Artwork: Find Your Fire

Jimbo Bernhaus

About the artwork:
As a creator, my passion is to create something every every day. Find Your Fire was inspired by the search of what motivates you. Once you find your fire, nothing will stop you. - Jimbo Bernhaus

Artist location:
Barcelona / Croatia

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About Jimbo Bernhaus

Jimbo is a Graphic Designer & Letterer from Barcelona currently based in Zagreb.

After earning his degree in Graphic Design in Barcelona he moved to Zagreb. A couple of years ago, he decided to quit his agency job at Bruketa & Zinic, and together with Tea, founded BAM!

His work has been progressing throughout the years in terms of style and character, finally ending up in a specific design approach where letters intertwine with floral and abstract ornamental illustrations.
He finds inspiration both in antique motifs and super modern designs, blending them together to create unique visuals.