Regret buying the Apple Pencil?

The Paperlike is a screen protector that makes your iPad display feel like paper.
Say goodbye to rubber on glass and hello to the unmatched tactile satisfaction of Paperlike. Write and draw on your iPad with the precision and comfort of your favorite paper notebook.

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Writing on glass… just ain’t it.

You bought the Apple Pencil because you wanted to bring the pen-on-paper experience you love to the digital world.
Instead, using the Apple Pencil on your iPad has been…


Each rubber-on-glass stroke is a battle against control, leaving you with jagged lines and uneven strokes.


Instead of enhancing your iPad, the Apple Pencil just makes detailed work harder than it should be. Your hand sticks, your lines smudge, and the whole experience falls short of the promise.


Long drawing or writing sessions on the slick iPad display can lead to a cramping wrist, turning your flow of productivity into a painful chore.

Unlock the full potential of your Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil experience could be just like writing and drawing on your favorite paper.
With our screen protector, you get…

Perfect precision.

The Paperlike’s finely tuned resistance mimics premium paper, turning each stroke of the Apple Pencil into a precise line on your iPad display.

Enhanced control.

The increased haptic feedback of the Paperlike’s surface offers the same amount of control you get when you write or draw on real paper.

Maximum comfort.

With Paperlike, your hand rests naturally and moves freely, reducing cramps, wrist pain, fingerprints, and smudges.

Keep your Apple Pencil locked away in a drawer or enjoy the pen-on-paper experience it always should have been with Paperlike.

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But don't just listen to us ...

Lisa Woldrich, The Study Collection

“Perfect for anyone who uses their iPad to read and/or take notes!”

I love it because it really does feel as if I was writing on actual paper, and I can use my iPad outside because the matte surface reduces sun reflection. Also, thanks to the super intuitive instructions and the application kit that comes with every Paperlike, it is really easy and quick to apply to the iPad. The Paperlike is perfect for anyone who uses their iPad to read and/or take notes!

Jason Fried, CEO Basecamp

A wonderful screen protector

I've never enjoyed sketching on the iPad because I don't like the slick glass feel. I much prefer the subtle resistance and drag you get with paper and marker.

Paperlike is a wonderful screen protector that mimics paper. And it really works well.

Natalie Brown, @threeologie

I'm honestly impressed!

Over the weekend, I installed the new Paperlike 2.1 screen protector, and I’m honestly impressed! The new version has:

1. Increased picture clarity: so you’re getting an even crisper tablet viewing experience.

2. New composite material: I can definitely feel the difference. It has more of a texturized feel which gives me more control of my Apple Pencil.

3. Works with the new iPads.

And, of course, feels like paper! That was my biggest issue when transitioning from paper to tablet. I wanted that paper feel. Working with paper just gives you more control over your drawing hand. The iPad screens are so slippery, so the Paperlike really helps with that.

Make your iPad feel like paper.

Get your Paperlike for precise strokes, better sketches and cleaner notes.

  • Makes your iPad display feel like paper.
  • Improves precision and comfort.
  • Prevents fingerprints and smudges.
  • Maintains the iPad’s touch sensitivity.
  • Satisfaction guarantee (or money back).
  • Designed in Germany & manufactured in Switzerland

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100d money back guarantee

2.5 million happy customers

A close-up of an Apple Pencil tip on a screen filled with purple and yellow swirls.  Paperlike’s Nanodots are visible as a grainy texture over the surface of the iPad screen.

How does it work?

Nanodots are the teensy, tiny micro-beads responsible for giving Paperlike its unique, papery feel.

They provide haptic feedback in the form of ever-so-slight vibrations that emulate the natural drag and resistance of sketchbook paper. The sensory feedback allows you to create more precise lines, whether you’re taking notes or working on your next artistic masterpiece!

But the Nanodots deliver more than our unique, papery feel. They’re also responsible for the unparalleled transparency that you won’t find in other matte screen protectors.

Our Nanodots are distributed evenly across the surface of our screen protector using a unique (and completely secret) process that took years to create.

The result?

A screen protector with improved resistance, maximum transparency, and minimal distortions.


Keep your Apple Pencil locked away in a drawer or enjoy the pen-on-paper experience it always should have been.

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  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping to most countries