30W Power Adapter by Nomad

Sleek and portable, the 30W USB-C Power Adapter can stick with you when you’re on the move while taking up minimal space in your bag. This adapter also offers a 10W power boost when compared to Apple’s standard 20W USB-C Power Adapter without any increase in size. That’s enough power to charge any USB-C compatible iPhone, iPad, or Macbook Air without breaking a sweat.

Ships to US only, by our friends at Nomad.

  • 30W Power Output
  • Powered by GaN
  • USB-C PD
  • Compact Size
  • Can charge iPads, iPhones & MacBook Air


  • 31.0 x 33.0 x 33.0mm (excluding prongs)
  • 47.2 x 33.0 x 33.0mm (including prongs)


  • 30W USB-C output (20V 1.5A)
  • 100-240V 50/60 Hz input (0.6A)

Fulfilled by our friends at Nomad.

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Does 30W USB-C Power Adapter come with international adapters?

No, it does not. But it is electrically compatible with international mains electricity, so it can safely be plugged into adapters.

Will this fast charge my iPhone or power my MagSafe charger?

Yes, it will!

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