Making Your iPad Feel & Function Exactly Like Paper. 


It’s time to say goodbye to slippery, inaccurate writing and drawing. Discover a new level of precision with the #1 iPad screen protector for creators and doers.

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3 Reasons Why Paperlike Is “A Must” if You Write or Sketch on Your iPad

1 - It really works.

Unlike cheap knockoffs, Paperlike performs like real pen and paper. Just check out this before and after from a Paperlike user. (Zoom in to see the difference!)

2 - Our tech = best in class

Our superior performance is powered by our proprietary Nanodots™ microbead technology, which:

Provides paper-identical sensory feedback to your Apple Pencil.

Eliminates glare, blurriness, and the “rainbow effect” while maintaining top display quality.

3 - It makes production faster than ever

With more precise strokes, better drawing and cleaner notes, Paperlike saves you time you'd otherwise spend revising and deciphering. Better productivity, totally paperless. 

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The Worst Feeling? That Perfect Sketch Coming Out All Wrong.

Whether you’re a digital artist or an avid iPad notetaker, the struggle of imprecision is real. Slippery glass means shaky, uneven lines that - matter how precise your placement - leave your markups slightly off-target.

Paper feels precise and natural. It’s how you learned to create — and you deserve a portable solution that feels just as effortless.

Just like paper, but better.

Complete Writing Precision That’s 100% Paperless

4.5 | 19800+ reviews

Take the pen-and-paper writing experience anywhere — right on your iPad. 

Paper-identical friction powered by Nanodots™ technology.

No more inaccuracy: just precise strokes.

Reduces glare & improves display clarity.

*Includes two screen protectors & easy application guide.

100-day money back guarantee

Free Shipping

Join Thousands of Paperlike Users That “Can’t Imagine Using Their iPad Without It”

  • “If you’re hesitant like I was, just do it!” 

    “I had a lot of questions and concerns given the price point…and customer service was BEYOND amazing in answering them. The actual screen protector has the perfect balance of resistance & high quality screen resolution. I love my note-taking experience.” 

    - Zy B.

    Verified Buyer

  • “So satisfied. A good upgrade!”

    “The paper-feel is DEFINITELY worth it IMO. I've been able to move from my physical journals to entirely writing on my iPad, and I can make little sketches to go along with my notes (as well as being able to search handwritten notes - such a cool feature!)”

    - Flynn L. 

    Verified Buyer

  • “Love the feel…crisp & sharp display”

    “The feel turned out to be better & more nuanced than I thought! Was concerned about visual impact, but it turns out that it actually makes the display easier on my eyes. Less glare, but still the full dynamic range. Still crisp, and sharp.”

    - Morgan D. 

    Verified Buyer

  • “Well worth it” 

    “Leaps and bounds better than what I’ve tried in the past. I’ve tried some cheaper alternatives and they felt like I was writing on a very fine grit sandpaper. This is as close to paper as I’ve found. Well worth it.”

    - Sarah P.

    Verified Buyer

Getting Started is Quick: Just 2 Minutes To An Authentic Paper Feel

Application is important to Paperlike’s best-in-class performance: that’s why we include 2 screen protectors with every purchase & make the process simple:

Align Paperlike with your iPad & apply the guide stickers


Flip your secured Paperlike screen protector open & clean your iPad screen 


Peel off inner protective foil, stick to iPad, and push out any bubbles with a credit card


Peel off Paperlike’s top protective layer and get to creating! 


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There Are Cheap Imitations… And Then There’s Paperlike

Sure: you can get a random “paper-feel” screen protector for less on Amazon… but you’ll probably definitely regret it when you have to replace it days later.

Feel The Difference of Paperlike

Transform Your Creative Possibilities, Risk-Free

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Are you ready to save time & frustration with perfect strokes every time?

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