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Love it!

Makes the iPad experience so much better.

Very cool

I’m a traditional artist set in traditional ways including oils, airbrushes, pen and pencils. I’m new to digital art and paperlike has made the experience fabulous. My first order was even lost in the mail and you guys sent another. I will definitely be back.

Amazing feel

As a creative person and artist I am amazed at the quality and the feel of the PaperLike!!! Definitely must have and recommendation to all creative professionals who work in the field of digital art 👍

Excelent screen protector.

Incredible feeling when using the Apple Pencil. The tip finds the adecuate resistance and feels like using a real paper. Also it protects your screen.

Excellent screen protector

After having applied the screen protector on 2 different iPad Pro 12.9-inch, I have to say the video tutorial was extremely helpful and the results of my application of the protector turned out excellent. The protection is very nice and the texture of the screen is still good. I'd say the only thing is that slight smudging happens pretty often, but if you wipe it off with a cloth it'll help reduce this.

PaperLike a must have for IPad & note taking...

PaperLike is “ paper like “. It does exactly what it says. It also protects my IPad Pro like no other. Thank you, PaperLike.


€29 for the product and €39 for shipping.. woow !!

Don't Want to Write Without It!

No comparison!!





Almost great

bought an ipad last week with a case especially for the apple pencil. immediately ordered a paperlike screen protector. after installing the screen protector, I wanted to put my case on it, but the case immediately printed the screen protector off. so now I have bought the case for nothing or the screen protectors.

The quality of te screen is great, but does not work with an case.

This is so good

i had a damaged one for a bigger ipad and used that one on my little ipad. Just to try it out first but I was directly sold. Now i have a bigger ipad pro myself and the first thing I did was order a new paperlike. And on the ipad pro it looks more clear to me and it’s awesome to draw and write on. And.... thanks to the wonderful tips that come with it, I applied it very easely, no bubbles and no dust... not done in the shower but in a clean kitchen and srayed the air with a plant spray first to capture flying dust 😉

Great product again... well done Jan

This is my second order and probably soon be a third on its way because the product is awesome!!! Whether artist, note taker or just doodling PaperLike rocks! Being in Singapore I have to wait 4-5 weeks for shipping is frustrating as I want to use it asap but that is the only minor downside (my impatience:-P)

Good but.....

I definitely love the feel of this screen protector under the pen BUT it does distort the view of the screen. The Screen almost appears pixelated which is a real shame when you pay for the excellent screen resolution of the iPad Pro only to have it hindered. I haven’t found it bad enough to remove the paperlike protector because the benefit of the feel of the pen outweighs the screen distortion however, if they could address this issue, I would be much more likely to purchase it again in the future.


I’m in love with this screen protector!! I was looking for a good screen protector for iPad 12.9in for a long time and this one is perfect for me!!!

Just a miracle

Now I may use my iPad to resolve sudokus and crosswords... I’m 99 and it’s magic for me

Really nice

Amazing change in feel

Absolutely delighted with my Paperlike on 2018 IPad Pro 12.9.
It has transformed my note taking experience - feels extremely natural now, and has me reaching for the iPad by default to take notes.
Very slight impact on visual quality, but not so much as to be distracting or annoying.

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Great Product

Love my PaperLike - it feel great with the Apple Pencil, adds a layer of protection to the screen and also makes the screen more visible in brightly lit locations. Makes the iPad Pro a great tool to work from - especially with the new iOS 13.

Also - thanks for the journal!

I'm glad but,

First I'll like to say that promises are here! The feeling is gorgeous, no reflection and extremely satisfying to use.
But there is two points I'd like to notice, first, this is not the most important but the packaging is quite inexistent (it can be part of their ecological policy), I received my product in a cardboard letter, and mine was torn...
Last but very not least, when I put it I noticed the white was not white anymore, I can see pixels, there is like blue red and green dots all over a white page, I was very disappointed... Maybe it is my fault but it is still very expansive if it makes us see pixels!

Really Paper Like

It’s exactly what I wanted. The texture, drag and feel is excellent for the way I work. Sketching, ideas developing, note taking for my visual arts practice are much better with Paperlike. I am sorry that the screen is a little blurry and the colours are not as bright through the screen but I am sure that you are working on that right now. Thanks.

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Great, not only for iPad, but also for any kind of unusable "Mirror"-Displays

A very useful product. I don't own an iPad, I cut it to fit a 12" "Mirror"-Touch-Screen of lenovo notebook, now this device is finaly usable. Working outside and inside without the glare. The same i did for a android-Tablet and a andorid-phone.


Amazing and amazing