PaperLike Reviews

iPad Screen Cover to mimic the feel of Paper

Hi, I’m Jan, the creator of PaperLike.
I love my iPad and Pencil but got frustrated by the slippery feeling of plastic on glass.
That’s why I created PaperLike, the perfect Screen Protector to mimic the feel of Paper.
I’m very happy with the outcome, but don’t take my word for it...

Mark Stamp - Tech Reviewer

"There's actulally a lot more resistance between the tip of the pencil and the display now - it really changes the way the iPad feels!"

" They're not kidding!!
This has to be one of the best purchases I've made in a long time for my devices. I was a bit skeptical until I tried it, but it was so incredible that I had to show my friend at the Apple Store! The haptic feedback of the drag mimics writing on real paper!!"

Karen Arnstein   -   JUNE 13TH 2018

Peter Han - Digital Artist

"The quality of the cover is quite nice - it makes the iPad actually feel like paper. The sound of it is also quite nice too."

"Shockingly Good!
In 15 years of online shopping; I've never left a product review. BUT - this simply DESERVES it. At last, a product that actually delivers on it's description. The matt finish is great. Makes reading books etc more pleasurable (looks like paper) and is much easier on the eye. As for writing with the Apple pencil? Well, simply put, it now really feels like a pencil. Not a pen, a pencil. That perfectly light "scratch" to the pencil drag that provides realistic haptic feedback. Finally, I'm truly paperless. 10/10."

Shane Thomas   - JUNE 16TH 2018

Apple World - Tech Reviewer

"For those of you who like to take notes or those of you who like illustrating - this is amazing!"

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Brad Colbow - Digital Artist

"I can say that if you're looking for a drawing surface for your iPad that feels really good to draw on - this is worth checking out!"

Tom Solid - Paperless Guru

"After two months of using the PaperLike I took it off and boy, this is a difference! - Once you have used this screen protector for some time, you'll be addicted to it!"

Fran Meneses - Digital Artist

"I think it's really really cool, because it's really similar to the texture of any wacom - so I think for me it's the best thing ever."


PaperLike for iPad

We have created the PaperLike to make the whole iPad experience more enjoyable and we love hearing from our customers and YouTube creators.

I hope these reviews have given you a good idea of what the PaperLike has in store for you! Also don't forget: we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you've got any doubts just try it out!