Why we don't ship to these countries

I'm Jan, the creator of the Paperlike. I was born in Guatemala and lived there until I was 19. While I lived there, I often wanted to order things online but was often stopped from placing orders - simply because they didn't ship to Guatemala. No particular courier shipping option, nothing. And that was very common.

In 2017 I started Paperlike, and one thing I wanted to do is to make sure that we ship Paperlike to anyone who wanted it - no matter where in the world. In the beginning, we used the national post for all our worldwide shipments. It took us around three months to realise that national post in some countries (even regions) are very unreliable.

As a circumvention to unreliable national post providers, we decided to switch to door-to-door courier shipping, for the affected countries. It isn't cheap, but at least this way we could make sure the packages reached their destination. Now we could guarantee deliverability to every corner of the world.

Over time though, we have had to stop shipping to some countries due to unacceptable import-duties, and corruption. Below I will list every country to which we have discontinued shipping completely (even courier shipping), and the reason why. If your country is affected by this, please check out the reasons why we've stopped shipping, and let us know if you know anything we can do to fix this - which doesn't include bribery or such.


By the end of 2019, our shipping provider (FedEx) informed us that many Brazilian customers weren't willing to pay import duties. A closer inspection, customers were suddenly being charged up to 150% import duties! For example, a customer that placed an order at a total value of 73 EUR (Around 81 USD) was being asked to pay import duties of 92,72 USD - that's almost 115%!

After continuous requests for an invoice for the 92,72 USD, months later, I finally received the official invoice from FedEx for this one shipment. The official invoice has a value of 69,14 EUR (76,54 USD). 

Invoice showing 69,14 EUR import duties

As of today 02.04.20, we haven't received an answer from FedEx about this and more inconsistencies, and have decided to stop shipping to Brazil until we get clear explanations, and hopefully a resolution.

If you know why this is happening, and have a potential solution, please get in touch with by filling out the form below!