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Make your iPad feel,
well, PaperLike.

Tired of your Apple Pencil slipping on the glass surface of your iPad?
The PaperLike Screen Protector adds the perfect amount of friction for precision and control.

"There's actually a lot more resistance between the tip of the pencil and the display now - it really changes the way the iPad feels!"
Mark Stapf - Tech Reviewer

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Optimized for Precision
and Display Quality

We optimized the PaperLike for maximum precision and control. The friction is perfect for long drawing sessions or taking notes in endless meetings. And yes, it also feels nice.

Easy appliance

Applying screen protectors can be a hassle. We made sure to include all the tools you need and even made an instruction video that one of our customers said about „Best thing I’ve ever seen!“. And to be super safe: every PaperLike comes in pairs, so you always get a second chance :)

Less Reflections

Enjoy the sun on your skin and keep it away from your display. The matte finish reduces reflections of all sorts (i.e. sun). Which to be honest was not our main goal, but hey - we take it.

Make your iPad
feel like paper!

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About us

Hi, I’m Jan, the creator of the PaperLike. I love working paperless and was excited when the iPad Pro and especially the Apple Pencil came out. But then I really hated the feel of hard rubber on glass and went to find a solution. So in 2017 I made a kickstarter (watch the video!) and over 2000 backers showed me, I’m not alone with this problem .
The PaperLike came a long way since then and is available all over the world. I’m no longer alone but have a small dedicated team that loves helping our customers as much as I do.
So, if you want to try the PaperLike, you can do so risk free - I’m sure you’ll love it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me personally at jan [at] paperlike [dot] com.