Procreate comes with a lot of standard brushes for digital artists of all types, but those brushes get old pretty quickly.

This Paperlike-exclusive brush set, from the incredible Teela Cunningham (@everytuesday)
is meant to create dazzling, glow style lettering. The Light Writers Procreate brush set includes 10 brushes, featuring dynamic color and pressure variations with pops of texture for extra unique outcomes.

Because of the glow style nature of the brushes, it’s recommended to use a dark/black background and choose a darker, saturated color when drawing or lettering. This will create a bright, saturated appearance when used. Please note that because of the color changing nature, the color selected will appear when the brush is used at its lightest pressure.
Check out the preview below.

About Teela Cunningham

Teela helps creatives build and improve their digital skills through the art education site, Every Tuesday, which she runs alongside her web developer husband, Spencer. Offering hundreds of step by step tutorials and a library of digital assets and online courses, they aim to make digital art achievable for everyone. Now in their business’s 7th year, their YouTube channel has amassed over 20 million views and they are proud to have shared their knowledge with over 200k students globally.

How to use this brush set

Getting up and running with this brush set is quick, easy, and free. Here's how:

1. Download the free digital brush set onto your iPad.
2. Open Procreate and open a new canvas.
3. Click on the brushes icon and either select or create a new folder with the + icon.
4. Tap the + button above the list of brushes and select import.
5. Using the iPad file interface, find and select the brush set.
6. You’re all done!

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