The Pro Bundle: Everything You Need to Make Your iPad Feel Just Like Paper 

Writing on your iPad feels totally natural with the Paperlike Pro Bundle, including:

Paperlike for iPad: so your screen feels just like paper. Really. 

Pencil Grips: for total precision & comfort.

Cleaning Kit: to keep your screen in peak condition.

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100-Day Money Back Guarantee

With The Pro Bundle, Your iPad = Your New Favorite Place to Create

It's just like the best quality pen and notepad you’ve ever used — but 10x more convenient. 

What's Included:


2x screen protectors with Nanodots™ microbead tech to make your iPad feel like paper 

2x wet and 1x dry screen wipes

2x dust absorbers

2x application sticker sheets

Pencil Grips

2x Pencil Grips for Apple Pencil: 

1x Maximum Comfort Grip

1x Maximum Precision Grip

Cleaning Kit

All-in-one microfiber spray bottle:

Cleaning solution inside 

Spray bottle is wrapped in microfiber, so your "cleaning wipe" is built right in

Go From Shaky & Slippery to Total Sketching Precision

Digital artists, students, and professionals alike all know: there’s nothing worse than a slippery glass screen to turn the perfect sketch into a total mess. That’s why Paperlike is the industry leader in paper-identical screen tech, so creators and doers can:  

Achieve the perfect level of friction

Designed with proprietary Nanodots™ microbead tech & manufactured at a top-of-the-line facility in Switzerland, Paperlike is best-in-class for expertly balanced, paper-feel friction.

Maintain peak screen clarity 

Paperlike minimizes light refraction for crisp, clear images & diffuses light so you can always see your screen - even in direct sunlight.

Increase stroke accuracy

Along with our pencil grips that increase your control, our screen protector both prevent glare and eliminate slipperiness — so you get super-precise strokes every time.

Save serious money

Unlike other brands, our Pro Bundle has:

Two screen protectors included in each order.

Two Apple Pencil Grips

An all-in-one Cleaning Kit for longer-lasting performance. 

Finally: Writing on Your iPad Feels Effortless with the Pro Bundle 

The Pro Bundle includes: 

2x Screen Protector foils

1x Comfort Pencil Grip.

1x Precision Pencil Grip.

1x Cleaning Kit.

Compatible iPad sizes:

iPad Pro 12.9"

iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9"

iPad 10.2" (2019, 2020 & 2021)

iPad Mini 2021 

Free Shipping

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why iPad Artists Are Calling Paperlike A “Night & Day Difference” 

Before And After…Very,
Very Happy

"When I got this iPad, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t draw well on it. Then I saw an ad on YouTube for Paperlike, and decided to give it a shot….the results speak for themselves. The additional friction on the screen means that you have to be more deliberate with your lines, so it naturally filters out any small shakiness from the muscles in your hand. I would recommend it to any other iPad artist!"

-Jacob P.

Verified Buyer

Join Thousands of Paperlike Users Loving The Freedom of Paperless Writing 

  • “So satisfied. A good upgrade!” 

    “The paper-feel is DEFINITELY worth it IMO. I've been able to move from my physical journals to entirely writing on my iPad, and I can make little sketches to go along with my notes (as well as being able to search handwritten notes - such a cool feature!)”

    Flynn L.

    Verified Buyer

  • “A game changer”

    “These grips make it significantly easier to grip my pencil, allowing more natural usage. I am still able to charge it via the MagSafe connector on the side of my iPad with no issues whatsoever -  you’ll love these as much as I do."

    Emma T.

    Verified Buyer

  • “If you’re hesitant like I was, just do it!”

    “I had a lot of questions and concerns given the price point…and customer service was BEYOND amazing in answering them. The actual screen protector has the perfect balance of resistance & high quality screen resolution. I love my note-taking experience.”

    Zy B.

    Verified Buyer

  • “A must-have for Apple devices” 

    “The all in one cleaning kit is a must-have for anyone with Apple devices. I can't tell you how often I've stared at a design project and shook my head in shame at all the smudges and fingerprints. This thing does wonders! Cleans to a mirror-like finish. Sheer satisfaction.”

    Steve T.

    Verified Buyer

Still Not Sure? We’ll Give You 100 Days To Decide.

(But spoiler: we think you’re going to love it)

Fun fact: only 3% of Paperlike users take us up on our money-back offer. While we’re pretty sure you’ll be part of the 97%, we want you to feel confident, too. That’s why we’re giving you:

2x screen protectors.

2x pencil grips.

100 days to decide.

FREE shipping.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction in those first 100 days, or your money back. It’s that easy.

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