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Best for Apple pencil

Loved it. Can't ask for more! ;)


I waited so long for it, but it was worth it. I like to use it. I love this feeling.

Made a great difference

This product is amazing! It’s transformed how I use my iPad and helped me reduce my actual paper use by 80%! It feels so natural to work on and the quality of the cover is amazing! Useful guides and great accessories! They have thought of everything! Great job guys!

write smoothly! And I will buy another one soon

Worth waiting for.

I love the friction/resistance the protector provides while im drawing and gliding my apple pen. Almost as if I’m drawing on an actual paper. Love the texture. Excellent product.

Easy to apply

Very easy to apply and absolute paper feel.

Good enough

Even when i had a brand new ipad, and cleaned it thoroughly it manages to get loose sometimes.

But the “paperlike” texture of the screen protector does feel good while drawing.

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Love it!

Using an apple pencil on my ipad without paperlike wasn’t as pleasant as I thought it’d be...
- I hated the sound of the pencil hitting the screen, everytime I lift the pencil and put it against screen again. (Sounds like nails tapping on glass)
- Unnatural feeling of writing/lack of friction.
With the paperlike screen protector, the tapping sound is much more pleasant and the friction it gives when using apple pencil feels nice.
At first I thought the “matte” filter would interfere with anything visual going on, but it was only noticable to start with. I’m used to it after a few weeks and it doesn’t bother me any longer.
Another concern was the usual “fingerprint”/dirty screen issue... and I like how it keeps the screen cleaner, than without paperlike. It’s less noticable and is easier to clean.
Customer service was great - I had waited 2 weeks, before I took contact, because I had not received anything(was a concern, since I live in the neighbour country of where it’s being shipped from). I got sent a new one and received it within a week!

Incredibile feeling

onnink90@outlook.com very good screen protector,the best one I ever try,perfect reactivity of Apple Pencil


I tried two different screen films, but this one is by far the best one.
Not as abrasive the one I bought from other vendor, so I assume it won't be devouring my nibs.

PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

Fantastic Customer Service

My order arrived with some damage and the Paperlike customer service responded promptly and appropriately. After watching the video a couple of times the paperlike was pretty easy to install. I love the way the paperlike feels on my ipad for drawing - it is a big wonderful change from the plain glass surface. I would definitely order from PAPERLIKE again. THANK YOU!

I like it!

Very easy to install, works well.

Paper like is just that

I absolutely love the real feel you get with this product on my iPad.

Great product

Thanks it’s great to draw with!


Very good screen protector and using the Apple Pencil is excellent.
Very little glare and very smooth to use and easy to clean.


Really great product

I’ve used other matte screen protectors for my iPad, but this one is different. It really does have a paper resistance to it and works great with the iPad pencil.


Paperlike was AMAZING at fixing our order when we received the wrong size. We love the new one, it's perfect! The added resistance on the surface makes it's much more comfortable to write. Highly recommend!

Amazing result! Tricky process

LOVE how it feels! Usually the screen is so slippery but now it feels like the pen is listening to me. However it was difficult to put on! I used the guides but it totally failed haha

I love it

The sound when I drawing is so satisfying and I can feel the texture! Also video tutorial was so helpful and what I like the most about PaperLike is that reflection on iPad screen is minimal.

Awesome product

Paperlike surpassed what I thought it was going to be, It gives you that feedback which helps you in the creation process.


Just like writing and sketching on traditional paper!

So good

So smooth

Paperlike Size Guide
Paperlike Size Compatible iPads
NEW iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018) - no home button
NEW iPad Pro (2018) 11" iPad Pro 11-inch (2018) - no home button
NEW iPad Mini 2019

iPad mini (2019), 5th generation

iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad 2018

iPad Pro 9.7-inch (2017)

iPad (2018), 6th generation

iPad 12.9" (with Home-Button)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017) - with home button

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015)

iPad 10.5" (Air 2019 & Pro 2017)

iPad Pro 10.5-inch (2017)

iPad Air (2019), 3rd generation

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