Use and Apply Paperlike

Learn how to easily apply the Paperlike and get the most out of the new screen protector for your iPad. We've created 2 ways to help you apply:

  1. Watch the application video with our founder Jan Sapper or,
  2. Follow the written Installation guide below.

Installation Guide - Step-by-Step

Before you start ... A pro tip

You’ll achieve the best result if you apply the Paperlike (or any other screen protector) in a dust-free environment. If you don’t live in a lab or the ISS, the next best thing is your bathroom, after a hot shower. The hot steam binds the floating particles, so they sink to the floor (that’s why your bathroom floor is dirty all the time).

Step 1 - Attach stickers

Place your Paperlike onto your iPad with side 2 facing up, and make sure the home-button or face-id are not being covered by the Paperlike. Then apply the guide-stickers on one side of the iPad, and the round sticker on the opposite side.

Step 2 - Align Paperlike on iPad

Center the Paperlike on your iPad and make sure it has the same distance from the edge on all sides. The easiest way to check this is to have a look at two opposing corners. If these have equal spacing compared to each other, then it’s perfect.

Step 3 - Secure guide-Stickers on iPad

While holding the Paperlike in place, stick the guide stickers to the iPad securely. Tip: stick part of the guide-sticker on the desk, then push the iPad sideways, which will apply the guide stickers on the back of the iPad.

Step 4 - Open the Paperlike like a door

Flip the Paperlike "open" - use the guide-stickers as hinge.

Step 5 - Use the wet wipe to clean the screen

Clean the iPad surface with a wet-wipe, make sure you remove all smudges.

Step 6 - Use the dust absorber to remove dust

Some dust particles may have collected on the screen while cleaning it. Remove all of them, and go to the next step as quickly as possible to avoid more dust from settling on the iPad screen.

Step 7 - Peel off side 1 (sticky side) protection foil

Remove side 1 (sticky side) in a quick upward movement. This reduces the risk of dust that collected on side 1, falling on the iPad screen.

Step 8 - Place the peeled Paperlike on your iPad

While pulling firmly, place the Paperlike on your iPad, don’t worry if you see big bubbles forming.

Step 9 - Push out air bubbles

Use a credit card (or similar) to push out the bubbles. "Catch" smaller bubbles with bigger ones and then push from the center to the edges.

Step 10 - The final and MOST important step.

Remove the side 2 protective layer while being careful not to remove the actual screen protector from the iPad.
Tip: Place a finger on the Paperlike while slowly peeling off the protective layer.

Congratulations you’re done! If you still have minor bubbles, no worries, most vanish in the next few days.


How to take good care of your Paperlike

Your Paperlike will improve your drawing and writing so long you take good care of it.In its very nature, the surface of your Paperlike is somewhat rough. That means more dirt and hand oils will stick on the screen than without. Fear not, this is no problem. Just clean your Paperlike regularly with a tiny bit of dishwashing soap and a damp towel (you can use the dry wipe included in each package).

Application complete?


Every Paperlike comes with our Digital Pro Journal included. Download it now and redeem your 100-Day Satisfatction Guarantee at the same time: