Paperlike discount codes

Hi, thrifty iPad user,

So you're looking for a Paperlike discount I see? 

Let me tell you a secret: we don't give out coupon codes, so there's none to be found. Sometimes we do for Black Friday (you should sign up for the newsletter to be informed).

But hey, since you're here already, let's play a game:

You'll get one, BUT you'll have to earn it!


  1. Publish a Post about why you want a Paperlike on your favorite social media channel that
  2. Links to our website and
  3. Mention us using @paperlike and use the hashtag #paperlikechallenge

We will send you a personal discount, depending on your post's performance on social media within the first 24 hours. Heres your challenge:

  • 15% discount for 15 likes or more in 24 hours!

I'm looking forward to your post and good luck!




BONUS: You'll get an unlimited - lifelong - supply of Paperlike if you get @MKBHD to tweet about the Paperlike. 🚀