Artwork: Favorite Decade

John "Jamal" Nwabiani

About the artwork:
I was inspired by fashion in the 70s. The 70s was the decade with the most pop-culture fashion and color. When thinking of a black woman in the 70s, the few things that come to mind are large colorful sunglasses and a BIG afro. Let's not forget the polaroid camera to capture everything in its beauty.
- John "Jamal" Nwabiani

Artist location:
Lagos, Nigeria

Paperlike artwork batch:

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About John "Jamal" Nwabiani

John 'Jamal' Nwabiani is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

His love for art began the moment he learned how to hold a pencil, and has spent his most recent years learning how to use digital mediums to bring his art to life. He has developed a passion for peaceful colors, and old school style combined with women of color.

His work is inspired by black culture, fashion, and traditional art and has found a place in prints, music and other creative industries. However, as an artist, he is determined to keep evolving and improving, which is why he also loves exploring different styles and techniques.