The title card for a review of Noteshelf 3.
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Noteshelf 3 Review

Noteshelf is a fantastic, cross-platform compatible app for digital notetakers.  But how does it measure up in 2023? Here’s a closer look.

category_digital artThe blog post title card, which reads, “Apple Pencil Grips: Designed for Artists & Notetakers.”

Apple Pencil Grips: Designed with Love for Writers & Artists

Learn how the Paperlike Pencil Grips will transform the way you work with your Apple Pencil.

category_technologyIs the Apple Pencil Really Worth Buying?

Is the Apple Pencil Really Worth Buying?

Since 2015, the Apple Pencil has transformed the iPad into a platform for notetaking and digital art. But is the Apple Pencil really worth buying?

category_technologyPaperliker’s Holiday Gift Guide [2022]

Paperliker’s Holiday Gift Guide [2022]

The holiday season is upon us once again, and you know what that means: It’s time for the new Paperliker’s Holiday Gift Guide!

app reviewAdobe Fresco vs. Procreate (vs. Photoshop) [2022]

Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate (vs. Photoshop) [2022]

Adobe Fresco is Adobe’s answer to painting apps like Procreate. Learn how the two compare, when to use it, and how it’s different from Adobe Photoshop.

category_digital art21 Procreate Tips You Have to Know (2022 Update)

21 Procreate Tips You Have to Know (2022 Update)

If you're a busy digital creative, Procreate is one of the best drawing apps out there. But you probably don't have time to read through their ridiculously comprehensive handbook. So we did it for ...

app reviewProcreate vs. Photoshop

Procreate vs. Photoshop

In the world of digital art, two apps are definite standouts: Procreate and Photoshop for iPad. Both are powerful apps that have a lot to offer digital artists, but figuring out which app is right...