiful. The finished product is fantastic. I will never own an iPad without a PaperLike screen.

Paperlike 2

Peperlike er akkurat som forventet. Skrivefølelsen er helt topp. Installasjonen av Paperlike gikk veldig fint pga fin instruksjons video.

A definite upgrade

Love the new texture on the Paperlike 2.0, it has the perfect grit to feel, well, like paper. It's making the transition between traditional and digital a lot easier. The only reason it gets 4 stars is because it got a little damaged in the mail. The protector got a little bent during transit, so there's a permanent bubble, but it doesn't really affect performance.


This. Is. What I was waiting for!
Last time I was using Paperlike I wished it was more rougher, more rigid. And the team did! And they also made it clearer!
Amazing. Good job. And thank you for a great product!

Best addition for handwriting on IPad

Works perfectly, exactly as described. Installation is a little bit tricky, but if you follow the installation video it works.

Thanks god it comes with two pieces

One set with two pieces is live saving! I fucked up with the first one but then got it we’ll set up one with the second one.

An upgrade

I have the 1st gen paperlike still attached when i backed this, love the 1st one, the only i dont like from the 1st one is it's make the screen quite grainy( not anoying but it is there), and they sure does remove this issue, also the 2nd gen surface is feels far more rougher, making its more "paper" like than the first gen, this product is essential for artist ,a must buy for those who wants to draw on ipad

Significant upgrade over v1

If you write or draw on your iPad screen using the Apple Pencil, the stock experience really isn’t very good. Too slick, not enough friction, give me hand cramps! PaperLike V1 was very good, but could have done with a little more friction and a way to reduce the ‘rainbow’ & blurring effect on the screen - it wasn’t bad, I didn’t mind it, but it was there. V2 is a remarkable achievement, as it, incredibly, addresses both of those. Well done Jan and team!


PaperLike 2 is THE BEST, it’s the screen protector I’ve been waiting for. The screen looks AMAZING, the Apple Pencil feel just PERFECT. If you have an iPad that’s compatible with an Apple Pencil, don’t think this twice and GET A PAPER LIKE 2

Paperlike is like paper!

I'm enjoying revised version of Paperlike! First off the application directions were excellent - and I'm not saying that I did a perfect job of it, but I'm pleased with the results! Drawing and writing on the Paperlike is a neat experience. I'm enjoying it - and I bet you will too!

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