Preorder-Timeline COVID-19

We had to switch to pre-orders because of COVID-19-related delays in our supply chain which haven't fully recovered since the beginning of the pandemic. The machinery is slowly ramping up again though, and here is our pre-order timeline:

  • Now: Shipments of new Paperlikes are on their way from our factory to our distribution center in Leipzig, Germany
  • First week of August: We will begin shipping all non-USA pre-orders from oldest to newest

We will send you an email if anything were to drastically affect our planned timeline. On the following page, we'll keep the pre-order timeline up to date so you can see the most current status of the preorder-process:

The rest of the company is not affected by COVID-19 since we work from home anyway. If at any point you need to make adjustments to your order or decide to cancel it, just write us. We're here for you.

We will send you a shipping confirmation email, as soon as we send out your order.

We hope you're safe, keeping healthy and virtually connected with friends and loved ones!


Jan and the Paperlike Team