iPad Screen Protector (2pieces)

Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad.

Manufactured in Switzerland, this iPad Screen Protector is created using high-quality plastic foils that are developed exclusively for Paperlike products.

This Screen Protector also features our proprietary Nanodots® Surface technology and is designed to deliver superior stroke precision and clarity when writing and drawing with your iPad.

Enjoy the precision of paper in a paperless environment with Paperlike.

Every Paperlike comes in a set of two.

iPad Size
iPad Pro 12.9"
iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9"
iPad 10.2" (2019, 2020 & 2021)
iPad Mini 2021
iPad 10.9" 10th Gen (2022)
Pro Bundle

Save and order all pro accessories for a paper-feel, better grip and clean view.

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"You have to try this!"

There is actually a lot more resistance between the tip of the pencil and the display now - it really changes the way the iPad feels.

Mark Stapf Tech Reviewer

“I'm drawing on clouds of cotton candy”

The nice texture and grip, make it easier to get what I have in my head on to the screen.

Ramona MacLean Illustrator

"A must-have for graphic designers!"

I always loved the idea of Paperlike. Being able to add this tiny layer to your iPad - that makes it so much easier to write and draw on the display - is incredible!


"Feels like a massive upgrade"

If you do a lot of handwritten notes or drawing on your iPad, the new PaperLike is a must. The newest version only doubles down on what made this product great to begin with.

Chris DailyTekk

Customer Reviews

Based on 6176 reviews
James H (Guildford, ENG, GB)
Absolute Gamechanger!!

Instantly felt the difference of writing on paperlike! I don;t think I’d noticed how much my pencil was slipping on the glass, or how much the iPad screen is not like paper (I mean, obviously its not, but I don’t think I had ever noticed the difference it makes to hwo you write). Using Paperlike, I could instantly feel how good it was. Within two-three lines I could see my iPad handwriting was instantly neater, cleaner. I instantly felt like I was drawing on paper….
… Then next thing I instantly had to check was that the screen quality was not compromised, so I switched over to watch some 4K video, and I genuinely my viewing experience was unaffected,
Great product, never have I so quickly come to the conclusion that my money was well spent on a great product!!

Brody Mckellar (Sydney, NSW, AU)
It’s actually so good oml

Genuinely I love this screen protector so much, it protects the screen well from scratches, and it makes the screen feel like paper with the pencil but is completely smooth as if its a plain screen when using hands. The only downfalls I have had is it dulls the screen, it is slightly less bright and less saturated, as well as the screen protector is very easily scratched. But these problems are very minor and I 100000% recommend this paper like. O also my Apple Pencil hasn’t become warn down or anything yet

Ahmad Pourihosseini (Toronto, ON, CA)
Pretty decent

It’s a decent screen protector. Makes the plastic on glass situation much better. I havent tested many other alternatives though so I dont know all there is to know.
Pretty great customer support too!
I had a problem with the instructions and one of the protectors got messed up and they sent a replacement. Which was great.

Adisak Namsupo (Surin, 32, TH)
Good and feel like paper

Good product and easy installation

Joe Diaz (Brighton, MA, US)
iPad screen protector

It is absolutely an improvement over the original iPad Screen. My son, wo is an animator, wishes it was even tackier, or more paper-like.