Canoopsy x Paperlike Grips [Limited Edition]

Achieve better focus and accuracy when drawing and writing with your iPad and Apple Pencil. For this limited edition of the Paperlike Pencil Grips, Paperlike has teamed up with designer and YouTube personality Canoopsy to improve your writing and drawing experience with an all-new color to liven up your tools.


Reduce hand fatigue and boost precision when writing or drawing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil.

Colored in sea-foam green, a new, Canoopsy-inspired color, the Canoopsy x Paperlike Grips are a limited edition of our incredible Pencil Grips and offer all the same benefits.

  • The Maximum Comfort Grip is perfect for long writing or drawing sessions and is designed to reduce fatigue and hand cramps.
  • The Maximum Precision Grip offers better stroke precision and accuracy anytime you need to make sure that every line is perfect.

Because you'll get both grips when you place your order, you can choose the grip that works best based on your needs.

Experience excellent comfort, precision, and improved performance every time you pick up your Apple Pencil.

  • Made for Apple Pencil 2
  • Improves stroke precision
  • Reduces grip fatigue
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Works with Double Tap Gesture
  • Compatible with magnetic charging
  • Canoopsy-inspired sea-foam green color
What's inside
  • 2x Paperlike Pencil Grips for Apple Pencil
    • x1 Maximum Comfort Grip
    • x1 Maximum Precision Grip
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Canoopsy Grip Canoopsy Grip

About Canoopsy

Isaac, AKA Canoopsy, is a content creator and artist based in Toronto, Canada. Isaac attended OCAD University for advertising & design, and after graduating in 2020, he has pursued his creative ambitions full-time.

From creating tech and lifestyle content across a variety of social platforms to working with a wide variety of brands on freelance work and creating solo art, Isaac continues to explore and create in the city that inspires all the work he does.

Stylish Comfort & Precision

When you want to be productive while writing and drawing, every stroke of the Apple Pencil matters.

That’s why we’ve created a set of tools specifically engineered to improve performance and handling while you work. Paperlike Pencil Grips come in a set of two different grip designs, so you’ll always have exactly what you need when it’s time to do your best work.

We’ve also collaborated with design whiz Canoopsy to create a limited edition set in a stunning sea-foam green. This pop of color adds some style to your favorite tools.

Canoopsy Art