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PaperLike makes the iPad Pro a writing and drawing block

Draw, sketch and write as on paper

Hamburg, October 2017 - PaperLike is a useful tool that brings creatives the feel and haptics of paper on the iPad Pro. With the Apple Pencil you can draw directly on the display - as on a sketchbook. Even for quick notes, whether in the meeting or in private, no more ripping out slips of paper. The innovative film even helps to make the idea of the paperless office easier to implement.

"I myself use the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for work, but always had an unnatural feeling. It was like writing on glass", says Jan Sapper, who developed PaperLike and successfully launched it with a crowdfunding campaign. "This is how PaperLike came into being - a film that simulates paper in a deceptively real way."

The PaperLike has been praised by its Crowdfunding supporters “… I don't see how I could do without #paperlike now. PS : yes also my handwriting quality is improved. Way better.”  or “…PaperLike has a nice ‘friction’, a satin finish with great transparency. I’ve been using this since the Kickstarter launch and I love this product.”

The rugged and durable screen protector haptically upgrades the iPad Pro experience without compromising the design and aesthetics of the high-end Apple device. In addition to the pleasant paper feel, the film also provides less reflection and better protection from scratches, as well as preventing fingerprints on the display.

Jan Sapper successfully launched PaperLike on a crowdfunding campaign this summer. The campaign has generated over $ 70,000 with more than 3,000 supporters. Now the clever film is available with free worldwide shipping in the webshop.

Price and availability

The PaperLike film is available for all iPad Pro models in the online shop. A double pack of the 9,7-inch, 10,5-inch or 12,9-inch models cost 29 Euro (around 34 USD) including free worldwide shipping.

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About PaperLike

PaperLike is the first screen protector that brings the haptics and feel of paper on the iPad Pro. With the Apple Pencil you can work just like on a writing or drawing block. The PaperLike inventor Jan Sapper has brought PaperLike to market maturity with a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. Prior to that, he has already gained crowdfunding experience for various tech products, with his own projects and with his former employer Protonet. More information:


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