Life is Full of Pastabilities
by Belinda Kou

About the artwork:
Putting a food twist on an uplifting message and embracing the cheese. ;) This is a piece that captures my style and general humor (would it be a mom joke if it’s coming from me instead of a dad joke?) to encourage smiles and positive feels for the recipient. It’ll also be detailed with lots of movement for any Paperlike user to enjoy the art.

Tools for Creating:
2020 iPad Pro 12.9"
Apple Pencil
Procreate, Adobe Fresco

Artist location:
Chicago, IL, USA

Find out more about the artist here:

About Belinda Kou

Hi! I’m Belinda Kou — a Taiwanese American lettering artist and illustrator in Chicago.

I create playful, food-inspired art with a slight obsession with noodles and colorful things. I’ve had the pleasure of working for clients like NPR, Adobe, Coach, and Nespresso.

I’ve had a very nonlinear career path and had to learn a lot on my own, which is why I also share my lettering, digital art, and freelance knowledge online to help other self-taught artists pursue a path they love, too

I have been drawing since I was a child. And although I create mainly digitally on a daily basis, I also love traditional pencil drawing or painting with watercolors, gouache and ink.