Paperlike discount codes

Hi, thrifty iPad user,

So you're looking for a Paperlike discount, I see? 

Tell you a secret: we don't give out coupon codes, so none can be found. Sometimes we do it for Black Friday though, and we typically have a discount for product launches (you should sign up for the newsletter to be informed).

But hey, since you're here already, let's play a game:

You'll get one, BUT you'll have to earn it!

How to get that discount?

1) Publish a Post about why you want a Paperlike on your favorite social media channel that

2) Links to our website,,

3) and mention us using @paperlike and use the hashtag #paperlikechallenge

We will send you a personal discount, depending on your post's performance on social media, within the first 24 hours. Here's your challenge:

15% discount for 15 likes or more in 24 hours!
30% discount if @MrBeast likes your post :)

I'm looking forward to your post, and good luck!



BONUS: You'll get an unlimited - lifelong - supply of Paperlike if you get @MKBHD to tweet about Paperlike. 🚀