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Outstading Customer service

I had some trouble with my purchase and the problem was addressed and resolved quickly.
Outstanding product that i use always Thank you


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

Comfortable writing

I’m really happy and impressed with PaperLike. I use it with my iPad Pro 10.5 and it’s nearly the same as writing on a piece of paper.
It's a bit difficult to leave it without bubbles but it's perfect for my writing.

Feel like a paper, what more do you want!

It’s pretty impress the feeling when you write on ‘Paperlike’ feeling and sound are really great. Apart from abit difficult to avoid dust while put film on, the rest is really great....what more you want! Highly recommended!

PaperLike? Indeed!

A little slow in arriving although I was kept advised by email. Easy to apply, thanks to helpful video and labels. Really like the feel which greatly improves the drawing experience. A little pricey but a quality product.

Truly excellent

Honestly, I was very sceptical that this would deliver on its promises. I've tried similar screen protectors in the past to varying degrees of satisfaction.

However, I can wholeheartedly say that this product has revolutionized how I engage with my iPad Pro.

Not only does it completely remove any glare on the screen which is particularly useful considering I quite often travel on trains, when the sun is coming through the windows. Meaning that the viewing angle is so much easier on the eye.

The way the Apple pencil engages with the screen most definitely is more pleasing to use creating ever so slight drag that gives the impression of paper. It has greatly helped with my handwriting as a pencil does no longer slip around screen so easily.

Anyone buying this product will not be disappointed.

Better than the rest

This is most likely the best product on the it but I do not think there is a product that is perfect...if you really want to start taking better notes and start your drawings on your iPad.. this will help you.

Loved it!

I liked my ipad a lot but after placing the paper like screen protector it just made it perfect. it gives the right amount of friction for me to do sketches and paint. And the screen doesn't get as dirty as it did before the protector

More useable, more fun

Paperlike has improved the writing experience on the iPad pro so much, it almost feels like writing on paper. I have more grip than ever and feel confident about my writing. Also it made my handwriting look better and more readable. I am very thankfull for sending me one to try. Everybody who I have showed already, told me how amazing it is and how much better it feels to draw on it.
However I noticed some minor issues. At first when I tried it a noticed that when the display is white, for example a paper I am writing on, there are some colourful dots around the pixels. I think due to the structure of the Paperlike, it acts as an optical grid, wich can pick light apart to it's components. It is really not that big of a deal because after a couple of hours with it I didn' t even notice it (I tried to capture it on a pic).
Also it made touching and swiping with finger louder, and obiously a different feeling than before but it is just personal preference wich one do you like.
Overall it is a very very great product. I can do nothing but recommend it to every iPad pro user out there. I was a bit afraid of the installation but with the provided tools and the helpful video on the website it was no problem. Not to mention the fact that it comes with 2 Paperlikes in the package if you screw the first one up. The custumer suppor is amazing, they were helpful and nice.
I was surprised how good it is and how much more useable it made my ipad and improved my productivity!

Top product

Just buy it and try it - amazing feel

Love it

Love ur product. Will buy again for mu 12.9

Great product. This will be a hit!

Fast and affordable shipping all the way to the Philippines. Product met all my expectations. Was surprised that there is an extra set with the purchase. This should be available in Apple stores or be pre installed for everyone to enjoy. Can write like I do on paper now.

Fun to draw on

Super satisfied !

very good

good product and tutorial how to use it.


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

Great product

Great product in terms of
1. The iPad screen gets no less responsive;
2. Natural, paperLike, frinctional feeling,
3. Protect the iPad screen, making it easier to clean.

Unexpected paper-like feeling

I'm really suprised about how the screen protector helps me to be more effective. I do many notes and I noticed that I do remember more of my notes than before. I guess it's because of the surface feel; like (almost) writing on paper.

Eine hervorragende Folie

Ich bin begeistert von dieser Folie. Das Schreiben mit dem ApplePencil auf dem IPAD kommt dem Schreiben auf Papier sehr nahe. Mein IPAD ist täglich im Einsatz und ich habe den Kauf nicht bereut. Für weitere IPADS unserer Schule haben wir ebenfalls jetzt die Folie gekauft. Super Produkt. Weiter so!!!


The paperlike hasn‘t arrived yet ....

In Love with this screenprotecor

I really love this screenprotector. The video for putting it on the screen is really helpfull and I didn't have any problems with that. I don't have any issues with less sensitivity of the apple pencil also but the annoying clicking sound of the pen on the screen stopped completely :D The feeling of writing on the screen is also really lovely. it is a little rougher than before but not so slippy. really love it!

and I also have to say that the communication with the shop was really easy and helpfull! Thanks a lot!


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

High Quality Product

I have been using the apple pencil on and off for sometime but not on a regular basis because it just did not have they right feel. After applying this screen saver I am now using the pencil daily and enjoying the productivity and freedom. Highly recommend

PaperLike Review

I love it. It is a great product.

Thank you!

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. Great product and great service! Feels great to write on. Now I have better control of the pen since the surface isn’t slippery anymore. And by the way, putting it on the display is not any harder than every other display protection. I didn’t have any bubbles. Just google how to put on display protection without bubbles.

Wonderful product

I really enjoy everything about this product. It gives my iPad screen the scratchy feeling of lead on paper.


Provides a paper like feel to your device. Highly recommended.


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

Great product, does its job well

Before a slippery slope, now a really paper like experience!

Better than I even hoped for!

The paperlike screen protector was my choice so that I might get a realistic feel of pen on paper for drawing on my iPad. I’m very impressed! It is better than I hoped it would be and really does allow a true simulation of pencil on paper. I would recommend to all digital artist - it is worth the money.

Love it!

I really like the look and feel of PaperLike. Writing and sketching on my iPad Pro is easier and more accurate as the surface of PaperLike gives you a more natural friction compared to the very slick glass screen. I’m very happy with the results of my investment. Gerard.

PaperLike is great: like paper!

Wonderful product. Get instructional video too.


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

It feels just like paper!

Installing was easy! Just the right amount of instruction. The surface is wonderful! It’s very similar to paper!!

It is better than I expected

PaperLike is true to its name. It improves the drawing experience by multitudes. Highly recommended for those who missed the tactile experience of drawing on paper while using their iPad. Extra kudos for the instructions how to apply PaperLike on the tablet. (I managed to do it without any bubbles.) A product created with maximum attention to details. A must-have for the artist using iPad and Apple pencil.

Great product!

After careful application I have found the product to perform to my satisfaction. Be prepared for slight reduction of resolution but the benefit outweighs this drawback.

Feels Just Right!

This product is just what I was looking for in feel. Made my pencil lines feel good and is helping to make my ink lines feel more real. Like they say in the install papers make sure to work in an as dusty from area. I had some stuff touch the tacky side without knowing and now how a few bumps that are there until I try and use the second sheet.

Great stuff just buy it!!!!!!!!

Complément indispensable du Pencil

PaperLike va changer votre manière d'utiliser votre iPad, en le transformant en ardoise magique. Vous n'allez pas pouvoir vous passer d'utiliser le Pencil avec cette nouvelle sensation d'écriture. Apple aurait dû faire cela.

Fühlt sich an wie echtes Papier aber mit Abstrichen der Bildqualität

Gutes Produkt es hält was es verspricht aber leider wirkt das Bild durch die Folie verschmiert.

Great product!

Much improved surface for drawing, screen is less reflective and my ipad just looks and feels much nicer in general now. Very happy customer.


PaperLike for iPad Pro - TwoPack

Fühlt sich richtig gut an

Die Reviews scheinen zu stimmen - auch, dass gleich 2 Folien drin sind, ist super.

Wie echtes Papier

Ich bin ein Wiederholungstäter. Schon beim ersten Mal war ich überzeugt, die Qualität ist einfach überragend. Schön ist es auch, dass alles dabei ist was man für das Aufbringen der Folie braucht.

Love it!

I found the Paperlike easy to install (with the help of the video) and I love the feel of writing on it compared with the iPad screen alone. I do a lot of writing on my iPad for uni and I am really loving it

great addition to my ipad

wow it paperlike makes it so much easier to write on my ipad pro such a great product


Great product, changes my experience of using the iPad. It looks cool too!

A expedited shipping option would be useful, it took 4 weeks for my package to arrive in Canada.

My only criticism is that the Side 1 sticky installation tab needs more thought. I have installed PaperLike twice, on both occasions removing the sticky tab deforms the screen protector film. The top left corner of the sheet will not stick to the iPad screen and always appears as a bubble.


等了很久。運送過程出了問題但很快得到了解決,終於拿到了商品。 觸摸質感很棒,觸控與繪圖時多了適當的摩擦力增加了運作時的精準度。 但磨砂表面造成的光斑還是跟其它品牌的霧面保護貼類似,稍微影響了螢幕觀看時的品質。 但整體非常滿意。

Schönes Schreibgefühl

Schreiben und Zeichnen macht jetzt viel mehr Spaß, toll umgesetzt! Kein Vergleich zum Vorher. Angenehm ist auch das Geräusch, das beim Zeichnen erzeugt wird. Etwas schade finde ich das Rauschen des Displays. Aber man gewöhnt sich recht schnell dran.