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PaperLike discount code

Hi thrifty iPad user,

So you're looking for a PaperLike discount I see?

You'll get one BUT you'll have to earn it!


  1. Post about what the PaperLike does on whatever social media channel you choose
  2. Write about the PaperLike in a way that that your peers understand what it's for
  3. Link to our website paperlike.com
  4. Mention us using @getpaperlike (on Instagram or Twitter) or @paperlike on Facebook
  5. Use the hashtag #paperchallenge

The discount depends on your post's performance within the first 24 hours:

  • Social media post alone: 5%
  • 1-10 likes: 10% discount
  • 11-25 likes: 15% discount
  • 26-50 likes: 20% discount
  • 50+ likes: 30% discount

I'm looking forward to your post and good luck!



BONUS: You'll get an unlimited - lifelong - PaperLike supply for free if you get @elonmusk to tweet about the PaperLike. No pressure.