Digital Pro Planner 2023

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Make a plan and stay organized with the Paperlike Digital Pro Planner 2023.

Elegant, simple, and beautifully designed for easy planning all year long. Choose from any of the ten planner templates available to start 2023 off on the right track.

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Digital planning can be very effective, but it’s easier to manage when you use a planner that’s designed for your specific needs or comfort.

That’s why we’ve created multiple versions of our digital planner, and included each in the Premium Pro Planner Pack. Elegant, simple, and beautifully designed for easy planning all year long.

Included in this pack, you’ll find:

  • Pro Planner
  • Paperlike Weekly Planner
  • Paperlike Daily Planner

Not sure which is easier on the eyes? Test out both dark and light mode to see which feels better, as you’ll find each available for all three planners.

Choose which start day you prefer for the Pro Planner or Weekly Planner.

Don’t need the monthly calendars? No problem. Download a smaller planner for weekly or daily planning.

Take your digital planning to the next level with any of these personal planners.

All-in-one digital planner with 10 variations:

  • Full Pro Planner (light or dark mode, Sunday or Monday start).
  • Weekly Planner (light or dark mode, Sunday or Monday start).
  • Daily Planner (light or dark mode).

  • Made for the iPad & Apple Pencil or other stylus.
  • Compatible with almost every notetaking app.
  • 10 digital planner variations..
  • Hyperlinks for easy, clickable navigation.
  • Simple, minimalist design.
  • Tutorials for quick setup.
  • One time purchase. Get free updates each year!

How to upload the Paperlike Digital Planner to Notability or GoodNotes

  • Open the PDF file from the Thank You Page or from your Email
  • Share with Notability or GoodNotes
  • Import new document
  • Start planning

To watch our how-to video, please click here

You will get an email with access to the planner within one hour - no physical product will be shipped to your address.

This product is a digital planner .pdf file with hyperlinks for easy navigation. You need to have a .pdf annotation app like GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, etc., installed on your device. It works on iOS with an Apple Pencil or Android with a stylus. The .pdf file is also printable if you’d like a paper planner.

✔ How to access your downloads after purchase:

Since this is a digital item, you will get access to your product immediately after your purchase through an email with a link to download.


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  • Is your planner fully editable? 

For the most part, yes. The pages you’ll receive as part of your download are in PDF format and hyperlinked.

You can customize the layout of your planner as you see fit by adding inserts, pages, and additional templates without affecting how the digital planner pages interact with one another.

  • Can you add X thing (habit tracker, free stickers, etc.)? 

We have plans to continue expanding and evolving the Paperlike Digital Planner over time, and newer versions may include these features.

However, we don’t have a clear timeline for the next release.

In the meantime, we’d recommend supplementing and customizing your planner with additional pages as you see fit.

  • Is the Paperlike Digital Planner dated or undated? 

We offer a digital planner with pre-formatted and pre-linked dates. With undated planners, you’d have to write in each date manually, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

The big plus with undated planners is that you can reuse them over and over again — but our planner is free and will be updated each year, so you’ll always have an up-to-date calendar to start your year off on the right track! 

  • Does your Ipad Planner work with any Planner? 

Yes! You’ll receive a PDF file when you download the planner, and this file type is universally recognized by all iPad models.  

Depending on the model (iPad Pro vs iPad Air/mini/etc.), the planner may not be a perfect fit for your screen dimensions, but it should function equally well across all devices.

  • Do you have a tutorial for the Planner? 

Yes! An instructional overview of each page and how your planner pages are connected is included as part of your planner download. Remember to navigate using View Mode (see question below for more info if your links aren't working).

  • Why does the week start on Sunday instead of on Monday? 

A large portion of Paperlike's audience (the majority) are in North America, where the standard is to start the week on Sunday. Why do they still call it the weekend? We don't know!

  • The links in the Planner don't work. What's wrong? 

Notetaking apps like Goodnotes have two modes: View Mode and Edit Mode. If you're trying to click a link to go to a specific day, week, or month, and it's not working, chances are you are in Edit Mode. Switch to View Mode as indicated in the screenshots below to navigate the document. Switch back when you're ready to write.


How-To: Plan Your 2023 with Paperlike

About Digital Planning

Time flies, especially if you aren’t keeping track, and it’s easy to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done.

That’s where digital planning comes into play.

Digital planning allows you to make better use of the time you have by helping you put your goals, ideas, and dreams into a format that evolves and changes with you.

Use the monthly planner or weekly planner to get a bird’s eye view. Use the daily planner when it’s time to get in the weeds and build something great. Then carry those tasks forward each day until you achieve your goals.

Make a Plan & Get Things Done

A daily planner gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of your day and keep track of the “now” before it happens.

The Paperlike Digital Planner contains the following formats and templates:

  • Yearly Page
  • Monthly Page
  • Weekly Page
  • Daily Page

Our planner provides you with tools to schedule your day, create to-do lists, set your top priorities, take notes, doodle, and more. Hyperlinked pages allow for easy navigation between days and months, and our notetaking format follows bullet journal markup for fast and familiar task segmentation.

Plus, because the Paperlike Digital Planner is built with a minimalist and flexible design in mind, it’s easier than ever to add digital stickers, additional planner templates, habit trackers, and other inserts and planner pages to build out your own, custom design.

Customer Reviews

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Allison Lewis (Des Moines, IA, US)
Works great!

Works as advertised, no complaints.


I love the choices of this excellent digital planner. I’m really excited that it’s updated annually for no additional charge. Kudos to Paperlike!

Keith Newman (Carnforth, ENG, GB)
2023 Planner

Gave me what I was looking for to work with Apple Pencil.

AnonymousM (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)

Good product, makes iPad nice to use

Jan Wezel (Schlieren, ZH, CH)

Digital Pro Planner 2023