Kamila Rybak

About the artwork:
I love to draw confident female characters and nature, so I wanted to combine it. Since it was late spring when I was designing the postcard, and everything was in full bloom, I wanted the illustration to also be colorful and energetic. I decided that the girl will be surrounded by beautiful plants. I gave her a flower crown to compliment her look and for a pop of color. Ihope that the postcard will bring a smile to your face.

Tools for Creating:
iPad Pro and Procreate app

Artist location:
Warsaw, Poland

Find out more about the artist here:

About Kamila Rybak

My name is Kamila Rybak and I am an illustrator and Digital Artist. My current style was greatly influenced by Japanese art and culture, which fascinated me since I was a child.

Today I combine a characteristic line with eye-catching colors, rich details and natural motifs. My works are inspired by travels and nature, but also by contemporary popular culture. Color, contrast and detail play a key role in the stories I create.

I have been drawing since I was a child. And although I create mainly digitally on a daily basis, I also love traditional pencil drawing or painting with watercolors, gouache and ink.