Pencil Grips (Charcoal) 2 Pack

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Achieve better focus and accuracy when drawing and writing with your iPad and Apple Pencil.

Created by award-winning product designer David Burkhardt, these set of tools are specifically engineered to help you improve your writing and drawing experience.

The Pencil Grips come in a set of 2 that are different in size:

  • The Maximum Comfort Grip is perfect for long writing or drawing sessions and is designed to reduce fatigue and hand cramps.
  • The Maximum Precision Grip offers better stroke precision and accuracy anytime you need to make sure that every line is perfect.

Because you'll get both grips when you place your order, you can choose the grip that works best based on your needs.

Experience excellent comfort, precision, and improved performance every time you pick up your Apple Pencil.

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2x Paperlike Pencil Grips for Apple Pencil;

  • x1 Maximum Comfort Grip
  • x1 Maximum Precision Grip

  • Made for Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd Generation, and USB-C)
  • Improves stroke precision
  • Reduces grip fatigue
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Works with Double Tap Gesture
  • Compatible with magnetic charging

What's the difference between the Precision and Comfort grips?

The Comfort grip is designed for long sessions with your Apple Pencil. The Comfort grip's size is thicker, maximizing your comfort as the name suggests. The smaller Precision grip, while still comfortable, is perfect for improved control when you're trying to create detailed drawings or take notes in small spaces.

How do I put the pencil grips on my Apple Pencil?

The Paperlike Pencil Grips are designed to work with both the 1st and 2nd Gen Apple Pencils. After you've removed the pencil grips from their packing, simply slide the grip you want to use over the tip-side of the Apple Pencil. The bump on the grip should face the tip-side of the Apple Pencil. Push the grip from the end until it is in position. That's it!

Is it possible to order only 1 pencil grip?

No. The reasoning behind the decision to sell our grips as a 2-pack was to provide you with the best experience for both precision and comfort. We didn't want to compromise one or the other with a single pencil grip. Regardless of your use case, there will be times you want increased control or maximum comfort. That's why we sell both, so that you're prepared for every situation when using your Apple Pencil.

What’s the difference between these Pencil Grips and the new ones?

These Pencil Grips come in a set of two, with a Maximum Comfort Grip and a Precision Grip. The two different styles are both great, but we found that people would choose the one they liked best and the other would go to waste, so we redesigned the new Pencil Grips to combine the best elements of these two grips into a single body.

Do these come in any other colors?

No. You can only get these first-generation Pencil Grips in charcoal.


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Pencil Grips compared

We recently developed new Pencil Grips that combine the best elements of the Maximum Comfort and Maximum Precision Grips into a single body, offering a balanced grip for improved productivity.
However we wanted to provide you with a comparison of both of our Pencil Grips to help you choose the model that best suits you.

 Pencil Grips (1st Generation: Old)

Pencil Grips (1st Generation: Old)

Pencil Grips (2nd Generation: NEW)


Two designs: Maximum Comfort & Maximum Precision

One ergonomic design for maximum comfort and precision


Comes in a pack of two in Charcoal.

Comes in a pack with one Charcoal and one Paperlike Blue

Double Tap?

Works with Double Tap feature on the flat side.

Fully compatible with Double Tap feature.

Magnetic charging?



Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Muhammad (Toronto, ON, CA)
The pencil grip with the fewest compromises

I browsed multiple pencil grips and sleeves before making this purchase. Sleeves had excess coverage preventing/hampering the pencil from magnetically charging/attaching with the added material adding little to functionality. Other pencil grips on the market had unnatural, bulky shapes making compromises on the ability to double tap or magnetically charge/attach. The new Paperlike Pencil Grip made the fewest compromises, adding just enough to the Apple Pencil to make it more comfortable while sacrificing the least functionality.

Karina Franke
Very Good Thing

I recently purchased a silicone pencil grip for my Apple Pencil, and I couldn't be happier with it. The grip feels fantastic in my hand, providing a secure hold and preventing the Apple Pencil from slipping out. Additionally, the wireless charging works flawlessly with the grip on, which is a huge plus. The only minor adjustment needed was to slightly cut the side of my case so the Apple Pencil could fit into the pen slot. Overall, this pencil grip has greatly enhanced my Apple Pencil experience!

Danelle Black (Milan, 25, IT)
Great Products

After purchasing procreate, I went through a bunch of tutorials and the YouTuber said they loved these products. I was hesitant as I don't usually buy anything off of a paid sponsorship (which they claimed it wasn't) so I bought out of curiosity. The screen protector is amazing and the grips work really well. These products are very high quality. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Jane MacKugler (Burlington, VT, US)
Wonderful pencil grips!

Not only can I grip the pencil well and comfortably, but I can also find my pencil amongst the other white pens in my case now.

Paul Storer (Birmingham, ENG, GB)
Paperlike’s fantastic Apple Pencil Grips have just become awesome!

Firstly I don’t work for Paperlike I am just a user of their products. I came across Paperlike via a YouTube video. Initially I had the Version 1 of the Pencil grips which along with the screen protectors changed the way I used my iPad Pro. I loved the feel of the grip and how it made it easier to use the pencil. Each pack contained 2 sizes of grip one for general use and one for more accurate work.

I saw that Paperlike had released a slightly different grip which replaced the two previous grips I decided to change. I thought there would be a slight difference but the change in style, the longer grip, the more obvious grip points and the thinner material was extremely noticeable. The only metaphor is moving from HD screens to UHD / Retina screens. You don’t expect a massive difference until you use it.

I now have one pencil which I can use for general use e.g. sketching, marking up printed documents, selecting and for more detailed use such as fine editing on portraits and detailed graphic images.

The original was fantastic but who would have thought that a slight change would make it amazing!