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What is Paperlike?

Paperlike is the ideal screen protector for digital creatives and professionals who want to draw and write on their iPad.

Our proprietary Nanodots surface technology provides a better tactile feel, increased stroke friction, and minimal light diffraction so that making art and taking notes on an iPad feels as natural as writing on paper.

Made for the iPad and Apple Pencil, Paperlike delivers the unforgettable feeling of real paper into your digital workspace.

An image of the Paperlike applied to an iPad with the Paperlike packaging below. The iPad displays a hand-drawn Paperlike logo.
Two images in a p-shaped frame enjoying using the Paperlike

Who loves the Paperlike?

Loved by iPad users around the globe, Paperlike is a fan favorite for digital artists, students, and business professionals.

Combined with powerful digital apps like Procreate, GoodNotes 5, Notability, ToDoist, and others, Paperlike is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to take their productivity and creativity to the next level.

Why join the Paperlike ambassador program?

Paperlike is a versatile product and we have audiences in a large number of user communities.

Whether you’re a pro notetaker, a digital artist, a tech enthusiast, or a productivity specialist, chances are high that you can find an overlap between your audience and Paperlike.

If you see that opportunity, a partnership can provide new ways to support your content and your community.

A collage of different images showing students and artists using Paperlike on their iPads
An image showing an iPad with a handwritten list of requirements to join Paperlike affiliate program like Paypal Account and Audience that aligns with Paperlike

What you need to join

Ready to partner with Paperlike? We are excited to hear from you! Here are a few details that will help you determine if we’re a good fit:


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  • A Paypal account for payment
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  • An audience that aligns well with the Paperlike brand


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  • A monetary percentage of every Paperlike sold through your affiliate link/code
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  • Potential collaboration and promotional opportunities with Team Paperlike

Still interested?

Join our program and promote alongside Ali Abdaal 🚀

"This is as close to a perfect screen protector for my treasured iPad as I can imagine"

Ali Abdaal

Some other known Paperlike ambassadors include:

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  • Daily Tekk
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  • Janice Studies
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  • Ergojosh
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  • and many more...

We will review your application and get back to you within 24 hours.

An image showing famous Youtuber Ali Abdaal smiling and holding his iPad with Paperlike applied and the Paperlike packaging up in his hands