Textured Lettering Brush Set
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We've teamed up with the illustrious Shelly Kim, renowned lettering artist and creator of some of the finest Procreate brushes for letterers in the world.

The Textured Lettering Brush Set was inspired by Shelly's love of adding texture to her own lettering and art pieces. It features four distinct brushes (Strokes, Texture, Grain, and Abstract) that are perfect for your next lettering project.

"I had so much fun creating these brushes and I hope when these brushes are being used, they spark creativity and a desire to create!" - Shelly Kim

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Shelly Kim (@lettersbyshells)

Shelly Kim is a self-taught lettering artist and the creator of Letters By Shells.

In 2015, Shelly discovered lettering as a creative outlet and a way to release stress from her full-time job. At first, her main goal was to decorate her work cubicle with positive affirmations. That goal evolved, however. One year later, Shelly left her full-time job to pursue art full-time.

That's when she made it a mission to use her artwork and lettering to express love and positivity throughout the world.

How to use this brush set

Getting up and running with this brush set is quick, easy, and free. Here's how:

1. Download the free digital brush set onto your iPad.
2. Open Procreate and open a new canvas.
3. Click on the brushes icon and either select or create a new folder with the + icon.
4. Tap the + button above the list of brushes and select import.
5. Using the iPad file interface, find and select the brush set.
6. You’re all done!

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