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Ditch paper and uncover the power of writing, sketching, and organizing digitally — without the slippery mess of a glass screen.

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Why you can’t make full use of your iPad

Whether you use your iPad to create art, take notes, or do anything else involving the Apple Pencil, you have probably encountered one (if not all three) of those problems:

×Your Pencil slips

The glass display of the iPad doesn’t provide enough phrasing for the Apple Pencil’s rubber tip, leaving you with jagged lines and uneven strokes.

×Your palm smudges

You have to rest your palm on the display while you write or draw. When you try moving it across the display, it feels “sticky” and leaves smudges all over.

×Your hand cramps up

Long sessions on the slick iPad display can lead to wrist and hand cramps, turning your flow of productivity into a painful chore.

Take your iPad and Apple Pencil from "annoying" to indispensable

Here’s how a carefully designed screen protector can turn your iPad into your most valuable tool:

Feels like real paper

The Paperlike’s finely-tuned resistance mimics premium paper, turning each stroke into a precise line on your iPad display.

Reduces glare and smudges

The matte finish of the Paperlike cuts down on screen glare and makes smudges and fingerprints almost invisible, allowing you to use your iPad comfortably in any lighting.

Improves comfort

Your hand can glide freely over the Paperlike which makes for a more comfortable writing and drawing experience without hand cramps and wrist pain.

Keep your Apple Pencil locked away in a drawer or enjoy the pen-on-paper experience it always should have been with Paperlike.

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But don't just listen to us ...

B. Anderson

Resistance Is Not Futile

This screen protector has revolutionized my drawing ability with Apple Pencil in iPad Pro. Very satisfied with the amount of resistance, can now draw like an adult with the paper-like feel. No noticeable loss of screen resolution. Glare eliminated. Easy to install accurately.

Serge O. Canizares

It’s the best

I’ve tried a few different types of paper feel screen covers on my iPads. They all will do a fine job of making your Apple Pencil feel like you are writing on paper, with a nice friction to help control the pencil and improve your writing. But they all have the unfortunate drawback of reducing the clarity of the iPad screen. So you want to choose one that causes minimal distortion. This one is it. You can just barely tell that there is a cover on the screen. You get only a tiny bit of image degradation. This one is pricier than all the others but it’s worth it.

Daniel Jacobs

Easy to install

I honestly didn't think the Paperlike would make that much of a difference but it has. The feel of the Apple Pencil is more lifelike, as I've been an actual paper notetaker for years. The accompanying video explained the process to where no bubbles remained. Glad I purchased it.

Make your iPad feel like paper.

Get your Paperlike for precise strokes, better sketches and cleaner notes.

  • Makes your iPad display feel like paper.
  • Improves precision and comfort.
  • Prevents fingerprints and smudges.
  • Maintains the iPad’s touch sensitivity.
  • Satisfaction guarantee (or money back).
  • Designed in Germany & manufactured in Switzerland

Free shipping

100d money back guarantee

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How does it work?

Nanodots are the teensy, tiny micro-beads responsible for giving Paperlike its unique, papery feel.

They provide haptic feedback in the form of ever-so-slight vibrations that emulate the natural drag and resistance of sketchbook paper. The sensory feedback allows you to create more precise lines, whether you’re taking notes or working on your next artistic masterpiece!

But the Nanodots deliver more than our unique, papery feel. They’re also responsible for the unparalleled transparency that you won’t find in other matte screen protectors.

Our Nanodots are distributed evenly across the surface of our screen protector using a unique (and completely secret) process that took years to create.

The result?

A screen protector with improved resistance, maximum transparency, and minimal distortions.

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Change the feeling of your iPad

Get the feeling of paper on your iPad — and with it, the writing and drawing experience is always as it should have been.

  • Made for Apple: Experience perfect compatibility
  • Textured surface: Improve precision and comfort
  • Paper-thin: Enjoy brilliant screen quality
  • 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Try it risk-free