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Sketching Through the Pandemic With Mel Chadwick
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Sketching Through the Pandemic With Mel Chadwick

Melanie “Mel” Chadwick (@melanie_chadwick) has never been one to sit at home and let the world pass her by. In fact, you can often find her roaming throughout Cornwall with a sketchbook and a small...

category_digital artRediscovering Home With Rob Sketcherman

Rediscovering Home With Rob Sketcherman

While many artists are perfectly comfortable sitting behind a desk, Rob Sketcherman (@robsketcherman) likes to get out and explore the world.  In previous interviews, we’ve spoken with Rob about ho...

category_digital artThe title card image for "Drawing Outside: The Digital Artist's Guide."

Drawing Outside: The Digital Artist’s Guide

Whether you’re trying to design a logo, sketch a portrait, or create an incredible fantasy landscape, everything about drawing is based on real life. Even so, most artists use references they find ...

mapsMel Chadwick draws a mural

Mel Chadwick | Murals, Mapmaking, and What They Don’t Teach You at University

A great map can tell a great story, and that’s something that illustrator Melanie "Mel" Chadwick knows from both personal and professional experience. Her portfolio supports a collection of lively ...